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(Ijok) ‘Close-two-eyes’ April 17, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.

Toady-ing hits new heights today.

This is so mind-numbingly stupid that I’m speechless.

Tuna-sing says, “Like dat oso can?

BN and EC sing in unison, “Can!”

Perhaps these are the real tasks of the Election Commission:- draw up voter list (real and imaginary friends included), fix dates of elections, ‘close-two-eyes’ and announce election results.

Malaysia betul-betul bodoh. Go read the Election Offences Act please.

Apparently those in the Election Commission are illiterate.

Development pledges ‘not vote-buying’

Kimberley Lau, The Sun
KUALA LUMPUR (April 16, 2007): Development promises by ministers to voters during an election cannot be construed as vote-buying.Neither can allocations, given out in kind by ministers during elections, be deemed as bribing voters, Election Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman said today.

“Ministers and functionaries, people connected to the government, they’re doing their job,” he told reporters at the launch of a national voter registration campaign.

Abdul Rashid stressed, however, that election candidates and political parties cannot make promises to voters during an election.

In the recently-concluded Machap by-election in Malacca, voters benefitted from newly-paved roads, hundreds of new street lamps, and a RM1.2 million recreational area near the Durian Tunggal dam.

Other development goodies were also announced by the Barisan Nasional leadership, including 102 grants for housing lots for second-generation settler families at Felda Tun Ghafar Machap, and a RM3.7 million allocation to Felda Machap to upgrade water pipes, construct a multi-purpose hall and repair a mosque.

Various ministries also promised different kinds of allocations to improve the lives of voters, prompting DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to remark that the Machap voters were the “real victors” in the by-election.

Lim told theSun the party would be making a formal complaint to the EC today as such promises were an offence under the Election Offences Act 1954 as stipulated under Sections 8 to 10, which cover the issues of treating, exerting undue influence and bribery.

Abdul Rashid said vote-buying was not the EC’s problem.

“Vote-buying is for the Anti-Corruption Agency (to investigate). We are not given the power to handle corrupt practices,” he said, adding that the EC could only advise people to take part in the elections in “a clean way”.

“Of course, if evidence is there, the party can bring the case to court and they (the courts) will decide,” he said.

However, he noted that in previous court cases which contested these issues, the judges had ruled that there was no need to stop ministers from publicising their projects.

Earlier, Abdul Rashid said the national voter registration exercise hoped to register at least 50% of the current 4.9 million unregistered voters.

So far, only 10.2 million Malaysians aged 21 years and above, out 15.1 million, have registered to vote.



1. ricky - April 17, 2007

What the “f@#k” is the only word you can say to these “fu#@kers”

Stupidity of the highest order.

There must be someway to bring these donkeys down.

2. ricky - April 17, 2007

Development promises by ministers to voters during an election cannot be construed as vote-buying.Neither can allocations, given out in kind by ministers during elections, be deemed as bribing voters, Election Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman said today.

“Ministers and functionaries, people connected to the government, they’re doing their job,” he told reporters at the launch of a national voter registration campaign.

hey dungu, you can say this for by-election, what about the GE?
If parliament is disolve, they are no longer ministers or pm or monkeys, do they still have the right to give development promises?

If you still say can, then I urge the oppositions to tell voters that if the oppositions are voted in, each household will recive RM500,000 to improve their living standard and their children educations.

What say you dungus?

3. monsterball - April 17, 2007

And PAS says ..can do…what to do and what not to do..so much so…they really are the clowns at this Ijok by-elecions.

4. Nstman - April 17, 2007

The BN may win Ijok, fuchok, or whatever chok, or whatever, but the people’s struggle against lies, hypocrisy, deceit, racism, bigotry, plagiarism continues. We shall turn the BN’s days into nights and let them see stars on high noon. Long live Anwar.

5. sam - April 17, 2007

perhaps their logic is once a minister always a minister?

6. Libra - April 17, 2007

What can we expect in a lawless country where they can even walk into your house and take away your children?

7. monsterball - April 17, 2007

Nstman….Between the two devils…hope so Anwar’s part can win…as he was not effecive at Machap. If Keadilan’s candidate lose his deposit..you can also say goodbye to Anwar.
But look at those idiots from PAS quarelling amongst themselves ..to support or not to support Keadilan at Ijok….How on earth Frank thinks PAS build KB beats me…with those jokers.
Who is Frank? Go kickdefella site and read more.

8. Gua Bay Song - April 17, 2007

Dun complain lah. If got by-election, take a drive there, and collect money, rice and other goodies from BN santa claus.

Attend their ceramah, fall asleep and after ceramah, wake up and collect money.

Just take. If possible, take more than once. Can be done! Bring your kids along!

9. Nstman - April 17, 2007

Monsterball, I suggest Elizabeth wong campaign in ijok. Maybe her looks can attract the fence-sitters. For looks alone, ugly BN men and women will lose their deposits and pants.

EW: Hahahahaha! That’s Xtreme flattery! But I shall be there to help the TS Khalid 🙂

10. Sheikh's Brother - April 17, 2007

The BN will rule cos the Chinese and Indians vote BN. The Malays can be pretty divided. They vote Pas and they once voted Keadilan. But not the Chinese and Indians. They vote BN solidly. Talk to these folks. Tell them it is alright to not vote for the BN. Nothing bad will happen. Only good will happen. If the Chinese and Indians can leave the BN, there will be change for the better. Look at Machap. The majority was reduced by 10% ? What 200 votes ? Big deal. There was probably a sale going on at Mahkota Parade and some people went shopping.

11. jeancumlately - April 17, 2007

sad to say… works all the time. From kain pelikat to kain batik to new mosque to new road to RM200 in envelope. Never failed to deliver the vote.

BTW, most of Ijok’s “malays” are actually javanese. Very humble and hardworking. Very trusting but can be very vengeful once double-crossed. But I guess, they don’t know that they had been double-crossed, cut to pieces and sold every five years. They read utusan. And yeah, that RM200 and the kain pelikat could go a long way too.

Good luck.

12. Nstman - April 17, 2007

Elizabeth, it’s not in my nature to flatter anybody. If a woman is pretty, I say it, and you are pretty. It is a god-given gift. Nobody should be ashamed of it, or shy about it. Jokes aside, I sincerely hope you will continue to fight against racism, hatred, bigotry, plagiarism, lies. You have been a freedom fighter, or as people say, human rights activist, in your young life. I admire you. you could have taken the easy way out, such as making money, or enriching yourself. Yet you chose a rough and brutal path. You make me ashamed of myself. Thanks, Liz. Keep on on fighting. Keep on fighting for a Malaysia free of lies, hatred, bigotry. Monsterball, I and many others, salute you. i love Mother Teresa (she is my idol). I hope you will live up to her ideals. Fight on, Liz.

13. monsterball - April 17, 2007

jeancumlately……If that works on every election….why change?
Like I said….voters are bloody fools…voting for identity…not dignity.

14. WATTAHACK? - April 17, 2007

not the Chinese and Indians. They vote BN solidly.

you must be kidding! if that was the case DAP sudah tutup shop already!

15. monsterball - April 18, 2007

Thank you Nstman….but your buddy Rocky think otherwise….hahahaha

16. Winston - April 18, 2007

The trouble is that Malaysians have been fed a constant stream of government propaganda by the subservient government-controlled presses that they are unable to think straight.
Just take the case of the NRW (non-revenue water) issue.
We were told that the government has approved the water rate increase because the private water company has managed to reduced the NRW to a level set by the government.
There were some protests and someone asked to verify the audit report to ensure that the level has indeed been reached. Perhaps if it has been reached, then they will accede to the increase.
What they failed to see is that when the NRW is reduced that means the company is improving its bottom-line. So, why must the public (suckers) pay a private company to improve its bottom-line?
There is no need to even ask for an audit report. In fact, any reasonable person will realise that as the bottom-line of a company improves, it should pass at least some of the benefit back to the consumers by decreasing the price or in this case, the water rate.
So, there you have it. The reasoning of the people are skewed!
How does one change the mentality of such people?

17. bongkersz - April 20, 2007

agree with sheikh’s bro there. the determining factor is the chinese and indian votes. chinese, always vote BN, they are scared that something bad will happen if they don’t vote for gomen. last election was the best time for opposition to gain more votes, when the Malays were divided over Anwar issue. But sadly the non-malays voted for BN. Sad.. what a missed opportunity for a stronger opposition voice.

p/s: is it the “idiocrasy’ of the people or skillful machiavellian politicians in BN that ensure the survival of BN up to this day.. confused dazed ….

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