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(Ijok) Khir: All in a day’s work April 17, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.

Work that butt, MB!

I confess I’m enjoying this spectacle a little too much. Watching chief ministers, keris-wavers, ministers scurrying around for once is such delight. Also a much needed workout for those flabby behinds and expanding waistlines.

But on hindsight, thinking how fast our tax-dollars and rakyat’s savings leached for the BN campaign is sobering. How are we going to pay for all these? GST?


khir_ceremony1.jpgThe second set of goodies bestowed upon the good folks of Ijok by Khir Toyo was on Sunday. This time at Masjid Batu 8, Ijok, where the construction of a ‘klinik wakaf‘. No figures were given.

Khir was reported to have said this during a presentation of aid worth RM 169,000, organised by the Selangor Zakat Foundation at the mosque (click on pics for larger view):-

“The Selangor Medical Centre with cooperation from the Selangor Islamic Council (MAIS), will have a ‘klinik wakaf’ in the vicinity of the most, with the aim to help the public obtain medical assistance at minimum rates, around RM 5-10.”

Among the aid given by the Zakat Foundation were:- contributions to repair homes for 3 families; 3 families received a donation to build homes; monthly assistance allowance for 38 families, food donations for 102 people; 13 people start-up funds for small businesses; and bicycles for 10 of the poorest students.

According to Khir, poverty in the Kuala Selangor district, especially in Ijok is still at very high levels and needed everyone’s attention.

Makes one wonder what the late assemblyman was doing? Organising buses to Lunas 2001?

I doubt anyone has a problem with dispensing aid to the poor and needy. In fact, it’s a bloody shame to have them live in such dire conditions while palaces are being built. But to use the occasion and them in this manner, is way too distasteful.

Anyway – Khir added that this was the agenda of the state government, MAIS and the Selangor Zakat Foundation to give good medical help to Muslims who do not have the means to do so (later in the article, he said both Muslims and non-Muslims could access the facilities there).

Why Selangor Medical Centre? Whatever happened to our public healthcare system, Dr. Chua?

Selangor Medical Centre is a private healthcare facility, situated in Shah Alam.

Its shareholders are:
1. Koperasi Anak-anak Selangor (KOSAS)
2. Pantai Bharu Holdings Sdn Bhd
3. Selangor Amal Holdings
4. Medivision Group

Among its long list of impressive services available, includes Plastic/Reconstruction Surgery.

If SMC is opening another branch there, I’m packing my bags and resettling in Ijok!

Khir returned for a Kenduri tonight at Batu Ijok 7 (if only we’d known earlier!).

9:00 pm. Kenduri kampung di rumah Sdr Markum bin Suradi batu 7 Jalan Ijok Bapa Angkat Bahagian PJU dan Kota Raja.


BTW: UMNO is making this too easy for curious cats like me.

More photographs from Selangor Foundation Ceremony. (Please click for larger views)






1. Gua Bay Song - April 17, 2007

Some voters have all the luck. My stateassemblyperson is still very healthy! I dun even know his name!!!

2. yh - April 17, 2007

like jeff ooi said “dartk comedy” eh. pray harder you voters that PM nominate a sickly person as your wakil rakyat for the coming general election. then pray every night he dies while in office.

loads of goodies will then come your way. just vote BN then. well, sell our future for the present. think of your kids, folks. at the rate things are going, are we going the same downtrodden way as some of the african nations.

3. Crankshaft - April 18, 2007

Ijok remains in blissful oblivion until the MP keels over and croaks. And then there’s a flurry of help and aid administered to the poor and needy, bless their souls.

I don’t suppose the people of Ijok can help being poor and all any more than they can help being village idiots. They will vote for BN. It’s all that bribing that actually works.

So Bribe Them, Dammit!! I’m done with the niceties. All I want for once is for the Opposition to win.

Will it ever happen???

4. monsterball - April 18, 2007

yea…looks like the more they die faster….the more goodies every kampong will get.
Perhaps this will make those folks have new prayers to the gods…come true..and walla…another by-election on the way..as their prayers are answered. What do they pray for? Your guess is as goodc as mine.

5. Ketua Perusuh - April 18, 2007

Pray harder for your assemblyman die. Pray day or night. If they died, you will get all the benefits from the Government.

Let us all pray harder tonight.

6. bongkersz - April 20, 2007

let’s pray.. so this is how it works 😀 the goodies only come during by-election. so we should squeeze the gomen during this time. push all the projects, ask for allocations bla bla at this time haha!

7. pizzofmine - April 24, 2007

What I don’t get, is, why, when an assemblyman can no longer perform, (they haven’t been acitve for years before their death) they didn’t resign or the decision to appoint a replacement be made then?

Why wait for them to die?

Care to shed some light on this? As what is the procedure to appoint an assemblyman and when can they step down?

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