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(Ijok) 6 days later… BN brings out the paratroopers April 24, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.

I’d been in Ijok all this time, but with no 3G access and incredibly slow GPRS facilities here, it’s been a nightmare getting online from my worksite. My sincerest apologies to all readers, commentators for not being able to update and approve comments for the past week. đŸ˜¦

As the days approach closer to polling day on 28th April, it’s now becoming a case of BN flexing its muscles.

For all the public funds that it’s literally throwing to the residents of Ijok, the entire state machinery – government, police, Election Commission, even welfare bodies and universities, BN has shown that it is nothing but cheap and woefully lacking in imagination, ideas and vision.

Just today, Tuesday, in the morning the KeADILan team who went to Sg Darah were threatened by BN thugs. The medical doctors however did videotape them with their digital cams and it’s now on its way to Kuala Lumpur to be sent to news agencies.

And this afternoon, KeADILan found out that the Election Commission had altered and tampered with the KeADILan logo on Saturday’s ballot paper. Not only is this a serious error, it shows how tightly this fight has been, where the EC could even stoop this low. Perhaps the EC would prefer to be logo designers instead of lackeys of Umno, but perhaps they should this after this weekend.

Last night in Batang Berjuntai, the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) lined up the streets during a ceramah held by KeADILan. Three (3) trucks were parked across the road. This only made the residents curious and angry, bringing out even more residents to the ceramah (a plus point), but there is little doubt that such display of police might will frighten quite a number of voters.

Anwar Ibrahim could not even get to another ceramah as the road was blocked, some 2 km away.

This is the most expensive by-election in Malaysian history. At the very least, KeADILan should be proud of making into the record books. And it will be the dirtiest and one should anticipate a fair amount of violence. If BN would even dare to go after Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his guest , anything can happen here.

We shall see what happens tonight. I shall try to update more, but no promises.

I have been informed by contacts in the intelligence that from now on, the mainstream media, who has largely been very supportive the past week, has been instructed to only publish bad or false news. No one should blame them, as their survival resides on a mere flimsy piece of paper (publishing license) and the reporters have done their best.

Now it’ll just be party activists, supporters, friends and residents – walking the grounds, speaking through loud-hailers, talking to voters, leafletting and of course the ceramahs.

God save us.
God save Ijok.
God save Malaysia. (as first quoted in Mr. Maverick’s blog)



1. yh - April 24, 2007

am told that PKR is not even allowed by the police to hold ceramahs. wonder whats the role of the police. to uphold law and order? or just another tool at the behest of the government without regard to the rule of law? if the latter is true, then this country is no different from a police state. what democracy are we talking about?
why is BN so afraid of losing this constitutency? it has all the machinery and has been squandering big time taxpayers money in the two by-elections. Even with that, BN is still not confident of winning this by-election and has to resort to using the police as a tool against the opposition party.
Now, using the EC as an additional tool! whats next, you wonder? kissing the toe of every eligible voter in IJOK?

2. Freethinker - April 24, 2007

wow…bad and false news? False ?

3. ricky - April 24, 2007

Fellow Malaysian,

The heat is on and who is the biggest liar. One is pointing finger at each other, bn say pkr, pkr say bn. Who is intiminating who, mat rempit hooligans or pkr members? The dpm said there is no corruption, the mb said 36 million is due to Ijok for development, the ec said they conduct fair election, no phamton voters, everything is carry out according to law and the news and tv medias are projecting one sided story.

Who do we believe? I can’t, can you?

The only way to know who is lying is to turn to GOD for the answer. For the almighty is the only one who knows who is lying and corrupt.
So fellow Malaysian let us all pray to our GOD to help us find the answer.

Oh GOD, we are asking for your help to bring the culprit or culprits to be with you or send them to hell. We are very desperate to find a real solution to help our country called Malaysia which is on the way to destruction because many leaders be it the ruling party or the oppositions maybe telling lies to us and are corrupted to the core.

We want you to help us to use your power to strike out those who are lying and corrupt. Wipe them out one by one using thunder and lighting so as to let future leaders be aware that lying and corrupt will bring death to them. Please use lighting to strike and not other means as they may take it as accidental.

Please strike as soon as possible, maybe you can strike now at Ijok at the one who is telling the most lies and most corrupted.

Please forgive us for asking such a cruel request but this is the only way these leaders can open their eyes and be afraid of you for you can see for yourself what is really happening.

p/s :All readers, you have my permission to post it at your blogs or anywhere that those leaders can read. Spread it all over and hope that GOD will answer our prayer.

4. WATTAHACK? - April 24, 2007

Wipe them out one by one using thunder and lighting so as to let future leaders be aware that lying and corrupt will bring death to them.

God did answer that’s why so many by-elections!
only humans mess it up by taking the candies and voting devils…

5. Top Posts « WordPress.com - April 25, 2007

[…] (Ijok) 6 days later… BN brings out the paratroopers I’d been in Ijok all this time, but with no 3G access and incredibly slow GPRS facilities here, it’s been a […] […]

6. susan loone - April 25, 2007

Hey eli, what are you guys doing there creating so much ruckus. you all should calm the government down la…jangan buat kacau lah…hahahhhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :=)

EW: Ya lor. I dunno why too. Hai ya. BN sure win one – got concert, sewing machine, cash. Why they so like dat? Hmmmm.

7. Sathia Varqa - April 26, 2007

Invoking God into democratic exercise is not going to do any good ricky. People are miserable, poor and downtrodden not because of God but because of denial of their basic opportunity thwarted by politicians. People never suffer from famine if there is democracy. Likewise people in Ijok will know what to ask (development) if there is decent levels of literacy, healthcare, social support, and employment opportunities in the area.

8. twotablet - April 26, 2007

Dear Miss Wong,

Thank you for sharing with us the situation in Ijok.

Reading your post, I don’t see any reason to have so much show of of security force for the PKR “ceramah”. Without saying it, there is a frightened “kid” in the BN. I don’t think PKR will be able to achive much in Ijok but the way the whole “government” had bend backward to ensure a BN candidate winning the seat means a certain sentiment of anger against BN has been aroused in the general populace.

You, politicians, may play dirty but we, Malaysians, has dignity. Not everyone is dirty nor share your machivellian trickery. Resist your unprincipled nature we will. And when you thus fall from power, hard will your fall be.

A question to ponder, how much is the price for Malaysia? Lousiana was sold for a price, so there is no different with the way BN politicians has done for this country.

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