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(Ijok) This is how low-down filthy it gets April 25, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.

I am at a complete loss for words when I was alerted of a news flash on Bernama by a journalist.

I don’t think it gets any dirtier filthier than this.

Doctoring speeches. Cutting out a word to subvert an entire sentence.  Making up things that never happened.

April 25, 2007 18:15 PM
Khalid’s Tongue Slips And Urges People To Vote BN


KUALA SELANGOR, April 25 (Bernama) — Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, the Party Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidate in the Ijok by-election, had a slip of the tongue when making a speech last night and mistakenly called the electorate in the hamlet to ensure a big win for the Barisan Nasional (BN) on Saturday.“Now is the time to make a change …and I hope together we will vote the BN candidate come Saturday (polling day). Thank you,” he said when ending his ceramah in the Tuan Mee Estate, where the majority of its residents are Indians.The words caused the 150 odd people present to wonder what was going on as he was “promoting” his opponent in the election.

Several staunch PKR supporters on realising the mistake quickly interceded and shouted “Tan Sri tercakap salah, Tan Sri tercakap salah (Tan Sri’s tongue slipped) to put things right.

This caused the crowd to break out in laughter while some BN supporters who were following the talk, clapped their hands. (con’t)

When I called Tan Sri Khalid’s aide to check on this, he was so shocked and said nothing of that sort happened.

When I got to speak to the candidate, he sounded so tired and crest-fallen.

“I said, ‘JANGAN undi Barisan Nasional …. there was no laughing or our supporters shouting that I allegedly made a mistake. They decided to take out that one word.

“Everyone was stunned because the FRU moved in,” he said.

How low can Bernama stoop to? What a shame for the Malaysian media.

Then I remember the Anwar episode in 1998 and the fake stories about Altantuya, and am reminded that we are dealing with an extreme machinery.

Nothing’s too low and cheap for them.


1. Maverick - April 25, 2007

Deceit and suppression is BN’s ideological concept and ingrained philosophy.

2. Siasah.net - April 26, 2007

(Ijok) This is how low-down filthy it gets « elizabeth wong

I am at a complete loss for words when I was alerted of a news flash on Bernama by a journalist.

I don’t think it gets any dirtier filthier than this.

Doctoring speeches. Cutting out a word to subvert an entire sentence. Making up things that neve…

3. Gua Bay Song - April 26, 2007

There was a dozen foreign newswires present at the said ceramah:

– Bloomberg
– AP
– Channel News Asia

And many more.

They can probably vouch for TSKI if you guys ask nice enough.

Oh, and I believe some Malaysian online news agency has a video of Khalid’s speech.

4. ricky - April 26, 2007

Bring out whatever proof to show this does not happen and base on bernama report such as this:

Several staunch PKR supporters on realising the mistake quickly interceded and shouted “Tan Sri tercakap salah, Tan Sri tercakap salah (Tan Sri’s tongue slipped) to put things right.

This is just not taking out a word but a total false report which the pm bodohwi must call for an investigation and punish them for misinformation and lies.

If this report is really false and lies will you bodohwi call your own media a liar like you call all bloggers are liars? Over to you bodohwi

5. Nstman - April 26, 2007

We must continue our struggle against lies, deceit, plagiarism, bigotry, racism. we will fight on until final victory. we shall never let bigots and liars triumph. we will let them see stars on high noon.

6. liong - April 26, 2007

Remember the brown shirts of Hitler, the hooligans of Harun Idris and now the thugs of KJ.If we don’t do something about it,who will when they come knocking on our doors

7. Bigjoe99 - April 26, 2007

Deceit by Bernama, a Malaysian institution is bad but could it be worst than BN chief IJOK campaigner, Najib making up lies about his father, stopping so low as to use crude words like a whore to attack his opponent?

8. monsterball - April 26, 2007

BERNAMA is the voice of UMNO…Why so surprise of their dirty tactics…but nice to keep reminding Malaysians from time to time. they will ever change. Best hope is general election showing an opposition group wins…close Bernama ..the only hope to see Malaysian journalism improve and be respected. Right now….like taxi drivers…full of shit unqualified balls carrying journalists and reporters…but when one is brave and righteous…they will clamp him/her down..criticise him/her ..trying to force that individual to submit or give up reporting truths.
However..most are brave and seems to come from the Chinese newspapers reporters and journalism.
I salute truthful reporters and journalists. One day…all of you should be well rewarded…not in kind…but saying to yourself…I am a person with ethics and principles in life…more important than money.

9. Top Posts « WordPress.com - April 26, 2007

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10. quiethonor - April 26, 2007

Forgive me as I only stumbled upon your website but knowing nothing of the people involved or the parties discussed; I am not sure that I understand. There was a false story planted in a paper implying his ineptness; but the tapes as well were all doctored to support it? Would they not have needed to somehow input aduio from his supporters who (in the story) ran to correct him, and the crowd who was supposed to have laughed?

11. kittykat46 - April 26, 2007

Bernama, RTM, National Slander Times, Ministry of Misinformation are all mere cogs in the BN falsification machine. That’s why blogs and on-line media are so vital. There’s precious little left which is not controlled by these thugs masquerading as as officials.

12. Libra - April 26, 2007

This is nothing new. They have been doing this for ages and have made it into a fine art.
These are just symptoms of a nation that is degenerating to the Dark Ages.
Even if it was the slip of the tongue, how could it be considered to have news value. No reporter worth his salt will write a story on it.

13. xpyre - April 26, 2007

There’s more: Najib Reveals Reason for Khalid’s Animosity Towards BN Govt. Looks like they’re throwing everything they’ve got into this one small town in Kuala Selangor. It’s always been true, I suppose: fearful men are desperate men, and desperate men… and desperate men have no qualms, do they?

14. hasilox - April 26, 2007

Nowadays, I prefer japanese manga to the mainstream media. The only problem is that I am no comic fan.

Trying my hand at doctoring…
From…”Zam BUKAN pembunuh kejam kredibiliti media msia”
doctored into…”Zam pembunuh kejam kredibiliti media msia”

Damn, the ‘doctored’ version sounded better and more believable. LOL

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16. susan loone - April 26, 2007

hey eli, dont you know already how low they can stoop to? they even wrote a piece about speaking to Altantya’s dad when the poor man didnt speak to them at all!!!! that is how LOW!

17. On The Down Low « the meesh experience - April 26, 2007

[…] Link from Elizabeth Wong […]

18. nvchfhr - April 26, 2007

The foreign press should demand the banning of Bernama in their respective countries because it has shown itself to be a source of journalistic disinformation and making up untruthful news of its own. The days of Josef Goebells have come to Bolehmatiland

19. wits0 - April 26, 2007

It’s completely Neanderthal dirty and vulgar.

Beeb gets scolded for giving coverage to “discredited politicians” :

Utter disgrace!

20. pandaiwi - April 26, 2007

BN has all kind of manpower & machinery in this election. What the shame if they can’t win. Msny Ministers come to rally the small constitute by-election. If BN can’t make a 70% of voters, it is considered a failure (so much money has been spend).

21. ricky - April 26, 2007

Just learn that bodohwi is in Ijok.

My comment as I commented in Susan blog:

TM should go and walk around in Ijok since bodohwi is there with his pant wet because the fear of losing is real.

Voters of Ijok should ask bodohwi what he is doing there, to bring more goodies?

Ask him about his 2004 election promises and what he has done about it.

Ask him why dead body and live body are snatch away to become muslim?

Ask him why hindu temples are being demolised throughout the country?

Ask him why the illegal big bungalow in Klang is still there and the owner is still running free?

Ask him why non muslim are treated as second class citizen?

Ask him why his sil is lying that the big house in Perth belongs to his son?

Ask him why now only he comes to Ijok?

Keep asking him and only one sentence for all the above questions and many more which you may want to ask.

I tak tahu because I am snoZZZzzz all the time

22. mob1900 - April 27, 2007

These deceit and spins are done by your fellow Malaysian, might be your brother, sister, etc who are working for their ‘respective’ proxies of the true masters, B.Nana. On the brighter note, it shows B.Nana are really feeling the heat and would swoop so low to cultivate such false events. The more they do it, it will be oblivious to informed voters out there.

Vote wisely Ijok, keep calm and never let anyone intimidate you into voting for them.

23. yh - April 27, 2007

so now do you believe the mainsteam media any more? who is more credible, the new found alternative media or the traditional ones. your call, people.

24. monsterball - April 27, 2007

Now it is clear. Loose Ijok..then you loose Selangor State in general election.
Got this opinion… from an Ijok voter.. who will vote for Khalid.

25. abangmok - April 27, 2007

Please, Dato’ Harun is not a hooligan… the Daps and Gerakan of 69’s are the thugs and hooligans.

26. gua bay song - April 27, 2007

Why is everyone ignoring the fact that Mkini has the video to prove Bernama wrong?

27. mandelism - April 27, 2007

any1 with the so called recored video?
need to see it in roder to believe t

28. Ijok: Bernama's slip of the tongue « “may the truth save us all” - April 27, 2007

[…] “I said, ‘JANGAN (Don’t) undi (vote) Barisan Nasional …. there was no laughing or our supporters shouting that I allegedly made a mistake. They decided to take out that one word. Everyone was stunned because the FRU moved in,” was Khalid’s reply. […]

29. Penulis Tua - April 27, 2007

In the 70s, Bernama used to be known as the Banana News Agency. Somethings never change.

30. Philip Lau - April 27, 2007

Twisting of words by the BN’s Canidate by their Propaganda Machine is nothing new. When they are dishonest they will by hook and crook try to win the elections as a matter of life BN are fighting for their lives.

The consequences of BN losing this election is rather serious. It will be good for Anwar’s wife’s Party. He deserves it in view of his long prison sentence. Allah will look after him and see that Justice is done I shall not be surprised and expect BN to bring phantom votes like eight year old voters on their national voting register to vote and even voters of 100 years old plus to vote.

I suggest before the voting ascertain that ALL the containers are absutely EMPTY. In all your Polling Stations you must have your Opposition’s reliable Opposition Candidates Agents to ascertain that there is NO hanky panky tricks on. When polling time comes to an end, ascertain that ALL polling containers are properly sealed in each and every container with their respective balance of BLANK VOTES.

No canvassing is allowed from now onwards under your election laws. Make sure that ALL your Opposition Cadidates Agents guard ALL the containers, like HAWKS as switching Containers are very common indeed. They need to be very careful. I believe you are not allowed to bring your cameras inside the polling stations.

Do not worry of Tan Sri Khalid’s sip of the tongue last night if it is true. It is human to make mistake.

31. mikewang - April 28, 2007

A doctored speech by the UMNO run media ? Why not ? This is politics and no politics on this earth is entirely clean.

It is therefore natural that we have cheats, rouges and gangsters in government.

32. asrulzamani - April 28, 2007

If BN can stoop this low…then it explains why we have such incompetent government today…the most incompetent government Malaysia has ever had.

Sad day for Malaysia indeed.

33. monsterball - April 29, 2007

The villagers of Ijok and Machap have spoken in favour of BN…but not that huge margin victory to be so proud about for BN.
Now lets wait for the general election to see if urban dwellers are that simple minded. Certainly not all villagers voters think like Ijok /Machap too. City voters are not so easily bought..bluffed or intermindated by threats. Majority will vote for the opposition like before…but now…with a more united opposition parties. Once they have unity ….than smart urban voters can see and feel that……then much more voters will swing away from BN to favour oppositions in the general election. Just watch and see.
The show is not over yet. Infact it has not even started!! Those are preludes….and can be deceivings.

34. ideas incredible - May 1, 2007

Tan Sri Khalid made the mistake twice on two separate occassions.
I understand he has since admitted to the mistake.
Being a BN man for so long and an UMNO politician, it was only natural for him to say undilah Barisan Nasional.
The footage was not doctored and perhaps this blogger should also come clean.

35. mandelism - May 3, 2007

Dear miss Elizabeth and TS Khalid,
I saw the footage of TS Khalid saying “UNDI BN..” over the air..buletin utama if Im not mistaken, and believe me, its not fake. It is not of the cut-edit material. It was genuine, TS Khalid did utter such words, and i think he needs to come out clean and admit it, and k being a respectable and looked upon activist blogger, I think you need to clarify it as well Miss Blogger

just my dua tiga kupang 😀 ^_^

EW: I doubt that though. But thanks for the comment, BM.

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