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(Ijok) Violence against PKR candidate again April 25, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.


Is this the only way BN knows how to deal with the rakyat?

I’ll let Malaysiakini give you the details:-

Another attack on Khalid
Soon Li Tsin

Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate for the Ijok by-election Khalid Ibrahim escaped unhurt after a group of unidentified men accosted his entourage during campaigning at the constituency today.

PKR Klang division chief P Krishnasamy, 46, was assaulted by the group in the incident.

According to Krishnasamy, Khalid (left) and a group of his supporters were on a campaign trail at Ladang Coalfield near Ijok, when suddenly a group of about 10 men told them to leave the estate’s housing area.

The men then allegedly started raining blows on Khalid’s group. Krishnasamy identified one of the assailants as a person known as Balakrishnan.

“They punched me, tore my shirt and broke my spectacles,” he said.

“I quickly told our group to get Tan Sri (Khalid) out of here,” he added.

Krishnasamy, who heads the PKR operations centre at nearby Tuan Mee, and three others were still locked in by Balakrishnan at the estate’s gated area at press time.

“We’re still here and we are waiting for someone to get us out so we can lodge a police report,” he told malaysiakini by telephone.

However, an hour later it is learnt that the group was able to leave the area and Krishnasamy said that they were in Ijok police station to file a complaint.

Not the first time

Khalid when contacted for comment, said the harassment started after he visited 20 houses.

“These people got upset and said they were going to close the estate gates and told us to get out.

“From Krishnasamy’s point of view, he said we should finish visiting the houses first and then leave but then they started to push him around,” he said.

When it started to get violent, the PKR group quickly escorted Khalid to safety.

This is not the first time intimidation tactics have been used on Khalid during campaigning.

Last week about 20 people, including some in Pemuda BN uniform, allegedly tried to intimidate him and two freelance photographers, one of them being blogger Jeff Ooi.

Khalid will be contesting against Barisan Nasional’s K Parthiban for the Ijok state seat in this Saturday’s by-election.



1. Libra - April 25, 2007

What the point of making police report? They won’t do anything as this is lawless country.
Looks like BN has given these guys the green light to resort to violence.

2. The Brave will prevail - April 25, 2007

I think the police will investigate all reports of violence against opposition and then term it as a riot. Charge the one that reports and then quietly let Permuda and MIC hooligans off without any charges. Hey, that’s their track record. Right?

3. pakdamusa - April 25, 2007

Those ppl from the estate my be samy vellu’s balachis…..

4. jeff - April 25, 2007

Its a sad day for all sensible Malaysian. So obvious the B.Naik goverment will use all form of tactics to ensure victory.

Dont worry, if god is great as wht theyy say, PKR will emerge as a winner.

Otherwise this country is doomed to be corrupt.

5. yh - April 26, 2007

opposition can make as many police reports as they can. sorry, mate, their role now is to ensure BN victory by spending time on ensuring that all ceramahs by the opposition will be stopped.

i havent see BN so scare on losing. even lunas, the police didnt go to that extent. is our friend, najib shitting in his pants now. losing ijok means end of his political career, at least for now? is this part of the conspiracy to oust him? afterall, TUN as made it clear the sleeping PM is only for one term and then handover the baton to Najib. By getting rid of Najib, the sleeping PM can continue to rule while snoozing and then pass on the baton to his SIL in due course.

6. politikus - April 26, 2007

police report = means putting it on record and not letting ppl the pleasure say that these fellas sat on it and decide to nring it up later for strategic purposes 🙂

not bad how, sounded as though i was there …. lol.

7. sam - April 28, 2007

are you sure this is Malaysia? I tot I was reading some news about Nigeria. Oh…. I suddenly remember our gahmen like to compare with countries like Nigeria, you see, we have better malls and airport than them so be happy.

8. Is It A Plane? Is It A Bird? No, It’s A Flying Mineral Bottle « The Naked Truth - April 28, 2007

[…] But what is even distressing, is the recent monkey business and violence that has been reported throughout the entire by-elections in Ijok. I was reading this shocking progress from only Susan’s and Elizabeth’s blog and was very surprised at the amount of news and escalated nonesense reported from just these two wonderful ladies: BN group roughs up Khalid, blogger; BN’s “lethal weapon” in Ijok; “The day I nearly died in the hands of the Umno Youth hooligans”; More violence in Ijok, Keadilan candidate speaks; Ijok: The violence continues…; and (Ijok) Violence against PKR candidate again. […]

9. bobjots : redux - April 29, 2007

Some Thoughts On The Ijok Results

The Barisan Nasional coalition has successfully retained the Ijok seat with a slight increase in their take. First of all a short analysis of the results : Party 2004 2007 + / – Barisan Nasional 5,213 (57.4%) 5,884 (58.6%) 571…

10. man - February 18, 2009

come on… please lah…
hey people who read this, are you holly enough to judge the other people’s life…
just think for a while, is it violence to sleep in nude? are you never nude in your life…?
come on politician… you should never look for other people mistake…
do you know and realize your mistake in other people mind?

hmmm… we are tired to listen this isuues in the media,
why not all the politician just concentrate for our development country purposes only huh?
why now all the barisan always busy other people lifes? this not good lah, that was no moral lah…
hey people, how you should gain all the people confident for you (barisan that we call government)?
just focusing all the people needs, infrastructure, welfare, subsidiary, education,
budgeting, economics, bla bla bla and… blaaaa….. there was a lot of things to do dude!
why now all over the country busy for just only 1 people privacy???!!
there was a lot of nudity things outside there,
in the sofisticated phone, vcd, internet…. among of this is our local girls…
why dont you take action for all our girls getting nude,
having sex with their husband and boyfriend even thier fiance??
if you are in thier position, confirm you will say “some other people sabotaj us”,etc…
and you feel no guilty for this becoz you have your own privacy life dude!!!
do you want all your life style always been watching by other people? even when we are taking bath,
make love with our couple, changing our pants, etc????!!!!
of course not!!!

do your daughter, moms, grandma, granddughter all cleans from doing the same crisis as EW?
dont lie lah… nobodys perfect!!!!
just accept who we are and who they are….
if you always “jaga tepi kain orang”, you are still inside the box and no where you can go for this habits
you will live in no freedom in this independence country!!

we are normal people who always doing wrong and even sabotaj by other people to make we are doing wrongs!!
who care??!!! lets all of us, rakyat Malaysia move on to the next level for our mission this coming years 2020!!
we give the people and country priority to get ready for this great mission…
who ever we are, “pembangkang” or “kerajaan”, we are the same position, same target, same mission!!!
so about this thing, think deeply from the basics for all the party in Malaysia. then you will agree with me…

so at last, I thought and my advie is,
don’t give up EW, no need to quit… dont care what people talk about you,
people is always looking for the wrongs and bad thing that we do once,
BUT people always forgot what we do the good things, the best things for them…
and never down for this 1 mistake…

come on people… hmmmm…. I hope you will understand….

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