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(Ijok) Of Najib’s Little Finger April 26, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.

First the fun news.
Najib will get sued – not once, but twice. 
Ditto for those gum-chewing ikan bilis’. (Hehe :P)

The first was about the distortion of events which led to the ‘Dawn Raid’ of the London Stock Exchange in 1981. Najib is not being sued for distorting the facts, but for calling Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim a ‘liar’. Not surprisingly no one reported about TS Khalid’s rebuttal.

This morning, I was awakened and rushed to meet a few people who had a copy of Berita Harian today. Apparently the DPM and some Oxfarts went overboard again.

So to cut a very long and technical story short:-


26 APRIL 2007




This has been the dirtiest by-election in living memory.


At the same time, my credentials have been smeared and vilified by Barisan Nasional (BN) for the purpose of trying to win the by-election.


This shows utter desperation on part of the BN and the deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak


If our deputy Prime Minister can stoop to such lows and is desperate enough to make false and malicious statements, I am very concerned for our beloved country, if this is the manner he conducts himself in his everyday dealings in government.


The idea of obtaining share options of Kumpulan Guthrie Bhd was first suggested to me by the late Tun Ismail Ali in 1994, and it was agreed by the chairman of Yayasan Pelaburan Bumiputera, then Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.


I acquired them at market price and it was a commercial transaction, not free or discounted shares as allocated by the Ministry of International Trade and Investment.


This matter remains in court and any further discussion should happen during the court proceedings.


At the same time, I refute the accusation that I was the reason for Bank Islam’s losses. 


As revealed and stated in Parliament reports, the losses stemmed from poor investment decisions and violations of Islamic banking conduct. There was no mention of my name in Parliament. 


I have instructed my lawyers to prepare a lawsuit against Najib Razak and all others who have been making false and unfounded statements. It is my intention to be transparent and straightforward in all my dealings.


My record in the financial world speaks for itself and my credentials have been recognized internationally. I am a Member of the Unit Investment Fund of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) for over ten years and Advisor to International Islamic Fund Management in Bahrain.


These malicious attacks are pathetic attempts by the deputy Prime Minister to divert criticisms of his own corruption scandals.


Voters in Ijok deserve to hear and debate my policies during the by-election, but instead I have been assaulted in terms of my character as well as physically by BN. I am proud that I have not done the same to my opponent.



Tan Sri Dato’ Khalid Ibrahim


Ijok by-election April 2007

I’m not sure what is Najib’s obsession with his little finger.

He must think he’s some big shot or something like that (but will he hold on to his Defence Ministry post after the much anticipated Cabinet reshuffle?) and that his finger is worth RM 10 million. Used to dig ‘gold’ ke?

Doesn’t he know there are a lot of people out there, Mongolians included, who may come up with enough funds to cut off 5 fingers …. 😛



1. Bigjoe - April 26, 2007

Najib is a low-life slut. Nuff said.

2. politikus - April 26, 2007

lol. you did get to blog! come to pusat medialah …. so happening, balls. see you soon!!! 🙂

3. monsterball - April 27, 2007

The true Najib is now coming out again.First he played out Tunku Razaliegh…..the he abandon this master..TDM…..now he is at his finest to play dirty politics..because he knows Pak Lah will not do anything against him …as Pak Lah have a handsful to fight off TDM’s accusations to make sure he stays another term…thus is actually the leader of the corrupted pack in UMNO .
Again… I ask myself…why like this? And blame myself voting for Pak Lah…no one else. I wish to say sorry to fellow citizens sincerely…hope the millions like me will feel same guilt and be awakened!!

4. Libra - April 27, 2007

Oh this is the scum who wanted to soak his keris in Chinese blood many years ago and the MCA goons have shamelessly accepted those words without moral courage whatsoever to confront him or ask for an apology and retraction.
And even more puzzling is that the Chinse population can still accept him, shake his hands and vote for his party.
Any other race who had used similar words against another race would have been put behind bars that very day.
Funny, UMNO can mock the Chinese and they meekly accept it.

5. luclai - April 27, 2007

haha, eliz. you are very funny with najib’s fingers (and a reference to mongolians too).

this was personal attack. was it the first one? i thought personal attack is a no no but then again our ministers always stoop that low for personal attack.

i am very happy that khalid is suing his pants off!! (oops. why i think of pants eh… must be your mongolian word, eliz).

6. WATTAHACK? - April 27, 2007

dirty gets dirtier – nice movie!

7. ichtus - April 27, 2007

Whats the big deal on share options? Many of the GLCs practice share option schemes to reward/motivate the staff. What is questionable perhaps, is that while the foot soldiers get a few hundred shares each, the board members are allocated hundreds or thousands, if not millions….. go check on this.

8. ichtus - April 27, 2007

…. and at discounted prices somore.

9. susan loone - April 27, 2007

hahaha eli! mongolians dont only cut off fingers i hear
good story this one. take care.

10. kroni2u - April 27, 2007
11. Mat Salo - April 27, 2007

Brilliant! Eli – too bad I’m already in the Boondox of Borneo – so far laa from the the action!

12. Top Posts « WordPress.com - April 28, 2007

[…] (Ijok) Of Najib’s Little Finger First the fun news. Najib will get sued – not once, but twice.  Ditto for those gum-chewing ikan bilis’. […] […]

13. Billy - April 28, 2007

It is a very strange thing here. Tan Sri Khalid felt that has been slandered, and rightly so because of distorted facts he is suing Najib. Now Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Tan Sri Khalid have been saying that Najib (and his cohorts are corrupt, etc) and they even dared him to take up a case against them. So why didn’t Najib do so? Aha, the reason is that the closet is so packed with skeletons that the closet door is about to burst open any time for all to see and should Najib decides to sue, it is like allowing Tan Sri to unlatch the closet door lock and let all the skeletons fall out.

14. monsterball - April 28, 2007

Mongolians feed their dead bodies to the vultures. They do not bury their dead. They chopped them like butchers selling meat and throw pieces to the vultures den….at mountain range.
Little finger?..piece of cake..feed to vulture baby.

15. monsterball - April 28, 2007

Or is it only the Tibetians doing that only…but most mountain range countries like Ladakans…Khatmuntus….Butans…have similar way of life.
In anycase…I wonder why mongo father do not engage a powerful Tibetian Lama to speak to the soul of her daughter. They do practice such Buddhists rites daily..why not on her daughter? Maybe did so and he knows everything?

16. xpyre - April 28, 2007

Looks like they’re milking Tan Sri Khalid’s slip of the tongue for all it’s worth, whether the clip was doctored or not. In any case, I can only imagine that things are coming to a head. I hope things don’t turn violent. Take care and be safe.

17. ricky - April 28, 2007

EW where are you??

Congratulation barisan national for winning the Ijok by-election.

bodohwi, najis, all your menteries, the EC and the disgraceful sil, you all are a very happy lot and I understand you all are also very religious and also GOD fearing.

Let me ask you just one question ( if any of the bn control media journalist got the balls to ask, please ask them when they make the press conference on their victory):

Is Ijok by-election conducted in a Fully Democratic, Clean, According To Election Rules and Equal Playing Field?

If your answer is yes from the bottom of your heart and it is really the truth :- May GOD bless you all with more wins to come.

If your answer is yes from the bottom of your heart and in actual fact not true:- May GOD help you.

No one knows the real answer except between you and GOD.

18. Ngadutrafik 2007 - April 29, 2007

Wow.., Welcome !!!…, Real Najib can be so fun….
Thanks for your info

best regards
ngadutrafik 2007

19. Mason (From Kuching) - May 6, 2007


Facts: If I was in Ijok, I had voted for the PKR, inspired by the intrepid of Anwar Ibrahim’s fight for freedom, justice, and other tantalizing promises he once was dormant when he is a BN man.

Another Facts: When Badawi assumed PMship, he initiated bold action to have Eric Chia procecuted, having being housed safely by Mahathir whom handpick Pah Lah as his succesor for his (Badawi) pre-eminent loyalty whom he later reneged. Grade A masquarade for Pak Lah. Bravo. Makes a perfect Hollywood actor.

More facts: When enemies bury the hatchets and trusted ally betrayed each other, in retrospect-Tunku Razaleigh & Mahathir, Anwar & Mahathir, Anwar & the opposition parties, and other analogies. I am earnestly awaiting an embrace between Bush and Bin
Laden and playing chess together in Texas.

And again, facts: (Or parodies) When Mahathir steps up his onslaught against Badawi’s and even in de facto pairing in alliance with Malasiakini, using it as a mouthpiece to whack Pak Lah. If Pak Lah is Marina Mahathir, would he do so? I thought a am a legend and my mama adds “Yeah son, you are a legend in your own mind!”

The inference to be gained here is “Never Trust Anyone” or at least trust them for a while and prepared to be betrayed anytime. Politics is not much dissimilar to one time hit TV reality show-“Survivor” produced by Mark Burnett.

For myself, the opposition parties are ersatz to this abysmal government under the BN falgship and politicians are just charlatans and self-serving-liars. There is no Abraham Lincoln or the likes of his in Malaysia.

If you want the truth, ask Bill Clinton. He adamantly dubunk all allegations of any sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky and later
apologised to the nation by admitting he had oral sex with Lewinsky
when evidence is irrefutable (Linda Tripps’ recorded conversation and his semen residue on Monica’s dress) but self-rationalized that oral-sex is not sex or sexual intercourse at all. He was right. Politics is always politics.

One can refer politic with “Dirty Harry 3” titled “The Enforcer” when Mustafa , a small-time-crook was once presumed to be a terrorist and a kidnapper, wrongly arrested for the presumed crime and released later when Harry seeks his help. His proferred Harry with information to the real hoods and spouted bonafidely “You are a Dirty Bastard” where Harry suavely replied “The Dirtiest!”=Politicians.

Envisage Vision 2020. Transparency Perception Index and Press Freedom DOWN and governtment related foul-plays UP, UP AND AWAY! YEAH! MALAYSIA BoooLEH!

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