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(Ijok) 143 April 30, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.

(To make up for lost blogging time, this entire week will see daily excerpts of BN’s fraudulent acts.)


Nope. This doesn’t refer to 143 impossibly buffed and gorgeous guys in Ijok, though I have to admit KeADILan does have a disproportionate number of distractingly good-looking men :P.

There are 143 unreturned ballot papers from the Ijok by-election.

One would may think this is quite trivial. But from a local MCA source, their disappearances point to a tactic used manipulate the votes.

Person A takes out a ballot paper and passes on to a BN agent in return for cash.

This ballot paper is then marked taken in by Person B who would cast with this piece of ballot, then take out an unfilled one in return for cash.

The empty ballot paper can be taken to other polling centres to start the process from that end. And there are more than one person in this process, creating a multiplier effect of a steady stream of votes for BN.


(Next – Exclusive photographs of passengers of phantom buses, and the man who broke the windscreen of *the* 4-wheel drive which stopped the buses.)


1. chen jie - April 30, 2007

the chain of vote buying are hard to break. this is predicted but cannot do much …

2. Ko-chi - April 30, 2007

PKR should also look at the results positively. Considering the amount of money that has been poured in and the entire machinery of umno being parachuted onto the area, PKR has gained almost an equal number of votes as BN (the increase in total votes compared to 2004), gained significantly in Chinese votes in Pekan Ijok and Btg Berjuntai Selatan, and have not lost votes in the Malay areas except Jaya Setia. In most areas where the majority is slim, the spoilt votes are averaging half of the majority votes as well.

So, my advice to Anwar and PKR is that, raising issues of fraud and such may be valid, but more importantly, harp on the positive message in a closer reading of the result. That way PKR would not sound like a sore loser, as well as neutralize the simplistic argument being forwarded by the pliant mainstream media and BN folks that this is a big win for them and PKR and Anwar and the opposition is finished. The reality is that it is not even close to what they’re trumpeting about.

3. nat - April 30, 2007

“I have to admit KeADILan does have a disproportionate number of distractingly good-looking men :P”

oh, thank you thank you 🙂

hahahaha 😛 🙂

EW: True what! But some must put on 20 pounds lar! Hehe! 😛

4. Vesser - April 30, 2007

EC should start thinking of a way to detect any voter walking out with their ballot paper. I bet they can come up with a bar-code system that detects the ballot papers sneaked out. Since next general election is just months away EC should start thinking about this very seriously.

Ijok is just a pond, soon EC have to face the “open sea @ general election” so start looking for your thinking caps that has been hidden in your drawers and do something about it…!!!!. Maybe organise a competition for “Rakyat” to come up with some brilliant ideas – why not – lah..?.

PKR not to worry – lah, the way i look at it…the locals won and they got what they wanted – new temporary road, new temporary traffic lights, new temporary road lamps..bla..bla..bla..Under our tax expenses i guess, let it be. PKR have to be strong and stay strong the way they have been – hats off for putting up a great fight without lavishly spending RM 100million. We the Urban generations thinks different and definitely believe that it’s time for a CHANGE…!!!!

5. stenson chin - April 30, 2007

Elizabeth Wong,can you write more often.You are seldom in.

EW: Dear Stetson, Thanks for dropping in. My apologies for not being to write more regularly in the past couple of weeks due to lack of internet access.

6. Collin Abraham - April 30, 2007

It is surprising that there has been no attempt to provide a “profile” of the eletorate here. Surely some idea of the demographic structure and the socio-economic levels of different ‘racial’ (read ethnic) groups might provide some perspecives as to why they voted the way the did.
The moot question is did they really have a choice as to who they would vote for and if they did whether they would want to exercise this choice realising that this might adversely affect what they already have. Alexander Pope stated “For forms of Government let fools contest; whate’er is best administered is best” .I would change the last line to read ” whatever is, is best”! In other words, voters who are living on the margin of existence, and have no savings to meet any adverse contingencies MUST vote for the status quo because exercising a choice for an alternative means taking a risk. Risk means uncertainty and possibly failure and it would be foolish to do so when one is at the bottom of the barrel and a failure might mean starvation.
Could the ‘political analysists’ especially in PKR comment please?

7. LeithaisoR - April 30, 2007

Surely if there is a challenge, and the serial numbers on the ballot papers are cross-checked against the stubs for each voting centre, then the alien voting slips which had been imported can be screened out?

But in the case of Ijok, what’s the point of using the mechanism you described anyway, since a vote cast in any centre will still add up as a vote for the same candidate? (If it was a General Election, and the unmarked slips are taken to another constituency, then that’s different lah).

Also, where the 31 aged “over 100” voters for Ijok were concerned, Khalid’s agent in each voting centre could have looked for such aged voters on the register of voters for each centre, and should any turn up to vote, verify if the voter looks his age or if evidently much younger.

8. Ijok: Did Keadilan really lose? « “may the truth save us all” - April 30, 2007

[…] starters, blogger Elizabeth Wong is back with a vengeance. Continue to read her as she says she will reveal daily excerpts of BN’s ‘fraudulent […]

9. dvka - April 30, 2007


10. sam - May 2, 2007

Very creative!!! Imagine if they could channel this creative energy to Multimedia Supper Corridor and Cyber-nothing-jaya… and not in BUY-election.

11. Winston - May 2, 2007

What’s wrong with Malaysians, especially the electorate?
So many people seem to think that although the opposition lost in Ijok, the folks of Ijok won because they have better infrastructure and other goodies delivered before the election and perhaps even some after the election.
This is nothing short of bribery and corruption!
On top of it, the Ijok voters sold their soul for something that they should be having, by-election or no. The money comes from them, as well as other taxpayers, and they have a right to it! The government is only a trustee for it, to spend it for the good of the people and country. Not to use it to obtain votes!
Not only did the people of Ijok sold their souls, they have put in perpetuation a government that is utterly unprincipled and soulless!
So, how are we to come out of this rut if the voters of Ijok and for that matter the voters of other areas all over the country have the same mentality? That is precisely what’s wrong with this country!!
The opposition parties MUST do everything NOW to rid the Malaysian electorate of such wishy-washy ideas in order to boot out the BN government.

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