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(Ijok) Mahathir post-by-election April 30, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

I had to hear this from my hairstylist.

This afternoon, between catching up with gossip and grand descriptions of the Ijok by-election, Chester (who is coincidentally the best looking guy in this country’s hair industry) blurted out:-

“Eh – Even Mahathir supports you guys.”


In today’s Sin Chew Daily (30 April), Mahathir apparently said KeADILan will not disappear despite losing the by-election and his arch-nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim, is “no ordinary man”.

Just before the weekend, I nearly pengsan-ed when he called on Ijok voters to teach the ‘rotten’ government a lesson.


Someone. Anyone. Slap me til I wake up!

BTW:My consolation was a super-funky haircut from Chester! 😛



1. Ranger - April 30, 2007

Unbelieveable, amazing, out of sight, I hope this does not cause a Tsunami !!!!!

2. GoofyChinese - April 30, 2007

I am sure what TDM said is true. DSAI is no ordinary man. As from the results…the Chinese voters are listening to the Oppositions more now and the Chinese voters know what is best for the country. A strong oppositions in Parliament for check and balance.
I sincerely hopes that Malaysians at large will give a chance to the oppositions be it PKR, DAP, PAS…etc a chance to serve the nation. If possible a chance to show that the oppositions too can run a country if given a chance.

3. LeithaisoR - April 30, 2007

Now who was it wgho said something like “…in politics there are no permanent enemies…”?

Someone in the blanks, please. I seem to recall the words which I have missed are also rather illuminating.

4. Huang Siew Hock - April 30, 2007

The ex-PM should join PKR and engage in the coming General Election! Though old, he has a sharp mind; and sharp tomngue which will frighten the BN leaders: in short, they will shit bricks!
This is so because never in BN by-election history had the PM joined in the fray. What does this tell you ? BN, on the ground, must have realised taht the ground was shifting in favour of PKR! And it was time that the PM should step in and save the day. A loss would be a disaster for BN. So, just imagine in spite of RM36 million , with best complimen6ts from Selangor, and other INSTANT NOODLE
( roads paved, street lights installed, schools donated with funds, infrastructure INSTANTLY set in motion with teh POOR PWD workers working 24 hours! ). Never in Malaysian electoral history could so much been poured in at such a short time and in such small comstituency of 12, 272 voters !

So, DEATH does pay dividends for the people! The more deaths , the merrier and richer the people will be! BN respresentatives should drop dead, one bu one ; and let the PEOPLE be enriched ! At other times, they are just ignored.! GO and DIE, man !Let the people be RECOGNISED.


IJOKis a warm-up for the BIG one, eitehr this year o

5. Spade Marlowe - April 30, 2007

Is Chester gay? I think I’m in love. By the way, I think that TDM, for all his faults (and he had many), at least meant what he said, and said what he meant. And he made things happen! This is more than what I can say about the present leadership, which is reminiscent of the Lotus Eaters.

6. Billy - April 30, 2007

Like it has been said many times before, politicians make very strange bed-fellows. How true!

7. Shao Loong - April 30, 2007

I’m sure its a case of TDM’s enemy being PKR’s enemy. Thanks for all the blog comments over the by-election, it was good to follow them. But, eh, how about a photo of the haircut by the best looking hairdresser in Malaysia?!

8. Karimamak - April 30, 2007

I do agreed with Huang because Mahathir will brings big impact to oposition parties especially for PAS and Keadilan. We must stop the weak and corrupt goverment from destroying our loving country.

Mahathir him self has learn a lesson from his mistake during his glory time as PM in which he has failled to control his ministers and parliments members (BN) from corruption and abuse of power.

9. pizzofmine - April 30, 2007

Hah, the world really is round.

Weyy where’s the funky hair picture lah?

The slap offer is still valid or not? I’ll go to Bangsar and slap you there can?

10. Siasah.net - May 1, 2007

(Ijok) Mahathir post-by-election « elizabeth wong

I had to hear this from my hairstylist.

“Eh – Even Mahathir supports you guys.”


In today’s Sin Chew Daily (30 April), Mahathir apparently said KeADILan will not disappear despite losing the by-election and his arch-nemesis, A…

11. SK - May 1, 2007

I can’t seem to find the article, mind to share us the link here?

Thank you.

12. elizabethwong - May 1, 2007

SK – I shall scan of that piece of news later tonight. In Ijok today.

Shao – No pics pls … it’s nice to be incognito if only for a few days 😛

Pizz – If someone slaps me while I’m buying turnip, I’ll know it’s you … and I’ll kick your shin 😛

Spade – I don’t query people’s personal lives. In any case, one’s sexuality has no relevance to one’s ability to create beautiful hair or to understand the theory of relativity.

13. Just - May 1, 2007

That’s right, TDM will make BN corrupted crooks shit bricks!

14. Top Posts « WordPress.com - May 1, 2007

[…] (Ijok) Mahathir post-by-election I had to hear this from my hairstylist. This afternoon, between catching up with gossip and grand descriptions of the […] […]

15. Bomoh - May 1, 2007

During the Mahathir’s Era…
One lousy day in the middle of the economic crisis, PM Mahathir was
feeling extremely frustrated and wondering how another neighboring
country can be doing better than Malaysia.
One of his aides said, I heard that the leaders consult Feng Shui
masters to ensure prosperity for the country.
Dr M thought if that is the case Malaysia Boleh also, and went to seek
the top bomoh’s advice in the country.
After reviewing the case, the bomoh told Dr M that there are 2 things
that he must do:
Bomoh: Step 1. You must blame the crisis on SOROS for everything.
Dr M: But Why?
Bomoh: Because SOROS stands for: “Speculate On Ringgit Or Stocks”. you
must blame him, and look at ways to control the ringgit and stock
Bomoh: Step 2 – You must get rid of ANWAR.
Dr M: What, why him?
Bomoh: Because ANWAR stands for: “A Nation without Any Ringgit”.
Dr M: But how? This is most difficult to do; he is popular with the
Bomoh: Aiyoh, you bodoh lah! Look at your name, MAHATHIR, see what it
stands for!! “Make Anwar Homosexual and Then Highlight It Repeatedly”

16. guabaysong - May 1, 2007

Bomoh: Lu kena gua lawak banyak lah.

17. guabaysong - May 1, 2007

PKR garnered 41% of votes in Ijok. Not bad what!

18. tiger_woodie - May 1, 2007

my enemy’s enemy is my friend.
oh and *piakpiak*.

19. pizzofmine - May 1, 2007

Eli ~ Hahha okay okay, I changed my mind. I don’t want to spend my day massaging bruised shin that got kicked by a lady with funky hairstyle that is buying a turnip.

Lady with funky hairstyle + turnip = very dangerous combination.

And what are you doing buying turnip? *I didn’t know you…cook.

*That was not an insult, just a curious statement.

EW: Pizz, am a damn good cook with a winning rate of feet-to-shin contact.

20. pizzofmine - May 3, 2007

Em, now that spurt out a new saying–tasting is believing.

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[…] the album was released on 9 May, 22 years ago! (And Chester gave me a Paul Weller haircut a week ago??!!) Cue:- Opening soundtrack from Twilight […]

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