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A wedding and a funeral May 9, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Art & Visuals, Event, Malaysia, Note2Self.

Perak’s abuzz with news that the state’s most famous bachelor will, at long last, tie the knot.

For those of us who know the bride-to-be, we can finally exhale with relief!

For some years now, every occasion the old Ipoh Swimming Club gang got together, her poor brother Faris Davidson had to dodge our questions, “When-lah the wedding? Got party or not??”

After the long wait, even some of us weren’t quite ready. My brother sms-ed, “Confirm or not?”

Not wanting a media circus that was Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding, the palace had asked for discretion. But the Utusan group published Zara‘s name on Tuesday, with a most unflattering photograph (Oy! She’s heaps more gorgeous that that!), thus earning a rare royal admonishment.

I may have to bite my republican tongue a little harder than usual for the next few months.


This week saw a great loss to the Malaysian art movement.

Redza Piyadasa passed away on Monday at the age of 67. Below is an excerpt of his biodata from the Prince Claus Fund organisation, which awarded him the Prince Claus award in 1998.

Redza Piyadasa (1939, Kuantan, Malaysia) devotes himself both to the practice and to the theory of art. During the sixties and seventies he filled a serious vacuum, at a time when there was scarcely any debate in his country on the subject of art history or art criticism. Partly due to his persistent efforts, the situation is now quite different. In his many publications, both in English and in Malay, in his countless articles in the Malaysian press and also in his work as an artist, he examines the contexts of art and their significance for the construction of artistic traditions and artistic values. His interest is centred on modern Asian art, which he places in relation to traditional Asian art forms and Western contemporary art. Piyadasa’s art – such as the collage-like ‘Malaysian Series’, which he has been working on since 1980 – and his art criticism are his answer to neo-nationalistic, Islamic and globalisation currents in Malaysia, which have threatened to marginalise minority groups and alternatives.

Seated Malay Girl

Year: 1991
Medium: Mixed media
Size: 33 x 64.8 cm.
(Singapore Art Museum)




1. monsterball - May 9, 2007

That’s really good news for …not only the Perak Royalties…but to whole country. He is such a good fearless …fair minded person….like the father..handsome….but even more out spoken…hahahahaha
The death? Poor soul….don’t know him….but all deaths are sad….and always people will say..too young to die. May he rest in peace.

2. giovamar - May 9, 2007

Hi Liz, what a nice colors in this peinture.. it reminds me to some pieces of warhol even the languages are obviously so different!

EW: Hey there Mario! I love his paintings, do try to google them on the net to view more.

3. Nstman - May 9, 2007

Frankly, i doubt it is a love marriage. Probably marriage of convenience. A handsome couple is of course good for royalty which seeks to modernise itself.

EW: ‘Tis a little unfair to jump to such conclusions. Have a little faith, Nstman!

4. Nstman - May 10, 2007

Liz, i dont know but this marriage of convenience is too queasy for me. According to reports in the mainstream press, both have known each other for eight years. Why did they take that long to make up their minds. Dont you think it is a tad too strange. I suggest we hold a debate on this. Also we need more marriage counsellors, psychiatriasts, psychologists to give their take on the matter.

EW: Nstman – I’d much rather leave private matters alone. It’s hardly anyone’s business, really.

5. Top Posts « WordPress.com - May 10, 2007

[…] A wedding and a funeral Perak’s abuzz with news that the state’s most famous bachelor will, at long last, tie the knot. For those […] […]

6. sam - May 10, 2007

Do we have paparazi here?

7. Jay Redza - May 17, 2007

Hi, thank you for writing. My name is Jay Redza, and I’m Piyadasa’s daughter. Just wanted to correct his age on your blog. He was 67 years old when he died. Just thought i’d let you know since my dad dedicated his life to history and truth, and it’d make him happy getting these details about his death right. Thank you and blessings. Love & Peace.

EW: Dear Jay, Thank you for pointing out the error which will be corrected immediately. I love your father’s work ever since I was a school kid. During my first outing to the National Art Gallery while still in school, your father’s pieces were the only ones which left an impression with me I came out. My deepest condolences to you and your family.

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