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Questions for PM from Altantuya’s father May 9, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Politics.

emailed a media release from the late Altantuya’s father, Mr. Sharibuu, who asked several questions including, how the police were able to ascertain the identity of Altantuya’s child without taking a blood sample?

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1. monsterball - May 9, 2007

I hope the father has consulted his lawyers before speaking so much..
I can fully understand the father’s passion for a fair trial.
Like I said…seeing all the photos of the victims…she is so down to earth poor soul….looking for true love…even as a mistress…she will not mind…as she had bad experiences before.
Her smile and love for her child are sincere…no acting.
It is a murder case…someone or few must pay ..after the case..not less than death by hanging.
So lets wait ..24 days and counting to court case.

2. A Better Malaysia - July 4, 2008

Justice must prevail soon definately not from Malaysia Law as it is all Tipu,money can buy over judges and cannot be trusted 100% or 1000%. Full with corruption!!!! A New Fresh Malaysia Must Wujud sooner the better…..put all the cronies to 6ft under. May their poor souls burn in hell for their wrong doing.

National news must stop reporting all the irrelevent /repeated “sodo-sodo” news, whereas, there more important current affairs/news to be announce to RAKYAT a every momment, anytime and everyday.

3. malaysian - October 17, 2008

malaysia goverment smells bad its rotten
not to be at trust

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