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Ode to Samy Vellu May 10, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Economy, History, Malaysia, Note2Self.

“6 months, RM22m” was The Sun‘s top news story on their website on Wednesday night.

That’s how long it will take to inspect all of Putrajaya’s buildings and how much it will cost the public.

Also on Wednesday, one would have wondered if opposition MPs were imbued with the spirit of Saturday Night Fever, when they were caught on camera pointing their fingers at ceilings and floors.


Apparently, the RM 80 million worth of renovations on the Parliament (2004), which almost fell on their heads on the last stormy windy day of Parliament sitting (28 April 2005), gave way to more leaks on the eve of the close of this Parliament session (9 May 2007).

This begs a simple question: – Is anyone really safe inside our public buildings, offices and hillside homes, or driving along highways/flyovers?

One shouldn’t have to wait for anyone to get hurt before action is taken against the Works Minister.

The series of cracked walls and falling ceilings can’t be unrelated or coincidental, and which brings to mind, one of Style Council‘s supa-songs during the anti-poll tax, anti-Thatcher years in the UK, “Walls Come Tumbling Down”.

Coincidentally, the album was released on 9 May, 22 years ago!!
(And Chester gave me a Paul Weller haircut a week ago??!! Cue:- Opening soundtrack from Twilight Zone.)

Walls Come Tumbling Down

You don’t have to take this crap
You don’t have to sit back and relax
You can actually try changing it

I know we’ve always been taught to rely
Upon those in authority
But you never know until you try
How things just might be
If we came together so strongly

Are you gonna try to make this work
Or spend your days down in the dirt
You see things can change
YES an’ walls can come tumbling down!

Government’s crack and systems fall
‘Cause unity is powerful
Lights go out- walls come tumbling down!

Yes they do yes they do
Yes they do yes they do

The competition is a colour TV
We’re on still pause on the video machine
They keep you slaves to the H.P.

Until the unity is threatened by
Those who have and who have not
Those who are with and those who are without
And dangle jobs like the donkey’s carrot
Until you don’t know where you are

Are you gonna get to realise
The class war’s real and not mythologised
And like Jericho- Yes walls can come tumbling down!

Government’s crack and systems fall
‘Cause unity is powerful
Lights go out- walls come tumbling

Down we’ll be too weak to fight it
Down not if we’re united
Down when you’re united

Are you gonna be threatened by
The public enemy No. 10
Those who play the power game
They take the profits -you take the blame
When they tell you there’s no rise in pay

Are you gonna try an’ make this work
Or spend your days down in the dirt
You see things CAN change
Walls can come tumbling down!

Government’s crack and systems fall
‘Cause unity is powerful
Lights go out- walls come tumbling down!

Yes! We can do it!! 🙂



1. sam - May 10, 2007

Ask Derek the lawyer… the gahmen is not legally liable for killing us due to their negligence or any fault right? Blame it on our own misfortunes, the act of god that made Bolehlanders elect them into power. Again and again…

2. Penulis Tua - May 10, 2007

Don’t be so hard on good ole Sami. His cabinet friend JJ has just described him as “black”, “low class” ,”labourer” as that was how he referred to all Tamils, when he was in the land of the free – with not even a kedai toddy in sight. The silence from MIC is deafening….Sami appears to have gone to the ground. But this remark will be brought up again and again to remind Tamils what MIC and ole Sami did not do, and what Malays (who are not white or ‘fair skinned” at all) think of them, fear not. JJ need not bother saying sorry. He will be sorry once these remarks are publicised to all the “India buruh”, anyway.

3. WATTAHACK? - May 10, 2007

6 months to make RM22 mil that great! no cost or labour material just go looksy and teh tarik afterwards! best deal ever! no need to build anything can make money just like that!

4. Winston - May 11, 2007

Liz, what specialists are they using that it costs RM22 mil to get the job done.
Perhaps they are using the service of high priced foreign consultants?
Nowadays, it seems that everything is done by foreign consultants, whether it’s a defective bridge/flyover/building or whatever!
What happens to the PWD, don’t they have any architects, engineers or other specialists? Or it must be better to have others do it so that if anything goes wrong, fingers can be pointed at others. That must be one of the main benefits of privatisation besides benefiting cronies.

EW: Winston, I think anyone of us can come out with a better inspection team at a fraction of the quoted cost!

5. eddy l suheri - March 9, 2008

You made it! congrats…

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