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Dari moderator jadi penjual buku May 14, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Event, Malaysia, Politics.

I’ve not had time to blog on yesterday’s forum as the Suaram-ites have taken up the new role of ‘agents’ for the distributor.

We are overwhelmed by the response!

We’d expected between 80-100 people to turn up but 200 came (thus – our sincerest apologies for the modest portions of tea/cakes)!

Aiyo! Even former deputy director of Special Branch, who was in the police force back in 1969, sat through the whole launching and extended forum.

We’d expected to sell about 100 copies, but ended up selling 300!

We’ve sold out the ones in the Suaram office this afternoon and are restocking this afternoon.

And we’re going into our second reprint mid this week!


Here’s how one can get a copy this week, before the books hit the bookshops. It is best to book in advance.


1. Direct from Gerakbudaya (distributor). Tel: 03-7957 8342. Add: 11, Lorong 11/4E, Petaling Jaya. It’s near University Hospital and Grand City restaurant.

2. Direct from Suaram (publisher). Tel: 03-7784 3525. Add: 433A (first floor), Jalan 5/46, Gasing Indah, Petaling Jaya. It’s opposite the Petronas petrol station.

3. Via Internet at Kinibooks.com and Gerakbudaya.com. However, I heard Streamyx is down in the office, so they haven’t been able to upload onto the websites. AAARRGGHHHH….
(Updated 14 May: I got fed up waiting so I got hold of their login info and uploaded it myself. So it’s now available on Kinibooks!)

4. It should also be available sometime next week in all ‘fine’ bookshops near you.

5. I’ll be bringing 50 copies during the BUM2007 event this Saturday night. Thank you Chairman Howsy.

Please call to book your books before you turn up at (1) and (2).



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3. monsterball - May 14, 2007

Congratulation for a successful launching.

EW: Thank you! 🙂

4. shawn tan - May 14, 2007

darn.. i can’t seem to checkout the book from kinibooks.com.. something seems to be wrong with the website…

5. shawn tan - May 14, 2007

ooo… can already.. for some reason.. it doesn’t work very well through a proxy..

EW: Whew…! My blood pressure nearly went up the roof! 😛

6. Klaw - May 14, 2007

Just ordered 2 copies from kinibooks 😀

EW, any idea when I could expect them to arrive?

7. Klaw - May 14, 2007

The ordering flow of kinibooks.com can get confusing, so for those of you who are using the website for ordering, should bear in mind the following:

1) If paying by Maybank2u, then do not tersilap enter your TAC code. Double check!
2) Use IE. The payment portion of the site is not very Firefox friendly.

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9. freethinker - May 15, 2007

Aiks…saw on the paper, thought only is available after 2 weeks..

10. Chee Yong - May 15, 2007

I just ordered 2 copies to be sent to my home in Msia. I hope to buy some more to sell in Spore. There are many Malaysians here who would love to read a piece of the real account.

11. __earth - May 17, 2007

Since you are bringing those books to that BUM thingy, please reserve one of those 50 copies for me!

But how much is it? RM20?

12. elizabethwong - May 17, 2007

Dear fans of history!
Briefly – Yes, I’ll bring to BUM. Yes, it costs RM 20.00. And Yes, it will be available in Singapore – probably next week. Depends on the distributor there.
__earth – I will bring your 50copies. Pls make cheque to Suaram or will take cash. Ditto for the rest.
thanks all!, e

13. __earth - May 17, 2007

er, just one, not 50, just in case there was a miscommunication between us.

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15. Mushin - June 4, 2007

I reserved mine copy thru’ MPH Jaya Jusco and just collected two days back. Finish reading it in one go. Really interesting stuff. I was in Malaca doing my HSC in 1969 when the riot happened. It was real frightening. Thanks for the brining to light who actually atrted the whole damn thing. I will try MPH 2molo to get a few more copies to send to my friends oversea. Though I would like to have a copy signed by the author.

16. Mushin - June 4, 2007

Just a suggestion. If ever there is a second edition, how about liven the books by inserting some photos like the one written by our beloved Tunku. A picture paints a thousand words.

17. Peter Chin - January 2, 2008

Is this book still banned? I rang the publishers from UK to ask why it is not available online, they asked me to write to them? Is this book available online? I tried to get into Kinibooks, but there is something wierd happening with their website, it takes like 15 minutes to come on after clicking on it, and another 15 minutes when I click on more details about a book??


18. Linda - March 28, 2008

I am most late in getting up to date news. Now, where in Melbourne, Australia, can I buy the book? Just got to read it and update my kids on the history that they were never allowed to know in school. We are all in Australia now and have almost been weaned off the ‘takut’ attitude. I was 12 years old when this May 13 commotion happened and at that time, I thought all it meant was we have to stop eating salt (as is the literal translation to the cantonese word describing curfew).

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