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48 hours later … book ‘ditahan’ (detained?) May 16, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in History, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics, Race Relations, Southeast Asia.

may13kkscover_small.jpg(An alternate title to this post is:- “How to help yourself to free books and get away with it”)

I’ve been getting calls, emails and text messages about Kua Kia Soong’s book, “May 13”, being banned or about to be banned or whatever lar, since Malaysiakini ran a story Tuesday night.

I’m vacillating between boredom and irritation, especially with those trigger-happy SMS-ers.

Heads up folks. It’s NOT banned.

You can buy it, but we have run out of stock so please reserve your copies before the 2nd batch arrives.

Here’s what happened:

Kiddie fascist-wanna-be, Ahmad Faisal bin Arshad (IC no: 800228-14-5659) and his companions, Zuraidah and Mardiarini, swaggered into MPH Midvalley at around 3 pm. They took ten (10) books without paying from the shelf.

We have names for these sorts of people, where I come from.

This punk Ahmad, who carries a stamp with him all the time, which reads, Pembantu Penguatkuasa, Bahagian Kawalan Penerbitan & Teks Al-Quran, Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri, produced two sheets of paper.

They were undated, with no reference number, no indication of the book author, title or ISBN, and not an indication as to who the letter is addressed too. These details were filled on the spot. They could have helped themselves to some free Harry Potters too, at this rate.

MPH had to use their company stamp on the top left hand corner of the letter. Those wonkers from KDN couldn’t even spell or write English, and they want to read our books? Puh-leeze.

In the KDN letter, it says the books have been retained (detained?) “kerana disyaki sebagai hasil penerbitan yang boleh dikenakan perintah larangan di bawah subseksyen (1) seksyen atau … ada sebab mempercayai sebagai bukti berlakunya apa-apa kesalahan di bawah Akta ini…. “

In short, they suspect the book has been banned or it is evidence that there is contravention of the Printing Presses and Publications Act.

But it is not banned and contravenes no part of the Act.

This kid even had the audacity to advise MPH not to sell the book. I didn’t know KDN gave marketing advice to bookshops.

So as far as I’m concerned, they took ten of our books without paying.

They owe us RM 200.00.

No special privileges here – they have to pay for the books, like everyone else.

So today, I’ve asked the office to fax over our bill, the money owed to be remitted into our bank account within 7 days, or we will take legal action against Ahmad Faisal and co.

People who try to stop books from being read, or ‘arrests’ books, will not go unpunished.

BN Politicians who try to stop the truth from surfacing, will not go unpunished.

And suing government wonkers makes many of us very happy bunnies.

(Ends rare irritable rant. And I’ve not even started on Najib ‘RAZAK’ …yet.)

Postscript: Just saw this on Kinibooks.com. Bite this, KDN!




1. monsterball - May 16, 2007

UMNO is always covering up for their lies. what do you expect? I am not surprised.
Moa’s red book was banned….yet many Chinese have the red book at home. This is the type of mind control and so call guided democracy we Malaysians must endure.

2. gco - May 16, 2007

Where I come from, we called them “Robbery in broad day light”.

3. K S Ong - May 16, 2007

With internet, sweeping under the carpet is like sweeping under a transparent one.

I hope you are right that this is only an unofficial action by an unscrupulous officer.

4. Satria Asia - May 16, 2007

Cool Elizabeth …. go get those bastards!

5. Daily Nibbler - May 16, 2007

Great! May all Malaysians read and remember.

6. v9 - May 16, 2007

I can’t bring myself to read the book because it would bring back bad memories. At 9 years of age, I watched corpses without heads, hands and legs floating in Klang river for weeks on end. I withnessed a soldier blew the brain of a young boy who broke curfew to go to one of old hole in ground toilet shed outside the shop house. Many of my school friends’ parents were killed. After May 13, best of school friends became enemies, on the advice of parents. I don’t care what was the cause of May 13….shame on all those parents who had a hand in them. v9

7. xpyre - May 16, 2007

holy crap! i was supposed to pick up my copy at suaram’s office yesterday and i didn’t! crap! better get it today before it’s really banned (knowing how things are run in malaysia…)!

8. Winston - May 16, 2007

We have the makings of Nazi Germany around the 30’s.
Everything must be done to stamp what is happening NOW!
This was the way how Hitler started.

9. wits0 - May 16, 2007

Well, let the 3 UMNO senators have their seizure developed into a Grand Mal. Don’t expect any flowers though.

10. kittykat46 - May 16, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,
To me, its a foregone conclusion that these Neanderthals will have the book banned. They are currently just going through the motions of “proper procedure”.
Anything that deviates from the “official position” will be banned. There are too many vested interests riding on the authorised version – including the entire rationale for the Never Ending Policy.

Those clairvoyant Senators yesterday called for the banning of the book without having read it. Wah…should learn their secret….scoring A’s in exams guaranteed.

11. Chee Yong - May 16, 2007

I’m so relived that this is not true. I was already starting to think of Plan B how to get the books if its really banned. I have placed 2 copies from Kini Books. I plan to get some more for some of my friends here.

12. May 13 book seized « JOHN LING - May 16, 2007

[…] Gestapo-types from the Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri have sashayed right into MPH Midvalley and seized copies of Dr. Kua Kia Soong’s book. And yes, they have strong-armed MPH into ceasing sale of it. You can read the full damning report here. […]

13. bdshr - May 16, 2007

Maybe Dr Kua would next write a book on the vicious murder of Altantuya by C4 at the hands of you-know-who. Guaranteed to be a best seller worldwide

EW: Thanks, but we would like to publish books of a different genre. But thank you for your suggestion.

14. kapkaplui - May 16, 2007

Ask for anymore copy left in MPH MidValley. Being told by the enquiry counter that it is banned. Hmmm. Maybe MPH themself have some sorf of screening of freedom too.

EW: We told them to continue selling. Thanks for the tip, we will call them again today. (updated 1628 hours: the confusion has been cleared with MPH. And we were told MPH Midvalley has sold out too.

15. kapkaplui - May 16, 2007

If it really end up being banned, is Dr.Kua willing to let the content fully posted on the net as e-book for example. Those gov pound keeper will get it banned if they wanted to. I dun see why they won’t/

EW: We maintain the book will not be banned, because there’s nothing undesirable about history and truth. I don’t see why they would get so queasy about this. There is presently no plans to release it over the internet. We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

16. Gua Bay Song - May 16, 2007

Did KDN commit yet another goof?
Don’t they realise that their actions would draw public attention to the book?
Is KDN in cahoots with the publisher? He he he.
*Feel a slap coming my way from EW*

EW: *Slap*

17. The Eternal Wanderer - May 16, 2007

Well, nothing is beneathe the KDN apparently. Another act of stupidity like this only goes to show what kind of people pulling the strings in the government. I’m so worn out and weary by all these book-raiding, book-banning fiasco.

I’m curious, though, how did you manage to get the punk’s IC? Sue the pants of him! I hope your CCTVs had caught all this in action! Post it on YouTube and draw more attention to this act of idiocy commited by KDN!

18. metalanguage - May 17, 2007

Buku Chin Peng, walaupun sebuah buku mengenai sejarah dan kebenaran, tetap dilarang pada satu ketika dahulu. Kadangkala ianya bukan isu sejarah atau kebenaran, tetapi tentang isu yang sensitif. Dan pada masa kini, terlalu banyak topik yang dianggap sensitif, tak kisah benar atau tidak.

19. vt - May 17, 2007

Can soeone please put it in PDF, Electroonic book format? if one day they have decided to ban it, I am from down south and so far no book store, even MPH in

20. Top Posts « WordPress.com - May 17, 2007

[…] 48 hours later … book ‘ditahan’ (detained?) [image](An alternate title to this post is:- “How to help yourself to free books and get away with […] […]

21. megaman - May 17, 2007

errmm …. the way things r progressing rite now .. I think sooner or later it would be banned …

coz banning the book would not cost much to the gov and would prevent a lot more headaches and controversy down the road …

Btw, EW, got plans to sell the books in Spore or overseas as well ?

Worst come to worst either make it available online as e-book or sell overseas loh …

22. The Eternal Wanderer - May 17, 2007

Dr Kua has mentioned in today’s The Star that he will get Suaram to come out with a web edition of the book should the print one be banned by the govt.
But of course, let’s cross our fingers and hope to God that it won’t be banned and that we citizens get the freedom to choose what we want to read.

EW: We have yet to meet to discuss the next step. Thus far, the book isn’t banned and will be sold in regular outlets.
By the way, do you really think we would stop selling just because the government says so? 😛
If we start putting out e-copies, we won’t be able to move our stocks in Singapore and other parts of the world.
Don’t give up on us so soon, have some faith – we will fight on!

23. megabigblur - May 17, 2007

Malaysiakini site and kinibooks are down. Too much traffic over this story? Nice job guys.

24. BobSam - May 21, 2007

I went to Kini on Thursday, and multiple staff told me that they had withdrawn the books becoz the books were banned. I asked to see the Manager, but another senior staff told me that they had withdrawn the book from sale due to the controversy.
Kini is the last place I will go to buy books.
I rather get them from Book stores that have the guts to continue selling.

EW: Kini or Kino? I believe they have since changed their minds. But you should be able to get it from Popular Bookstore too.

25. Lee - June 3, 2007

i’ve het the book from one of the boikstrore, u got to ask the staff…they don’t put on thr shelf

26. jazoo - June 8, 2007

My friend just managed to buy a copy from one of the bookstores in KLIA. thought they are selling at a slightly higher price…u know la…earn abit more…in case they lose another RM200 to those gangsters.

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