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A Cabinet Committee on Gender Equality?! May 18, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Women.

Photo source: Malaysiakini.com. They look rather grim.

(Updated) When is an apology *NOT* an apology?

Like this:-

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, both the MPs said they would like to tender their apologies, if “women were offended”.

However they defended their words used in the Dewan as necessary to defend the government during debates.

They also did not issue a personal apology to Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan, against whom the sexist remarks were aimed at last week. (Source: Malaysiakini.com)


(Earlier post)

I just found out there is a Cabinet Committee on Gender Equality and the chair of the committee is Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi.


There is a Cabinet Committee? What are they waiting for? Busy going through Miss Malaysia candidates’ profiles?

Suspend Jasin and Kinabatangan!



1. mob1900 - May 18, 2007

So just exactly how many posts/position does Da Man actually slee…err i mean sits on?

2. rockybru - May 18, 2007

suspend them for a month. not too long, please. every day during the suspension, arrange speaking engagements for them. with school children. make them apologise to the kids for insulting them, their mothers, and sisters. at all times during their talk, they must not be allowed eye contact with the children. they must at all times look down at the floor or their Ballys.
after the one-month suspension, sack them!

EW: Saya sokong – suspend + sack! But, aiyo … if they talk to kids, they may teach them more bad and lewd words!

3. WATTAHACK? - May 18, 2007

mulut tong sampah tidak ada tempat di langit tuhan, hanya di jamban nerhaka.

4. Daily Nibbler - May 18, 2007

Hoe about ketuk ketampi while ladies throw their…heck, whatever..at them?

For those who support them – Nazri and NTR – just as disgraceful.

5. blueheeler - May 18, 2007

I heard this reported on BBC world service radio. What a shame that the English-speaking world now knows about how some of Malaysia’s elected officials behave like brutes in parliament. And what rubbish to say that they could make fun of an MP’s menstruation as part of defending the govt?!!?? The mothers of these 2 MPs (if they are still alive) should go on national TV and slap the ‘karang ajar’ out of these two shameful sons.

6. politikus - May 18, 2007

*coughs* that’s the picture i took *coughs* which captured the mood of it all *coughs* they look so … forlorn.

EW: Very nice pic! 😛

7. Ronie Abdullah - May 19, 2007

Macam mana gangster macam ini boleh berada dalam parliment???
Yang memilih dan yang dipilih sama sama otak kambing !!!
Or do u need me to be a ‘gangster’ to teach them a good lesson ???

EW: Aiyo! Satu dah terlalu lebih!

8. gitf701 - May 19, 2007

Shame on these 2 chekopek from Bocor Nasional. If in any other country would already be sack or resigned but not in Bocorland. In the first place, why argue with the MPs who raise the bocor issue. Where is the professionalism and mindset to improve as a nation? If the 2 MPs do not have the right mindset to add value in parliament, all women and tax payers should remember to vote there jokers out in the next election. Come has Malaysia boleh becoming Malaysia bocor???

9. RANJIT SINGH - May 20, 2007

The MPs close one eye Jasin and Bung Mokhtar of Sabah are stupid lawmakers Malaysia ever had…I wonder which school they ever go. They are both stupid as their constituents…bolee..bolee….

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