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Second reprint underway May 18, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in History, Malaysia, Politics, Race Relations.

Some updates from the distributor, which also serve as an insight into the insidious ways of our rather effective public servants:-

The bookshop in that very tall building has canceled their 2nd consignment of 300 books. The order came from management.

KDN did go there earlier in the week, but they had sold out the first batch of “May 13” books on the first day.

Apparently they are still visiting the bookshop daily and has threatened to do so continuously. So the bookshop in that tall building finally gave in.

This is how Barisan Nasional uses your tax dollars, to stop you from reading books that aren’t banned. And the head of KDN is – everyone’s favourite liberal – Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.


Nevermind that. We have a bigger headache ahead.

Since the news of the illegal seizure broke, the other two big bookshops have upped their orders to a total of 1600. In fact one of them is hopping mad because we aren’t printing fast enough. Horizon has ordered 500 for distribution in Singapore. Total = 2100.

This doesn’t include the orders and reservations from the internet, agents and my office.

The trouble is – our print-run for this 1st reprint is only 2,000. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I know … I know… I’ve been getting smacked at the back of my head in the past 24 hours.

I had someone wake me up in the morning, “Chin Peng’s print-run was 35,000 …”

Me: Aiyo … we’re not printing Chin Peng’s book lar.

How are we to know we’ll theoretically run out the minute this batch leaves the printers?

We’ll break out the freshly-minted packages tomorrow. And we’re going for a second reprint early next week.

Once again, THANK YOU everyone from the bottom of our hearts ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚



1. zypsy - May 18, 2007

“the other two big bookshops have upped their orders to a total of 1600.” – can u confirm which bookshop?? tq..

EW: There are only 2 big chain bookstores. (Trying hard not to have more of their books seized.

2. koolgeek - May 18, 2007

The people should be made to understand the event that TORN Malaysia apart.

It pains me to learn young kids nowadays don’t even know what happened then.

More importantly, they don’t know what they should do from this point onward.

3. koolgeek - May 18, 2007

The severity of some individuals’ lust of power, the impact of UMNO’s screw-ups on the future of this nation. We have wasted 50 years away building a racist county under a corrupt regime. We are heading for the worst ethnic / religious unrest, and yet many still don’t see it coming.

4. shag - May 18, 2007

woah, maybe I should put my autographed first print edition up for auction on ebay & make a tidy profit.

5. Chee Yong - May 18, 2007

The Truth Is Out There – Fox Mulder, X Files. Everyone, the truth is in this book…please get a copy and convert the non believers. Long live truth!!

6. Chee Yong - May 18, 2007

How about getting another 2nd printing house that dares to take this job? Any takers?

7. kasi naik - May 18, 2007

gong xi fa cai!!! hahaha

8. ko-chi - May 18, 2007

which are the two big bookshops you mentioned? if i can’t get it from BUM2007 tomorrow i will have to scout the bookshops. it’s a race against time…hahaha!

EW: The distributor will be at BUM2007. Don’t worry! ๐Ÿ™‚

9. gua bay song - May 18, 2007

If I don’t get my 2 copies which I had already reserved from KB.com, I will run around naked in Bangsar.
You have been warned.

EW: OMG! okok u will get yours!

10. hasilox - May 18, 2007

On that reprint quantity, looks like you need to reprint on weekly basis for the next few months. Trying to create supply shortage kah? kekeke

EW: No lar! Mesin lama lar!

11. WATTAHACK? - May 18, 2007

EW: No lar! Mesin lama lar!

yes make it as classic as possible must have burn marks and and semi-ripped pages and KDN “Banned” chop! – this one will sell high in Ebay!

12. Alvin Lim - May 18, 2007

EW, congrats on your fearless writing. I see your Aus education has given you a solid grounding. I live in Syd and the reason for that is of course all the NEP, etc driving me away from Malaysia. I was alerted about this book this week and tried ordering from Kinibooks on Monday and baulked at the shipping charge of RM47. Then when I heard the IS goons seized copies from MPH, I hurriedly put in an order, hang the expense, after all with exchange rate only A$20+ for book + shipping. I have written to the Syd Morning Herald about this shameful series of events but unfortunately they have not deemed it significant enough to publish my letter. They only publish the light hearted ones that I send in. Then I sent some reports to the newsdesk at SMH and hopefully they will do a story on it in the Sat paper. I cannot wait to get my hands on the book next week as Kinibooks has promised that is when I will get my copy. Maintain the rage and Keep the b******s honest!!!

EW: Dear Alvin, thanks for your kind encouragement. Awfully sorry about the shipping costs but there’s little we the publishers can do as that end of the business is conducted by another company. But I do believe they do priority shipping, hence the costs. And thank you for alerting SMH about this too.

13. Winston - May 18, 2007

Why not have the books printed in Singapore and have it distributed here.
Possibly a bit more expensive but a much better way of overcoming problems.

EW: Dear Winston, Thank you for your kind suggestion. ‘Til today, there are still local printers who are willing to take up the challenge of printing the book and we want to continue to support them. We would like to continue to fight for our right to publish and print on our own homeground!

14. Battling censorship and ignorance « elizabeth wong - May 18, 2007

[…] I met the distributor at 5 pm to do a stock-take and to grill him on a number of issues – hence my post earlier this morning. This development has given the distributor more grey hairs, ditto for the […]

15. kapkaplui - May 18, 2007

Having the book printed in Singapore will only makes it easier for the FAT LIERS to stop distribution in Msia. They can juz stop the books at Kastam using some lousy excuses. The purpose of this books are to put some perspective in Msian’s mind, after being lied for 30+ years. So print here and local distribution is the main target.
EW, can I pay more are, as an encouragement to you guyz all. Hahaha!

EW: Everyone is more than welcomed to make a donation to “Suaram Kommunikasi” so that we are able to source more funds to print the BM, Chinese and Tamil editions! ๐Ÿ™‚

16. Alvin Lim - May 19, 2007


Nothing in Saturday’s SMH about this book but they mentioned the big M’s heart attack in a small blurb. Ratbags!!! I don’t even think M deserved a small blurb. This issue is much, much more newsworthy.

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