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BUM2007 :) May 21, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Economy, Event, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.


(L-R) Ong Kian Ming (formerly from Sedar, Gerakan’s think-tank, now in pursuit of a PhD), Nat Tan (Special Assistant to PKR’s Tian Chua), Tony Pua (Advisor to DAP’s Lim Guan Eng), Nik Nazmi (Special Assistant to PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim).

Thanks to politikus who loaned me her (dusty) camera, I managed to capture what appears to be the genesis of a new boys club :-P. You should call politikus 10 years from now for this historic photograph.

Wheyyyy, where are the politico-women??

BUM2007 was great fun, especially meeting the people behind the blogs. While I am acquainted with quite a number of them due to Rocky (side note: Today, 21 May, marks Rockybru’s 1st Anniversary!) and Jeff‘s lawsuit, I was keen to meet the rest such as John Lee, Lucia, Mob1900, Wattahack, Maddruid, Lulu, Ko-chi, and of course Howsy. However I missed out on meeting Pak Idrus (who runs a very elegant blog) and Mave. I was so keen that I forgot to ask some of them for the real names, emails and phone numbers!

Nat introduced John Lee to Tian Chua, and I hope John gave him a earful. He he….

The drinks were cheap and the food was pretty good – especially the lamb, which I heard was donated by Soh Chee Wen. Soh walked past me a few times, and there I was thinking – “He looks familiar….who ah?”


But I am totally with BigDog when it comes to the timing of dinner (yes – there are many bi-partisan issues!).

Eat first, talk later. please. There’s this theory: Malaysians always over-talk when they have a mic in front of them. I nearly passed out from the waiting, and wanted to spirit the entire spit of a lamb. Low blood sugar level = irritability = heckling from the back.

Credit to the amazing organising committee who did a fab job! Hope at the next party, there’s an open bar, dancing boys and no FA Cup finals!

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1. ylchong - May 21, 2007

First komen — what do I get for the first in line — lamb spit? (I went to tapau and awe I got was fruit slices!– I’d hold thee and BigDog responsible IF I fainted!
He he he — I think next time we start at Dinner 6.00pm sharp and wehn the speeches start, half will be Rib van wrinkled! Reminds me of some VVIP sleeping/fainting on the Job?

EW: Yep. Food is very important… 🙂

2. Pak Idrus - May 21, 2007

Hi Liz, thanks for the kind words. The event was great. I believe I am the oldest of them all. Anyway I did enjoy myself and was hoping to meet you and all those great bloggers. But then it is not that easy at one go. The next time we shall me, I am sure of it. Have a nice day and take care.

EW: I hope to meet you in the near future!

3. WATTAHACK? - May 22, 2007

eli your hot photos are up pls get the link from politikus i can’t find your email add here leh? where you hide it?

EW: I hide near a forest in PJ, hehe. But have been forwarded the link by politikus! TQ! (but hey your camera really has X-ray vision!)

4. luclai - May 22, 2007

eli, glad to meet you although i did not get to talk to you. you looked very mod!!
btw, my link is wrong. it should be an ‘org’ behind it and not a ‘net’. 🙂

EW: Awfully sorry about that, will change that rightaway! Nice to meet you too and yes, ‘mod’ is the new black!

5. Maverick - May 22, 2007


I read your comments on AllBlogs at Susan Loone’s commenter. I agree with your contention and points raised.

I hope you could post an article to explain deeper and permits many more to understand the proposed constitution of AllBlog.

6. Biggum Dogmannsteinberg - May 27, 2007

Sorry Eli Wong, but I hv to pass a message to Desi Chong via your blog’s comments section here.

Desi Chong,

BUM 2007. Great effort to bring bloggers together. However what was the objective?

To get bloggers meet and network amongst themselves OR give top and experienced bloggers opportunity to give lecture and give an opinion on Freedom of Press?

If to “embrace and engage”, then minimize the lecture, more Q & A and more socializing. If BUM 2007 was supposed to be dinner-lecture, then it was dragged a little bit to far.

Definitely 9 people talking for dinner-lecture is FAR TOO LONG! Dinner-lecture is usually 1-2 persons talking. Even daytime event, a forum is usually of 3-4 people, max!

Most of the message said by these 9 people can be collated much earlier through the blogs. The means are here already. So speeches could be minimized. What audience should do is tap their brain in Q & A , not ask ALL 9 of them to give lecture.

The organisers are lucky there’s only 70-80 attendees. What if there are 300-400 attendees or more? It would be a logistical nightmare to get them to queue for food at 9pm, just because the organisers wanted 9 speakers to speak……….

Sometime when we are too ambitious, we get mixed up and not focused on what we are trying achieve.

7. ylchong - May 30, 2007


Your comments are read thoroughly and I hope to remind the NAB team to ponder over the priorities, weighing the divergent demands of attendees. Frankly it wssinitially planned to have a smaller number of speakers but then trying to have a cross-section and democratic represntation caused the forum to end up with what was. You can’t reverse gear but there are lessons which successor Organisers must pay heed. I thank thee for good post-mortem. But I can tell you one thing — it’s a great learning experince being a Chair of such an event. I joked to Marina at the dinner table that had it NOT been for the Org Com discussing by Email mainly (we met up socially with Howsy once on his return from UK) and instead meeting IN PERSON, quite likely the Chair would not have survived till May 19 — a vote of no-confidence could have been tabled on the Chair. Half serious, half in jest. On hind sight, more seruious than in jest because one Or 2) members could have jumped for “joy” (yes, on hindsight…I’d tell ye more if you but me lamb chop and I buy the tehtarik!:) (Thanks to Eli for miss-using thy forrum; okay, next time I keep the lamb spit for thee! Scout’s honor if any left…

8. Kev - March 18, 2008

Nice photo! The new boys club: One’s an old friend, one’s cousin, one’s a new friend and the other is someone I voted for 🙂 Kevin Thomas

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