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Mongolia appeals for fair and free trial May 22, 2007

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Susan Loone forwarded yesterday’s Press Release from the Mongolian Foreign Affairs Ministry to a number of people.

Apart from a very revealing chronology, it appeals for the trial, due in 2 weeks time, to be “fair and free from political influence”.

Notes: The late Ms. Altantuya is not referred to as a ‘model’ as painted by the local media here, but a “multilingual interpreter and translator for a Malaysian company.”




Хэвлэл мэдээллийн хэлтэс







Brutal murder of a Mongolian woman in Malaysia

In October 2006 Ms. Sh. Altantuya, a 28-year-old single mother of two small children, who had worked as a multilingual interpreter and translator for a Malaysian company, went on a business trip to Malaysia as she informed her parents.

On October 19, 2006 at the residence of Mr. Baginda with whom she had a business association, she was captured by police and security officers. Since that time, she went missing. Malaysian police established that Altantuya was murdered on the same day in a jungle clearing outside of Kuala Lumpur, then exploded with explosives fastened to her body.

The Government of Mongolia, in accordance with its objective to protect the legitimate rights of its citizens abroad, has been working with the Malaysian government from the day of Ms. Sh.Altantuya’s missing in Malaysia.

On the 9th of November 2006 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a verbal note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia expressing its deepest concern over the brutal murder of the Mongolian citizen, demanding extensive investigation and securing fair legal procedures with regards the offenders.

On the 4th of December 2006 the Mongolia-Malaysia parliamentary group of the State Great Khural /Parliament/ of Mongolia made an appeal to the Members of the Parliament of Malaysia to observe due process of law in the police investigation and independent prosecution free from political pressure since the crime has allegedly involved influential political persons.

On the 8th of December 2006 the Prime Minister of Mongolia sent to the Prime Minister of Malaysia a letter expressing his honest belief in conducting intensive investigation in order to prosecute and punish alleged criminals and accomplices in the murder as well as granting independent fair court procedure. On the 12th of December 2006 the Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human rights held a special session on this case.

The Deputy Director of the Consular Department of the MFA of Mongolia attended the court mention from the 13th to 18th of December 2006 and the Embassy of Mongolia in Bangkok participated in the court mention from the 4th to 6th of April 2007 in Malaysia. They met several officials from the Malaysian Parliament, Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Police, Immigration Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Malaysia, expressing great concern of the Mongolian government.

Moreover the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia addressed a letter to the National Human Rights Commission of Malaysia requesting ”to make contribution to uncover this terrorizing case and bring proceedings against “bounty hunters” and guilty persons to justice”.

Representative from the Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia are expected to monitor the Court session in Malaysia to be held in June 2007.

Mongolian public, world community, and international and regional media pay particular attention onto episode of judgment of this case. The Mongolian Government continues to take all necessary measures in accordance with international law to protect the legitimate interest and human rights of its nationals. We do hope the court procedures will be fair and free from political influence. (End)


NB: Bolded emphasis and re-paragraphing are that of the blogger.



1. Philip Lau - May 22, 2007

The trial will be on Monday, 4th June 2007 at court No. 3 Shah Alam before Justice Zaki Mohd Yassin, not March 8th 2008 as it was originally mentioned.

I understand Karpal Singh is holding a watching on behalf of the Estate of Altantuya, representing the father of the deceased. For what I read from the Press Release from the Mongolian Government above they fear the trial will not be fair one. They are pleading it to be so. Why did the trial suddenly transfer and out of control from the other Judge fixed the case on Marck 8th, 2008. Is it becuase of the various comments made by His Lordship on the Affidavit of Abdul Razak Baginder, a close friend and contact of the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister?

The subsequent statements made by the Inspector -General Musa that there are NO fourth party involved? Why was the female police constable as of the material time some time on or about 19th October 2006, her car that was used for the KIDNAP not being charged in Court? Is it because she was the bodyguard of the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife? This woman constable at the moment is still on bail. She will no doubt give evidence on behalf of the prosecution.

Without doubt, I am postitive Karpal Singh will no doubt know what to do. According what I read in the press, the Civil Proceedings for claim for damages have been filed in Court, as reported in The Star the Malaysian Government I presume as the fourth Party in the civil proceedings. So far we have not heard much about it.

Let us be patience, as there are only 13 days from the date hereof when fire works will commence at the above Court. I hope Susan Loone to write an episode on this and no doubt a thriller film to follow. So Susan, start the ball rolling on, as I understsand you have a file on this and make your trips to the Country of Nomads as their horses were near the border of Paris. Do not under estimate the Mongolians what they can do as they had proved to the world during the 13 and 14th centuries. Many Chinese do still have Mongolian blood in them. HaHaHaJa.

2. wits0 - May 29, 2007

“Notes: The late Ms. Altantuya is not referred to as a ‘model’ as painted by the local media here, but a “multilingual interpreter and translator for a Malaysian company.””

The local media slanders her thus as in a command performance on this it seems, without proving it, knowing how easily the local populace are diverted by sexist preoccupation and knowing how painting a person as “loose” also detracts normal sympathy for her. But most of all it tend to divert attention and focus from the real reason why she was murdered and limit the scope of suspicion to just a Bag and his alibi.

3. RANJIT SINGH - May 30, 2007

Send those 3 murderes to gelliotine…habis cerita…The Malaysian government then pay deceased family RM 10 million….

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