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Note from Kinibooks.com (re: “May 13” orders) May 22, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Politics, Race Relations.

Latest update (21 May 2007 6.40pm)

For those who have successfully made payments previously (orders from 14 May 2007 until 18 May 2007), please be informed that your books have been picked up by the courier company today.

For those who have placed your orders from the 19 May 2007 onwards, your orders will fall in the 3rd reprinting edition. Expected picked up by courier will be after Wednesday (23 May 2007).



1. Chee Yong - May 22, 2007

I called up Kinokuniya Spore to enquire the book. They say they heard this book is banned. I told them of course not!! This is misconception alot of people are having now. Anyway they indicated they are not carrying this title or have anything that is incoming soon. So guess I need to hunt for other bookshops then. The search continues……..

2. Chee Yong - May 22, 2007

Sorry, the bookstore I was reffering to is Borders on my above comment. Anyway Kinokuniya Spore also do not have this book. So thats the update I have for those in Spore. Any of you have any latst news, do let everyone here know bout it

3. midnitelily - May 22, 2007

my copy just arrived 10mins ago! ^_^

4. Chee Yong - May 22, 2007

Mine too, to play safe I also ordered from kinibooks…hehehehe.

5. Philip Lau - May 22, 2007

Chee Yong
Yes, I was told by Horizons Books Pte Ltd given by Elizabeth Wong that they will obtain their May 13 books sometime this week. You can contact them at Tel 65-64835953 Fax 65-64835963, Blk 5, Ang Moh Kio Industrial Park 2A #05-12/14 Tech II, Singapore 567760.
However, when I spoke to them yesterday, they told me their price will be S$25.00 equivalent to RM 56, NOT RM 20.00 as sold in Johore Bahru. The difference they told me is that they have to pay to the publishers in Singapore Dollars. You cannot blame them as they have other expenses also. Just drive to JB to buy your May 13 and do your marketing at Malaysian price.
I requested Eizabeth Wong for the address at JB. She has yet to give to me. Do not worry I understand her situation as she does not wish to sabotage our Singapore Distributor. I hope to buy 20 copies if I am allowed and distribute FREE to my friends, I suggest when you are there at JB, you make inquiries from the Book Stores over there. This is just I intend to do.

EW: Philip, I think the accusation is unfair. Our distributor sends out the books according to orders from various bookshops. It is up to the bookshops where and which branches will be given how many copies. Suaram is merely the publisher. We are not the distributor. And we cannot dictate where the bookshops want to place the books.

6. Philip Lau - May 22, 2007

Elizabeth Wong.

Thanks I appreciate the explaination. That was what I was told by Horizons,

7. KerinchiGuy - May 22, 2007

I ordered twice ( 2books x2 ) through kinibooks. And I must say paying thru manage4me seems quite a hassle. it does involve quite a number of steps as compared to paypal. just a feedback. maybe manage4me could streamline their process.

8. Alvin Lim - May 23, 2007

EW, my copy just arrived by courier. I am in Sydney so that is extremely quick. Thanks. Will enjoy the read later today. Will it be sold in Sydney eventually?

9. Chee Yong - May 23, 2007

I am going back to Msia for a short break in June. Think I’ll just try to grab some copies then and bring it back to Spore for my friends. Thanks for your info Philip. I just finished reading The Reluctant Politician. This is a good read too.

10. Maverick - June 7, 2007

I’ve been trying to get this book but to no avail. The ordering system at kinibooks.com seem to be down because when I clicked submit with my payment details, the server failed to respond.
Any advice? I would like to get this book before it is banned.

EW: Try Suaram. tel: 03-77843525

11. felicia - June 27, 2007

for those who are looking for May 13. I have few copies with me. Price would be RM20 + RM5 delivery charges. Those interested, you can email me at felicia@seasiaonline.com.

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