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‘Mushrooms after rain’ May 23, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Women.

When it rains, it pours.

Then all these noxious mushroom start popping up and the only way out is to use industrial-strength pesticides.

On Monday at the Penang state assembly, Shabudin Yahaya (UMNO – Permatang Berangan) and fellow assemblyman Datuk Jasmin Mohamed (UMNO – Sungai Dua ) blamed women’s provocative dressing for sexual crimes.

Shabudin, who is also state Islamic Religious Council president said, “The women’s dressing menggoda (lures) and mencabar (challenges) men,” adding that ‘men were sure to look when sexily attired women pass in front of them’.

Wait. It gets better.

Datuk Jasmin Mohamed said women’s pursuit of position prompted many of them to put aside their responsibility to the family and was one of the reasons for the violent sexual acts.

I’m trying very hard to understand the mental acrobatics of these advocates of ‘Islam Hadhari’.

Women -> Work -> Pay Bills -> Men Merajuk -> License to Rape, Molest, Harass, Snuff, Torture, etc. (QED?)

And should one be worried about the women in their lives; are they subject to this logic?

I have a konspirasi theory (and that’s with a ‘k’).

Because their buddies, Jasin and Kinabatangan got whip-lashed by the women of this country, the BN boys decided to bring out the calvary.

Hence, the brainless Parliament Gender Caucus remarks. The sly Samy remarks. Now this.

Bring it on, boys. Women only constitute 51% of voters. I’m sure some will cast their votes for you and your filthy minds. Me, I’d much prefer to stomp on those mushroom heads.

(Thanks, Kean-Jin for the early-morning alert and title quote)



1. Kean-Jin Lim - May 23, 2007

You are welcome, Elizabeth. I really wonder what happen to our politicians nowadays? It seems like a “disease” spread among them?

EW: I think the ‘disease’ has been there all along. About time we cure it, or else, eradicate la.

2. kittykat46 - May 23, 2007

This Shabudin guy is also the chairman of the Penang State Islamic Council. Maybe learned his social theories from the Taliban.

3. Daily Nibbler - May 23, 2007

Sendiri gatal kata perempuan berpakaian tak senonoh.

4. notsoincredible - May 23, 2007

women movement should have a stronger voice> the currently lady minister is out of tune and a slave to the men> i plan to write some unpopular words about her betrayal to women> in the mean time have a laugh with my thoughts on this issue http://notsoincredible.wordpress.com/2007/05/23/of-men-and-little-dickies/

5. Rachel - May 23, 2007

Well… it’s lovely to see how far our boys have progressed in the ‘grow the hell up’ stakes.
Great blog, by the way. Living in Aussieland now but I like to check in on intelligent folks at home. Oh and suprise! A hell of a lot of them HAPPEN TO BE WOMEN!

EW: Thanks for dropping in. And I so agree with your last line 🙂

6. Of Men And Little Dickies « NOT SO INCREDIBLE - May 23, 2007
7. yh - May 23, 2007

i have a great idea. blindfold these morons. viola, they cant see and everything is alrite. its that simple and it doesnt involve much money.

EW: Saya sokong usul penting ini!

8. nmvsd - May 23, 2007

It’s no longer Islam Hadhari being practised here, it has become Islam Taliban!

9. Mat Salo - May 23, 2007


These people embarass me! Please people, throw them out next time around! People (Women Especially) of Prematang Berangan, Sungai Dua, Jasin, and Kinabatangan please serve your notices on these morally currupt YB’s!

10. sgwrt - May 23, 2007

“Saya menetap di luar negara selama dua tahun ketika belajar di sana dan dalam tempoh itu, saya tidak pernah diganggu walaupun berjalan seorang diri pada pukul 2 pagi pada malam Sabtu. Sebaik sahaja pulang ke Malaysia selama dua bulan ini, sudah ada tiga lelaki Melayu yang berperangai seperti sampah, bersiul dan mengganggu saya yang berjalan di pesiaran kaki di ibu kota. Setelah pulang dari luar negara, saya berpendapat lelaki-lelaki Inggeris lebih bersopan santun daripada lelaki Melayu, sekalipun kita selalu berpendapat mereka itu tidak bermoral. Saya tidak pernah disentuh walau seinci pun oleh lelaki-lelaki Inggeris. ..”


11. hasilox - May 23, 2007

It is really amazing that BN can get so many idiots elected!

12. luclai - May 24, 2007

why do they always like to target women? why can’t they say, maybe, body-building contest (mr malaysia contest) should be banned as women seeing all those skin and muscles (what with tight-fitting shorts/pants) might get horny and wanna molest them? oops! oh no. women are not that weak. well so the more they target women, the more we see how weak and silly the men are! heh!

13. v9 - May 24, 2007

Dear Eliz Wong,
I am angry! I take very serious offence that you used the term mushroom on our MPs. I was a practising botanist for a short period of time. Mushrooms, especially after the afternoon shower, are colourful, fascinating and adorable. Do you know that Gombak, KL, has an unique colony of mushroom that glow like an angle at night? Please, in future, refer our Mbs as TOADSTOOLS. Thank you. v9

EW: Dear v9, Your point is well taken. Toadstools they shall be known for henceforth. I did think of mandrake, but I find them very fascinating myself. I shall look out for this Gombak mushrooms in the meantime.

14. notsoincredible - May 24, 2007

why do they always like to target women?

maybe all women should ask our woman minister a.k.a servant of BN men >>> Datuk Shahrizat Jalil, Minister for Women, Family and Community Development

15. vt - May 25, 2007

Errrrr, did we really elect those idiots? can’t be………..

so we became the laughing stock in Asia.

No wonder they calls it bodohland!

16. monsterball - May 25, 2007

notsoincredible is going to all blogs to promote his own blog……by stirring trouble…trying to get attention and visit his blog.
What a cheap scat blogger he is.

17. zorro - May 25, 2007

Monsterball, cyberspace is FREE space, let him/her be. Let let people say that we oldies are grouchy and forever picking for fights. Have a cigar….my throat is like sandpaper….been abstaining for more than 20 hours.

Ladies/gents….you dont want these imbeciles voted in use your blogs…the power is in your hands NOW….not your mouth.

18. zorro - May 25, 2007

Erata: Don’t let people say we oldies…….

19. monsterball - May 27, 2007

zorro…Yes it is free…but freedom does not mean people with certain bad ulterior motives must be tolorated.
Let people say what they want about me. I have already established my reputation…good or bad…so do not mix mine with yours.Readers and bloggers are no fools.
I will expose who I like with no ulterior motives for personal benefits…hope you defend him is with similar feelings….I DOUBT. so you be you….and I WILL BE ME.

20. monsterball - May 27, 2007

In the name of freedom…millions of innocent people get killed all over the world. Blogging is small..yet full of selfish and insincere people.
One way say…who am I to judge others.
I repeat…who does not know monsterball …zorro?

21. monsterball - May 27, 2007

What logic is that? Mahathir is much more older than me. Why don’t you or Rocky tell him to shut up?

22. monsterball - May 27, 2007

I visited notsoincredible blog…no one comment except Big Dog and shar101….and here you are defending his so call freedom of speech.
Are your all not birdies and buddies together….zorro?
So again…your ulterior motive please.

23. monsterball - May 27, 2007

Though I am a Buddhist….I love to quote Jesus wise words.
He said “Judge not others…as others may judge unto you”
He also said..’Those who are without sins….cast the first stone”
He also said…’you vipers…you snakes!”
Therefore…he dares to judge people and for that..plus other reasons…..he was crucified. At his time…politics were dirty and balls carriers of Roman generals were non other than Jesus own people….the Jews. Worst are those who called themselves..holy teachers of Abraham.
I now say to you…after 2000 year…humans have become worst than ever.
I say…I dare to judge others is brave. Those dare not judge…at least also dare not try to be too smart. It’s a good life…also not to judge others and live a peaceful life. but when one is a balls carrier..a side kick…don’t pay double games..stand firm at your side.
But those that uses their positions as an advantage…like dirty cunning politicians…from All blogs will be judged by me!!
They can call me the instigator..idiot…lonely old man..and anything else….but compliments and love from so many are like an elephant leg stamping over those filthy mouth ants. I will be proud and defiant….I earned this good reputation…so either change sincerely or lets debate openly. WHY IS ROCKY SO SILENT?
As long as I know I write with no fear nor favor..nor for myself…I will not be grouped by zorro….we are same ..two old man..and as one. NO siree..no way.We are miles apart…get it clear zorro.

24. monsterball - May 27, 2007


25. monsterball - May 27, 2007

Thank you very much for your space to air my points…Liz.
I sincerely appreciate it very much.
I promise no more…until zorro or rocky response…others are peanuts.

26. shar101 - May 27, 2007

And it’s peanuts that precipitates the downfall of the monkey.

Or was it the flower.

27. wits0 - May 27, 2007


Hahaha. Incidentally, the Standard Bodohland’s authoritarian kneejerk way is that you must agree, accept or STFU. Wouldn’t want this proclivity to insinuate into Blogs as well….nip it in the bud wherever it emerges.

28. Sad Malay Lady - May 27, 2007

It saddens me to see the mentality of our Malay Men. Blame women for everything. Put these mentally deficient creatures in chastity belts while the super intelligent Malay men have no self control, no respect for women, no decorum, no accountability for their actions. Najib, Nazri, Mohd Said, Bung Mokhtar, I have yet to see any signs of that superior intelligence that you supposedly have over women.
I dont understand why the majority of Malay ladies are keeping silent, again and again when these idiots come up with brilliant well thought, substantiated by facts statements.

29. monsterball - May 28, 2007

hahahaha..The skin and bones braggard is talking about my downfall made by peanuts. I wonder what downfall he is always talking about…but never mind…that his rights to his opinions..and readers sure know who we are…one is surely with a bad reputation…so lets move on….judge me as I judge you.

30. monsterball - May 28, 2007

Cannot keep promise not to response to a peanut lah..sorry…too tempting…as this thin and hungry look dark skin man… thinks he looks like Frank Sinatra….hahahahaha
And he hero worship TDM like a God….even told me to gain his respect….can you beat that?….hahahahaha
He is not a man….he is a living dead.

31. monsterball - May 28, 2007

Sad Malay Lady…Don’t feel sad please. Just look back few years ago…malays of both sexes are getting more and more open minded’
I talked to them at shopping complexes…not like before..shy and withdrawn…just smile…no reply. Now they enjoy a conversation with them…feeling the friendliness..no more race or color.
If you want to get into the bottom of this…it is partly due to their religious beliefs with no changes to keep up with our modern time and country’s way of life….but it will change for the better.
Other races..especially the Indians are having same problems.
Chinese worst…most divorces cases are from the Chinese…so perhaps school education and lack of proper parental support to stop a divorce ….or advice their daughters to be more open minded are to be blamed.
But watch out!! 75% university students are females…which I see in 10 years time…things will change to be real equal rights of both sexes sincerely be practiced. It’s education that molds the futures.

32. monsterball - May 28, 2007

shar101 is a blog owner….yet he never reveal his real name…yet he dares to criticizes me…when everyone knows my real name and my face.
He has no guts..yet he wants to judge others.

33. monsterball - May 28, 2007

Aboveall..shar101 should apologize to all for misleading others that there is a “People’s All blogs Society” set up by Susan Loone. Go read at his blog.
Susan and ktemoc bloggers and so many are laughing and laughing over his peanut brain….plus look at all the gang grouping together …hahahahaha. Do you think he got the guts to admit his big big mistake?
What is PABS?…I don’t know…maybe Punjab And Babu Society.

34. monsterball - May 29, 2007

Or can it be Preventing Animals Being Slaughtered..WHO KNOWS!!
Come on shar101 and zorro..apologize for misleading bloggers and also to Susan and yours truly.
Will not?…then shar101 is living dead…no feelings…just got the mouth to talk foul things.
Zorro…well well well….he can surprise all and be a man to apologize..let’s wait..or else..he is a real side kick..is he not.
Rocky is always smart to keep quiet…but lets see he also is man enough to apologize . After all..those are his side kicks and machais…stupid bunch.

35. pkay - May 29, 2007

Oh monsterball,

Sigh! You are so pathetic!

36. pkay - May 29, 2007

Dear liz

Why are you allowing this soemeonel to hog your blog and turn it into a stinking place.

So sad that yr blog as come to this just like he has turned sheih’s.

37. mysweetlady - May 29, 2007


Why should Zorro & Rocky apologize to Susan and you?

38. monsterball - May 29, 2007

And finally…bloggers with political agendas NEVER apologize.
I rest my case.

39. monsterball - May 30, 2007

I have said enough mysweetlady. If you cannot comprehened..that’s okay…Have a nice day.
And pkay..Thanks your opinion. I again apologize sincerely to to Liz…but you bet..She knows that. I am putting out my facts concerning true identities of bloggers. I am not hogging. Anyway…no argument .Thanks again.

40. passerby - May 30, 2007

Monsterball said…

“…After all..those are his side kicks and machais…stupid bunch….”


Lol monsterball, I can say that of you too.

You wouldnt like me to accuse you of being Susan Loone’s and Elizabeth Wong’s macai, would you?

Judging from how frolific you have been in your comments here and over at Susan’s, would I be wrong to conclude thus?

Come on lah. fair is fair. And I think you have gone overboad.

That’s my opinion.

41. monsterball - May 31, 2007

Few bloggers like you only know how to judge others with opinions.
What have I not seen…try to put out a smart response..like debating …what I have written….point by point…and not judge me …simply you wish to say few words like that. It carries no weight….shallow opinions.
One may appear to tell me ‘get a life”….that’s all you guys/gals know ?

42. monsterball - May 31, 2007

In court…judges give long and clear explanations..answering point by point ..before judging others…learn that!!

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