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Politik panas dan pedas … June 28, 2007

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The hottest new thing to hit town.


Juicy, political, gossipy and fast-paced. Best of all – short pieces!

Question on GT girls in Parliament June 27, 2007

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Wednesday morning.

Our tax dollars runneth. Another dumb-*ss question that will tickle ’em silly and bring the wolf out. Hilarity guaranteed. Better than viagra.

Q3. PR-1122-L9472
Datuk Ir. Hasni Bin Haji Mohammad [ Pontian ] minta MENTERI BELIA DAN SUKAN menyatakan apakah pendirian Kementerian terhadap peragawati yang berpakaian seksi pada perlumbaan kereta Super GT yang diadakan di Malaysia setiap tahun.

(Loosely translates to – What does the Ministry for Youth and Sports have to say about hostesses in hot clothes at Super GT race held annually in Malaysia?)

How would you answer if you were the good Minister?


Bravo, ACA and AG! June 26, 2007

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Three years and four months.
X number of the Anti-Corruption Agency and Attorney-General’s office ‘man-hours’ on the case.
X amount billed to the public, not withstanding the RM 3 billion losses incurred by Perwaja.

The cost of all the above?



Paging Dr McSpecialist June 26, 2007

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Something’s very wrong with this picture:-

JOHOR BARU: Actor Izi Yahya, known for his villainous roles, died here after a fall during the shooting of a documentary on Saturday. He was 42.

He was initially rushed to a clinic in Mantin, Negri Sembilan, and then referred to the Seremban Hospital.

However, there was no specialist at the hospital to treat Izi, who required immediate surgery for brain haemorrhage.

He had to be rushed to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital here when it was learnt that there were also no specialists at the Kuala Lumpur, Selayang and Sungai Buloh hospitals nor at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre. (More)

Condolences to the family of the late Izi Yahya.

Picket pics and Ministerial response June 26, 2007

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MTUC picket is on! June 25, 2007

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The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) will go ahead with a nationwide picket today to demand for a RM900 minimum wage for private sector workers. About 50,000 workers will participate in the picket from 5pm to 6.30pm, said its president Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud yesterday.

This follows the MTUC’s memorandum to the Prime Minister on 18th June. Abdullah Badawi, since coming to power in 2003, has never met MTUC, unlike his predecessors.

The following are the picket sites in the Klang valley:-

  • Kuala Lumpur – KWSP/EPF Building Jalan Raja Laut
  • Petaling Jaya – Along Federal Hway near Lam Soon
  • Shah Alam – Section 15 Roundabout near Goodyear and Section 16 Roundabout Proton
  • Klang – Jaya Jusco

In a league of our own June 22, 2007

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The very blunt statement by the EU rep in Malaysia made its rounds in major financial news sites from Forbes to Business Week, and even local eateries.

And the sum of all things said:- It ain’t worth the trouble to invest here.

Even my neighbourhood Bak Kut Teh uncle gave his two cents worth last night, “We losing investors to Vietnam, Thailand and China. They are welcomed there. Here, we drive them out.”


Readings: Malaysia’s homesick revolutionary June 22, 2007

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Malaysia’s homesick revolutionary
By Andrew Symon, AsiaTimes.com

SINGAPORE – Malaysia is gearing up to celebrate half a century of independence, but the multi-ethnic country is arguably still not at peace with the often turbulent history that led to the end of British colonial rule.

Resurrecting those controversies is the latest bid by Chin Peng, the onetime leader of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP), to return to Malaysia. The ethnic-Chinese former rebel, who now lives in exile in Thailand, finally gets his day in court on Friday.

Once described as the most wanted man in the British Empire, and now at 83 years of age the last of the great post-World War II revolutionary leaders in Southeast Asia, Chin Peng led a full-scale guerrilla war against British and Commonwealth forces in the late 1940s and 1950s and thereafter a decades-long ideological struggle against Malaysia’s new indigenous rulers in Kuala Lumpur.


CSI meets Burmese refugees June 19, 2007

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(Left) Look into my eyes…. you have to eat, sleep, drink Burma.
(Right) Y-e-ssssss…..

This is Debs, our single-tracked pal, doing what she does best – pitching on democracy in Burma. She took this CSI star for dinner by the river. Even made breakfast for him. And in between, briefing a very willing listener.

(insert soundtrack) Who are you…woo-ooo-woo-ooo…


Petition: Crime in Johor Bahru June 17, 2007

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我们对新山治安败坏的严重性,深感忧心忡忡;人民生活在恐慌的恶劣环境中,财物性命没有保障。 以下签名者向我国政府传达我们强烈的心声,希望警方全力以赴, 重点扑灭严重罪案, 还我人民一个安全的生活环境。

Pihak kami serentak merasai keadaan keamanan dan keselamatan di Johor Bahru semakin tergugat dan rakyat hidup dalam situasi yang bimbang dan gelisah. Bersama ini kami menurunkan tandatangan sebagai satu penyampaian citarasa kami kepada pihak berkuasa, kami berharap pihak polis akan menfokus dan berusaha dengan sepenuhnya bagi membanteras jenayah untuk mengembalikan keyakinan kehidupan yang aman kepada rakyat semua.

签署请愿书 Sign Petition

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截止日期 Close Date: 24/06/2007
新山中华公会主办 Organise by Persekutuan Tiong-Hua Johor Bahru