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Bahasa Malaysia 2020 June 6, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Note2Self, Politics.

Year: 2020
Context: A generation of Malaysians now schooled in “Bahasa Malaysia”.

Malaysian student lands in Oxford

Oxford don: Hello there old chap! See you’ve landed from the tropics. Lovely to have some May-lay speakers here.

Malaysian: Huh? What’s Bahasa Melayu. We speak Bahasa Malaysia. You speak Bahasa British, yes?

Oxford don to companion: Is he one of our fee-paying students?

Malaysians tour-group in Sydney

Australian guide: G’day mates! Oooh… nice sheilas you’ve got there. Yeeeah….let’s throw some shrimp and feeeeesh on the barbiee…!

Malaysians: Wahlaneh… their Bahasa Australian very hard to understand la! Come come let’s BBQ!

Malaysian at US naturalisation interview

American: Can you converse comfortably in English?

Malaysian: No, I am hoping to learn Bahasa American. Someday I would like to fly a plane.

American: English?

Malaysian: No, the American language is preferred. Much more superior to English.

American: Someone get me Guantanamo please.

Malaysian NGO worker in Mindanao

Filipino freedom fighter (FFF): Kamusta komrad!

Malaysian: Me? Me no speak Bahasa Philippines. Me speak BahasaAmerican.

FFF: Ano!? Americano! Spy! Barilin sakanya! Mabuhay ang Tagalog!


The possibilities are endless.



1. monsterball - June 6, 2007

sick sick sick sick of our government!!
First it was Bahasa Kebangsaan….then to Bahasa Melayu…than to Bahasa Malaysia…then back to Melayu..now back to Bahasa Malaysia.
All these are done because of getting the best amount of votes for BN in next general election.
What a bunch of hypocrites. If not..then they are a bunch of real idiots managing the country…..far too long.

2. xpyre - June 6, 2007

i see you don’t like the ‘bahasa malaysia’ tokenism either LOL..

EW: It shows? LOL 😛

3. wits0 - June 6, 2007

It’s always been tokenism that doesn’t work coz it was wrought and implemented in the wrong spirit from day one and for the wrong reason and purpose despite what has been ascribed to it….hyped beyond its worth as an unifier.

4. freethinker - June 6, 2007

Such a naive thinking that a word can unite a nation… well, maybe it still can work with the kiddies..

5. WATTAHACK? - June 6, 2007

can i vote in bahasa boleh?

6. ivan yang - June 9, 2007

Ooh..! i remember reading someone said the country run by a bunch of school kids…!

7. monsterball - June 9, 2007

hi wattahack…voting need no language…just put an ‘X’ lah
…but make sure you put the “X” right place ….like voting in more oppositions to give those big mouth with a kris at one hand…to shut up and work…but I have a strange feeling most will be voted out.”especially kris fella…but Pak Lah will record another historical result….all voted for him…only an handful against….and he will be the leader of the opposition party speaker for once….how nice this dream is wattahack.

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