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A father’s sorrow June 12, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Southeast Asia, Women.

Sharibuu Setev





1. monsterball - June 12, 2007

Hope his sorrows will all go away after the trial…paving his heart to the path of love and memories for his dead child.
Such pains are not easy to bear and rare…very rare indeed.
But in Buddhism…father is more awakened than most of us.

2. Bernard Lansing - June 12, 2007

As a father of 4 beautiful darling girls, I am now over protective to them. 2 of my girls are happily married to successful husbands but it dawned on me to warn my sons in law never to raise thier hand on them. I share SS sorrow and I can imagine his anguish. Atlantuya is now delivered from this cruel world and let the wrath of our creator befall on those involves. Life is short and leave something in this world for the future generations to remember you. The present leaders are so engrossed with amassing wealth that they forgot the judgement day is at hand.

3. AlexMoi - June 13, 2007

I can feel his emotion from your photos….
I hope the trial will bring justice to Sharibuu Setev and his family members.

EW: Tks, and I hope justice will be present this coming Monday.

4. mindspring - June 13, 2007
5. Altantuya: how long must I wait? « “may the truth saves us all” - June 13, 2007

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6. arifabdull - June 14, 2007

Uncle Monty,
They are talking about you here.

7. monsterball - June 14, 2007

arifabdull….Thanks I know.

8. the Razzler - June 14, 2007

My heart goes out to Dr.Sharibuu Setev & his family.

I hope that he & his family will remain strong despite all the setbacks and hope that justice will prevail.

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