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1st anniversary June 17, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Event, Note2Self.

Today marks the first anniversary of this blog.
Thanks Dad – for everything.

Thank you for providing food, shelter, education and love for our family.
Thank you for the unlimited ‘credit’ on books.
Thank you for teaching me how to cook.
Thank you for ‘lending’ me your first serious camera – the Nikon F2 – and being my first teacher.
Thank you for the lessons in horticulture.
Thank you for coming for every swim meet for 6 full years.
Thank you for allowing me to walk down unbeaten paths, and supporting me when I didn’t want to be accountant :-P.
Thank you for showing us that it’s best to be cool, calm … and silent, especially when the outside world has gone mad.

This blog is dedicated to you.

Kalau salah, tolong betulkan
Jika silap, sila maafkan.

Happy Father’s Day to you … and to all readers 🙂



1. rockybru - June 17, 2007

happy anniversary eli.
sounds like you’ve got one cool dude for a dad!

happy fathers day to your visitors.

2. monsterball - June 17, 2007

Liz…Your father must be very proud of you….including your mom reading it…perhaps with some tears of joy.
Bless you.

3. monsterball - June 17, 2007

Yes…also happy Father’s Day to Rocky and all.

4. youzi - June 17, 2007

happy anniversary! 🙂

5. Urgent Appeal for the Arrests at Johor’s anti-crime protest - June 17, 2007

[…] Dear my friend Elizabeth Wong, I dedicate this special song for you; (forgive me for the long & unfamiliar lyric, I have no time to translate it into Bahasa Malaysia, but you could try to sing the song line by line, in your own melody but The Internationale would be the perfect) […]

6. SK - June 18, 2007

Congratulations, keep up the good work!

Meanwhile, Alan Johnston would be released in another few hours, if the negotiation goes through.

7. AlexMoi - June 18, 2007

You are blessed with such wonderful father, I’m sure he will be so touch to see this.

8. bamboo river - June 18, 2007

Your dad is very proud of you!
Keep it up . Liz

EW: I can only hope I make him happy every day 🙂

9. eyeonmalaysia - June 19, 2007

My dad passed away after I finished my University study…. so I could not repay all that he had sacrificed for our sake.
He was like any other caring dads, like yours and many others, who spoke little (we are much closer to our mum because dad had to work three jobs to support all 10 of us and was only with us during dinner.) He worked full time as a school clerk and moonlighted as a account clerk for a cinema at night, and a care-taker for a cooperasi. When I was in Form Three, he asked me and my twin brother to help with the sunday cleaning of the cooperasi premises as he was already pushing 60. Back then me and my twin brother used to curse our bad luck for having to “sacrifice” our time to help him on sundays. How silly and selfish we both were.
After finishing Form Five, dad gave me the permssion to study engineering at Spore Poly and to do that he had to work even harder. I could recall the scene of him bowing his head so low, to the Polytechnic Principal, a British guy, to appeal for the college bursary because he simply could not afford the full fees. It touched me so much that 30 years later, that scene is still vivid in my mind.
So for those of you guys, do treasure your Parents. Give them all the love and care, and appreciate whatever they have sacrificed for us!
Thank you Elizabeth for allowing me to share my story here.
Thank you for all the great postings!

10. susmaryosep - June 21, 2007

I am so glad that you, like me, hated being an accountant!!!!

11. Hammerhead - June 22, 2007

I am biased….but I think having daughter is best! I get 3 cards for Father’s Day from my 4 year old daughter….she made them herself…make me so dem proud…

12. giovamar - June 24, 2007

Happy birthday to Liz’s blog!!
To get a Nikon camera it’s always a wonderful gift…

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