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Bravo, ACA and AG! June 26, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Economy, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

Three years and four months.
X number of the Anti-Corruption Agency and Attorney-General’s office ‘man-hours’ on the case.
X amount billed to the public, not withstanding the RM 3 billion losses incurred by Perwaja.

The cost of all the above?


“The prosecution’s case has been negated by their own evidence and crippled by the non-calling of essential witnesses.” – Sessions judge Akhtar Tahir.

Thanks a lot, Ghani Patail. You guys sure deserve that payrise.

(Bodoh, bodoh, bodoh….)

Eric Chia acquitted of CBT
Jun 26, 07 11:35am (Malaysiakini.com)

Tycoon Eric Chia was today acquitted by the Sessions Court of committing breach of trust.

Sessions judge Akhtar Tahir was supposed to have ruled if Chia had a case to answer in the CBT charge initiated some three years and four months ago.

However the court today ruled that the prosecution has failed to establish a prime facie case against Chia and acquitted the tycoon without calling for his defence.

“The prosecution’s case has been negated by their own evidence and crippled by the non-calling of essential witnesses,” said Akhtar.

Chia, 74, has maintained his innocence since he was first charged on Feb 10, 2004.

Twenty nine prosecution witnesses had testified in the 43-day trial against the former managing director of Perwaja Steel Sdn Bhd.

Chia was charged with misappropriating RM76.4mil from Perwaja Rolling Mill and Development Sdn Bhd in his capacity as its managing director at Level 13, Menara UBN at 10 Jalan P. Ramlee on Feb 19, 1994.

He was alleged to have dishonestly authorised a payment for the sum to the account of Frilsham Enterprise Incorporated with the American Express Bank Limited, Hong Kong, for technical assistance provided by NKK Corporation Japan for the “Beam and Section Mill Plant project” in Gurun, Kedah, when in fact no such payment was due to NKK Corporation.

He also faced an alternative charge of dishonestly disposing of the company’s funds by entering into an agreement with NKK Corporation and authorising RM76.4mil to be paid into the account of Frilsham Enterprise with American Express Bank without the approval of the board of directors of Perwaja Rolling Mill and Development Sdn Bhd.

The prosecution was led by Senior Deputy Public Prosecutor Yusof Zainal Abiden while lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah represented Chia.

[Full report to follow]


1. monsterball - June 26, 2007

Even murderer can be set free due to lack of evidence.
I am not surprise….but that old man deserved to be acquitted.
It’s more political than personal benefits….if any…as I see it..

2. kittykat46 - June 26, 2007

As I see it, the acquital was due more to technical legal issues than his innocence.
There was a strong trail showing what happened to the money overseas, and Eric Chia’s maneuverings were all over it.

However, much of the evidence was inadmissible in a Malaysian court, as legal precedence severely limits the use of evidence gathered overseas in a Malaysian court. He had the very best lawyers, and they made sure no loopholes were given to the prosecution.

3. aarvidi - June 26, 2007

Now that this case is over and Eric Chia is freed, I wonder what will happen to other court cases pending and going on. It is obvious the prosecution is weak and handled by some idiots.

Goodbye justice.

4. monsterball - June 26, 2007

kittykat..Eric Chia need not have best lawyers..as pattern of government half past six work are seen…not on one case…but almost all cases…they lost in court.
Murderers go free…rapists go free…con man go free…you name them….we have read all…didn’t we.

5. AFP to complete KluangPHPproject - June 26, 2007

[…] – Bravo, ACA and AG! […]

6. confuse - June 26, 2007

side track,
read the Malay Mail, 26.6.2007 :
One of the die-hard ‘fans’ happened to be the uncle of Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 30, who is charged with murdering Altantuya Shaariibuu in Mukim Bukit Raja last year.
Azilah’s uncle, Adi Admajah, 65, flew in from Medan, Indonesia, and has yet to miss a hearing since the first day of the trial.
“Although I have come from far, I don’t mind the small sacrifice I am making for my nephew.
“I want to show my support and give him strength,” he said.
can some one explain,
the uncle from Indonesia ?
his father must be from Indonesia ?

the Chief Inspector a Malaysian or Indonesian ?
? an Indonesian in the Police Force ?
half a generation, already a Malaysian ?
confused and curious ?

EW: I have an aunt who is an Indonesian and so are my cousins. Their dad, my mother’s brother went there, fell in love and stayed on. I don’t think it’s particularly peculiar or confusing, in fact, we are rather pleased with this new branch of our family.

7. oA - June 27, 2007


The crooked AG is nothing more than a moron.

A crook himself – how can he handle anything considered scrupulous?

What has he done to prove that he deserves this position? Oh yeah …

He has proven a lot especially by means of boot licking …. of the rich the bad and the ugly.



8. DW - June 27, 2007

The papers stated that the prosecution tendered documents and called witnesses that supported the defence. Ironic doesn’t even begin to describe this farce. I guess the DPPs were so caught up with the payrise that they were utterly confused as to what is the definition and role of the ‘prosecution’.
Rule No. 1 (that shld be framed up in the AG’s offices) : I AM THE PROSECUTOR, NOT THE DEFENCE LAWYER. (repeat 50 times)

9. WATTAHACK? - June 27, 2007

can we petition to cut their salary for 30 years to recover the money?

10. monsterball - June 28, 2007

hi WATTAHACK…Case involve billion lah. How to recover with 30 years Judge salary?
Now the fun begins. Since Eric Chia is innocent….then where did the hundreds of millions gone to?

11. dogshit - June 30, 2007

Should check Gani Patail’s background. His brother was in involved in the Anwar Ibrahim episode and followed by Gani Patail’s meteoric rise to take over the post of AG after Mokhtar passed away. And then we have Musa Hassan as the IGP (the guy who presented the affidavit against Anwar and while he was presenting it in court, the affifadit was already out in the Malay Mail). Any wonder that more and more serious criminal cases went bust before the court.

12. dogshit - June 30, 2007

confuse June 26, 2007
(the uncle from Indonesia ?
his father must be from Indonesia ?

the Chief Inspector a Malaysian or Indonesian ?
? an Indonesian in the Police Force ?
half a generation, already a Malaysian ?
confused and curious ?)

What’s so confusing? If you’ve your name begins with Chong, Tan or Lim, will anybody be confused? Your great grand uncle could now be in Beijing and your great grand auntie in Sarawak. You might’ve been ASP Chong now. If your uncle is Letchumanan and auntie Saravenu, your ancestral lineage could be from Chennai. For all you know, you could’ve been DSP Rajadurai. No big deal, lah.

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