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Picket pics and Ministerial response June 26, 2007

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The Star rushed a news update (no time stamp) quoting the MCA vice-president and Labour Minister, Fong Chan Onn, offering “wage council” as a solution to low and no minimum wage.

PUTRAJAYA: The Government is willing to set up wage councils by sectors to review low salaries, said Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn.

He also urged MTUC to call off the planned picket at several parts of the country today.

Another news update from The Star again, this time quoting Fong as saying they’d launch a 6 month survey and we’ll know in November. So the subtext being – please don’t picket because we’re going to give you some survey results at the end of the year?

Fong Рdid you not read the memorandum handed last week? The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) estimates that 40 percent of Malaysia’s nearly 10 million private sector employees earn less than 700 ringgit ($200) a month, mostly working at plantations or factories.

The appropriate workers’ responses to the Minister are as below.
Yeah Fong… show us the m-o-n-e-y!


Fong…Cakap tak serupa bikin!

NTV7 carried a live feed from the site, and ran an SMS poll during its 6pm newsbreak.

The question was:- Picketing is the most effective way to a resolution. Naturally, we thought, what a loaded question, designed to prick those sensitive anti-protest forces into action.

To our surprise and delight … 85% said YES!

More pics of personalities below.

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim with Rajasegaran (in blue shirt), the General Secretary of MTUC.

To the delight of the crowd, Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, KeADILan president and member of Parliament joins the picket in solidarity despite the drizzle. She had quite a number of younger workers salute her with those “rock-on” signs.

An animated Syed Shahir, president of MTUC with Lim Guan Eng, Secretary-General of DAP, Wan Azizah and Lim Kit Siang, leader of the Opposition in Parliament (Chong Eng, also an MP from DAP was nearby). Mat Sabu from PAS arrived a little later. Here’s hoping Syed was telling them to get their act together in ensuring straight fights during the looming General Elections.

Coming soon – One day National Strike! (I hope you’re hearing this, Fong!)


1. AFP to complete KluangPHPproject - June 26, 2007

[…] – Picket pics and Ministerial response […]

2. oA - June 26, 2007


This is only the beginning.

$900 bucks will only be short lived one.

Consider this : U.S. exchange rate which most of everything will be based upon, $900 is nothing.

The worst has yet to come, maybe.


3. monsterball - June 26, 2007

If this is all about the government not taking care of their own staffs sincerely…..YES!!
But leave commercial firms out.

4. monsterball - June 26, 2007

yea….Budget more to pay the poor. It is a shame that we have multi billion buildings and so much revenues received fro natural resources….yet the poor workers are still very poor…simply because they get more…things are getting much more dearer to buy. Whose faults? Mismanagement of the country is the main fault…nothing else.
Yes…pay those poor souls RM900 as sufggested by MTUC to government staffs….AND ALL CAN BE SAVED BY REDUCING STAFFS TO THE RIGHT PROPORTIONS….can government officers manage a dept like that ….like in commercial firm?….PRODUCTIVITY!!
That is their most glaring problem….no work and overstaffed.

5. WATTAHACK? - June 27, 2007

GOV staff & ministers boleh naik Gaji but others cannot understand! if you bising they will throw you in lockup in hotpants!

6. James Bong - July 31, 2007

Just imagine this :

University graduates have difficulty to find job and have to settle for a job that pay gross salary of less than Rm1200

A general worker (with primary 6 education) with the government now earning at least
RM1000+Rm300+civil service allowance+regional allowance) = >1800

It this a social justice?

Negotiating? It is almost impossible to negotiate if the company is small, workers not unionised…. with many company practice “THE DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN” policy

With the increase of civil servant salary, the demand force in the market is raised upward… market equilibrium is disturbed.. So If private sector’s lower income earner do not get a decent raise too, the would suffer-
So MTUC picketing is justified, as it is the only way to fight for justice

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