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Question on GT girls in Parliament June 27, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Columns, Creative, Democracy, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Southeast Asia, Women.

Wednesday morning.

Our tax dollars runneth. Another dumb-*ss question that will tickle ’em silly and bring the wolf out. Hilarity guaranteed. Better than viagra.

Q3. PR-1122-L9472
Datuk Ir. Hasni Bin Haji Mohammad [ Pontian ] minta MENTERI BELIA DAN SUKAN menyatakan apakah pendirian Kementerian terhadap peragawati yang berpakaian seksi pada perlumbaan kereta Super GT yang diadakan di Malaysia setiap tahun.

(Loosely translates to – What does the Ministry for Youth and Sports have to say about hostesses in hot clothes at Super GT race held annually in Malaysia?)

How would you answer if you were the good Minister?


1. ivan yang - June 27, 2007

Wonder if there is a competition on for saying the silliest thing whether it be a question or comment? Or some kind of fantasia show going on? Or some outdoing each other? Gosh!!!

2. whispering9 - June 27, 2007

Aiyah…You cannot make coffee without coffee powder. You cannot stage Super GT without Super Babes. If we want to dress them up like Siti, might as well race proton saga against mat rempit kapcai.

3. AlexMoi - June 27, 2007

I can only think of one motive. Publicity for himself.

Because the parliament culture work in such a way that the more stupid the question that you raise, the better attention that they are going to get. Even a slow loris from most remote jungle will become a superstar over night. Is it the right pattern?

4. dUMb @ss - June 27, 2007

If I am a ‘GoooD’ minister.. I would jump up and down..vent out my anger at the hostess in the Super GT through government mouthpiece …..NSt..Tv3…. Then, I would propose the girl to dress in Baju Kurung to promote our heirtage.

Then, the next day. I would ask MAS to change the air-hostess uniform due to its too tight and it would entice the male passenger and provoke the “kaum aDam” to harbour evil thought.


5. lulu - June 27, 2007

Jerai would say, “isteri saya looks like a wanita putus haid next to them”. He would also wonder how long their marriage would last.
Sri Gading would insist on touching these cos “women are supposed tobe touched by men”, regarless how they are dressed
Kinabatangan, of course, would like to masuk sikit.
Tangga Batu, Pendang and Kubang Kerian would be concerned that the “sexy uniform” would arouse the sexual desire of male viewers.
Rantau Panjang would probably declare them as gatal women divorcees.
Kinabatangan and Jasin together-gether would remark about leaks every month.
courtesy of malaysiakini’s compilation. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/67274

6. wits0 - June 27, 2007

The constant kneejerks of moralising Neanderthals. To be more exact, they serve the cause of control freaks rather than anything else that’s substantial.

7. WATTAHACK? - June 27, 2007

All male & female ministers are to wear BURKA in all functions including going to watch F1… problem solved!

8. WATTAHACK? - June 27, 2007

will this look better for GT gals?

9. monsterball - June 27, 2007

Remind me of Hadi Awang famous road back to his ancestors living in three tops. …the problem is …everything changed…they love to own Merz cars…..big mansions….travel first class to see the world…play with girls there….send their kids to study overseas…learn to be like Europeans……..except their brains.
These blokes are beginning to show how really stupid and illogical they can be.

10. jeancumlately - June 28, 2007

You cannot stage Super GT without Super Babes…whispering9

Now matter how we want to twist and turn, the fact is, sex sells… Stupid of me to think that it was all about speed, driving skill and all that garbage.

Ask the MPs to assign their wives to take over the job of those babes. Imagine Rosmah, Jeanneand Nori as the babes … then the men will really concentrate on the cars. The sad part is, I dont think their husband will even be there to watch the race.

Its the economy, stupid!

11. gua bay song - June 28, 2007

Defend freedom! Defend San Miguel! Defend sexy GT girls!

12. wits0 - June 28, 2007

Monsterball, where dogmatic hypocrites are concerned, they PROJECT their own unkempt libido on to others and logic long ceased to be a feature in their thinking. Because they are esentially sexists and lecherous, they think others are as easily unsettled ; therefore they naturally seek to prohibit this and that.

Although you still love body massage, even your libido is more mature and logically constrained.

13. sam - June 28, 2007

If i am the minister i think i am only capable to say (with my limited parliament vocab):

“Stupid!” (20 times)

14. whispering9 - June 28, 2007

Aiyoh…jeancumlately. You marah with me is it? Don’t lah, you hurt me. You must be a part time car racer. GT race is celebrating the 50 years anniversary this year. GT Babes have been around as long as the races for the promotions and for the sport survival. They were not introduced into the event as sex dollies for economy. They are an important member of the GT racing sport fraternity. They are just beautiful girls to me. I won’t degrade them…by asking them to dress as Rosmah, Yen Yen or Mrs. Semi V. There is nothing wrong for girls to be beautiful and sexy. If racer men in boxer shorts can promote the sport, they would have done it 50 years ago. Our MPs always highlight issues like sexism and racism to torch up the debates for fame…this is what disgusts me most.

15. Anak Sarawak - June 29, 2007

The “good” minister thanks the stupid ponten member for pontian for his stupidity and would ask the Yang Bodoh to shut his eyes if he does not have any better question to ask in Parliament.

16. Libra - June 29, 2007

It looks like the MP for Pontian was sexually aroused by the girls. He is getting unnecessary erections. If not there is no reason for him to open his stupid mouth.

17. monsterball - June 30, 2007

jeancumlately….No use to talk to whispering9 who can twist and turn like a snake.
Your broad minded logical comment is noted and well received..

18. kasi naik - June 30, 2007

i think the girls must wear tudung as this is a islam country.
another thing is that male and female must be seperated.
islam must be respected.
If not the money earned is HARAM.

19. monsterball - July 1, 2007

hahahahahaha….Hadi Awang will love to see that happen…if he is the PM of Malaysia….kasi naik.
Drink tongkat ali to guarantee niak lah……hahahahahahaha

20. monsterball - July 1, 2007

This cannot….that cannot. If can…also cannot keep haram money.
What stinking political hypocrites we in Malaysia. They will do exactly the opposite what they advised others not to do. They will tell you be truthful and honest and there they tell lies after lies and commit daylight robberies of our money…..right in front….with no fear.
We all know who is the master…don’t we.
Telling rakyat to work towards vision 2020…then come out with a statement that is good for middle east Taliban life style.
Never once can we have a crystal clear and constant path to travel.
Fortunately people are level headed and treat these people like clowns.

21. Jason - July 1, 2007

ROFL…the comments are damn hilarious. Thanks for brightening up my day (er…night)!

True that our parliament is just one big circus acts for apes in coats.

22. JerryWho - July 2, 2007

hot GT girls?

it a feature, not a defect.

it’s like Window’s blue screen of death.

i love the JGT championships!!!

23. wits0 - July 2, 2007

Anak Sarawak might know that some female natives’ traditional dressing was topless not that many decades ago. There were postcards too but later the humsup politikos with their vile libidos from West M’sia must’ve made them wear bras. Monsterball can surely attest to this fact wrt their original traditional outfits.

24. Nick Phillips - July 3, 2007

What’s a GT without the GT Girls? It’s like Nasi Lemak without the sambal. Narrow mindedness, that’s what this is.

25. monsterball - July 3, 2007

Yes witsO…The Ibans are most famous with topless girls and they do not feel shameful…as there is nothing to be ashame about…if that’s their tradition and culture.
But some Europeans purposely go topless with the ulterior motive to tempt men….that’s evil.
One must have full knowledge to judge properly.

26. monsterball - July 4, 2007

Yes Nick Phillips…..The dress coat by the girls at our racing circuit are decent and modern. The biggest problem is many are not using their commonsense or be realistic in life…but quote and quote and quote from a holy book..can do this …cannot do that… written 1500 years ago.

27. sam - July 4, 2007

when a country in Europe forbids its students to wear religious stuff to school, the religioius people complained about they have the rights to wear whatever they want. Now back home, ask people not to wear this and that… GT girls are religious figure of the GT religion man…

28. V T - July 5, 2007

which minister, the BUNG-SAI ones? hmmmmm………….. nope can’t think of what they’d say as they’ll always surprise you with some moronic statement.

29. Asiana888 - July 6, 2007

Oi! This is an Islamic country. These GT girls better respect our culture. They need to wear burga next year… otherwise it will ‘cos GT drivers to lose focus and may cause fatal accident.

If GT girls don’t like it … they can get out la! This is our UMNO way of handling objections. Oh … we also have another way … the C4 method! Don’t play, play, ok?!

30. ironhide - July 7, 2007

now it s the siti singing in a bar issue. i think its not so good to have dual law system as we have now.cos the mufti can tell muslims many things to follow or not, whereas the common law says otherwise. perhaps we should limit what can the mufti say or comment in public. cos what is internationally acceptable is always not acceptible to them. if its vulgar or obscene like nudity or striptease ,its definitely not acceptible…but this is just a blouse…the whole world accepts it man…gosh.

31. ironhide - July 7, 2007

there are many other important and urgent things to discuss and to take care of like the crime rate in this country, murder, and snatch thief incidents…but these people with some authority cant get tired of bothering women’s clothings…can they respect personel choice? there ‘s only THEIR choice of clothin they want to impose on others. morality is not judged by clothing. holiness is not to be judged by clothing …people in holy clothings dont necessarily mean they are holy, but can also be rotten inside…example- osama..halo….21st century la….dont they reloigious scholars know this. narrow minded people,hey if u like so much about burga wear it yourself la…

32. wits0 - July 9, 2007

These religious scholars are the most humsup of ’em all. Their obsession with all things sexual gets all their attention as the first priority, even if the sky is falling down.

It’s obvious for the discerning to understand that behind this control freak nature so endemic in their psyche is the vile political intent at the core. After you control women and reduce their role and function to a singular sexual function and as enslaved objects, you can also control the men as well….all that much more easily, by their pricks.

I think this is a fair description of the underwritten reality behind the sickness.

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