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Arrests at Johor’s anti-crime protest June 17, 2007

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A group of Johor Bahru’s residents today, on their own initiative, organized a demonstration in front of the residence of the Johor Menteri Besar.

When the demonstration was almost over, the Police moved in to arrest 2 activists, Nyam Kee Han and See Siew Min. from Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) Johor Bahru branch, who leafleted there in the morning.

The demonstration was organised to bring to the attention of the MB, the rising crime rate in Johor Bahru, and to call on him to take immediate action.


1st anniversary June 17, 2007

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Today marks the first anniversary of this blog.
Thanks Dad – for everything.

Thank you for providing food, shelter, education and love for our family.
Thank you for the unlimited ‘credit’ on books.
Thank you for teaching me how to cook.
Thank you for ‘lending’ me your first serious camera – the Nikon F2 – and being my first teacher.
Thank you for the lessons in horticulture.
Thank you for coming for every swim meet for 6 full years.
Thank you for allowing me to walk down unbeaten paths, and supporting me when I didn’t want to be accountant :-P.
Thank you for showing us that it’s best to be cool, calm … and silent, especially when the outside world has gone mad.

This blog is dedicated to you.

Kalau salah, tolong betulkan
Jika silap, sila maafkan.

Happy Father’s Day to you … and to all readers 🙂

Altantuya’s father interview on YouTube June 15, 2007

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This is Part 1 of an interview with Altantuya’s father on 12 June, 2007.

The entire playlist of parts 1-3 can be found here.

(For a more pleasant viewing experience, press the ‘pause’ button to dowload the entire video before proceeding to ‘play’)


Altantuya trial shocker continues June 14, 2007

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Die. While cleaning up malaysiakini’s bag of unnecessary codes, I’d accidentally saved over my original writeup. Hope there’s cache somewhere.


Here’s the newsflash, first up among the news portal. The flash was probably so blinding that everything else disappeared…

(Reconstruction underway. Feeling 0.0000001% of what Said Zahari must have felt when his notebook, where his finished manuscript resided, was stolen.)


人民公正党首领安华,今日举行记者招待会,揭露目前出现两个有关蒙古女郎炸尸案的传闻 并要求总检察长阿都干尼出面澄清与解释.

安华是在其八打灵的办公室透露,第一个传闻是指被控唆使杀人的政论家阿都拉萨巴金达以及至少一名被控告谋杀的被告将会被撤销控状。第二个传闻则是指承审法官 莫哈末查基(Mohd Zaki Md Yusni)可能会被撤换。若此传闻成真,这也意味着此案的承审法官已经是第三次被撤换。







Honoured by Booker, restricted in Malaysia June 14, 2007

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Chinua Achebe was honoured with the Man Booker International Prize for Lifetime Achievement this week.

The short list had included the following:- Carlos Fuentes, Doris Lessing, Ian McEwan and Salman Rushdie, John Banville, Philip Roth, Don DeLillo, Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, Michael Ondaatje, and Amos Oz.

His masterpiece, “Things Fall Apart” (1958) is often cited and made compulsory reading for literature students, including here — well once upon a time, that is.


A father’s sorrow June 12, 2007

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Sharibuu Setev


6 degrees of 50mm June 10, 2007

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50mm to unite us all in just 48 hours.
Cakes, tea and coffee are not optional.
Back to basics.


(Readings) Altantuya and ‘fair trial’? (2) June 9, 2007

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AG & Altantuya Trial ©MalaysiakiniIf playing badminton with a judge is enough for a senior Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) to be deemed unfit to prosecute the murder case of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu because it purportedly creates a negative perception, then what about the Abdul Gani himself (when he was a DPP) and another DPP who were alleged via a statutory declaration to having requested Dato’ Nallakaruppan to fabricate evidence against Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, which then formed the basis of an application for them to be disqualified?

This is the second part of Amer Hamzah’s opinion piece, who together with another lawyer, Fahri Azzat, aren’t buying the “shuttlecock” story. The first part can be found here.


(Readings) Altantuya and ‘fair trial’? (1) June 9, 2007

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AG & Altantuya Trial ©MalaysiakiniWhat “miracles” could the new prosecution team produce to ensure a “fair trial”, which could not be accomplished by the previous prosecution team? After all, shouldn’t all criminal prosecutions and proceedings be conducted fairly regardless of the personalities in the prosecution team?….

This is the two-parter according to the author, Amer Hamzah Arshad, who is also a member of the Bar Human Rights Committee.


Altantuya murder trial: AGC Civil Division takes over? June 6, 2007

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Bar Council President S. Ambiga when asked whether the remarks insinuated that the previous team might not be able to ensure a “fair trial”, she said: “I don’t know but we are looking into it. The circumstances are certainly unusual”. (Source)

According to The Sun leader, “The A-G is only adding more controversy to the case which since the very beginning had been the subject of all sorts of speculations, generated all kinds of rumours, and was even publicly debated during the recent Ijok by-election…” (Source)


AG & Altantuya Trial ©MalaysiakiniThe murder trial of Mongolian woman, Altantuya, is more than a non-starter.

DPPs Salehuddin Saidin (Head of the Classified Cases Unit – Prosecution Division) and Noorin Badaruddin (head of the General Crimes and Sexual Unit – Prosecution Division) were removed and replaced in less than 24 hours by the chief of the Civil Division of the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

Tun Majid Tun Hamzah , who now leads the prosecution team, said in court on Monday, “I was only informed to take over this case yesterday in the evening when I was on my way home. It’s beyond me. I simply cannot prosecute this case at such short notice.” (Source)

When asked by lawyer of the Altantuya’s family, Karpal Singh, as to why the prosecution team was replaced overnight, Tun Majid replied: “I am not privy to that information”

While no one is questioning the fine-tuned capabilities of Tun Majid, and that an enormous backlog of cases could mean some crossover of tasking; this murder trial is *THE* trial of the year. One should be rather surprised why the heads of the Prosecution Division were left out of it.