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The Perfect Crime (2) July 9, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Art & Visuals, Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Miscellanous, Note2Self, Politics.

Two of my favourite postcards in my growing collection hanging in my study, is one of a certain son-in-law in a ‘little-house-on-the-prairie’ dress and the other being two MP-monkeys (the ‘Leader’ snoozing away in a dunce hat comes a close third). They never fail to crack me up, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone those are made to elicit subjective responses.

But I must say, I was surprised, having gone through all the collated responses today, from Malaysia-Today to a number of prominent celebrity bloggers and a number of newspapers. They are very illuminating and I’ve printed them out for further study and to select choice quotes for a paper I’m working on, tentatively titled, “What Lies Beneath: The Simulacrum‘s Justice” (copyright ya).

“Dinner for 3” even snagged the prized Sunday Star editorial spot and a rather disturbing frontpage headline story in Nanyang’s Sunday evening edition (see below).

But the question which bugged me all evening was this:- Why are Umno and friends (including our dear rakan ‘Kimma’) getting all worked up, even to the point of hysteria, over this?
We’ve certainly seen better ones. So I called up a number of my friends and arrived at the conclusion that this is *THE* million-dollar question.

“What is it really, that is upsetting Umno?”

If we knew the answer to that, we would then solve the Perfect Crime.


I didn’t find the following in Sin Chew, Guang Ming, China Press (maybe my eyes are tired?). Lest they disappear from Monday’s Day edition, I’ve made a very rudimentary (thus non-authoritative) translation of the headline news.

Nanyang (Evening edition 09 July 2007) headline news:-

(…) Hisham said Pemuda Umno is studying whether they will make a police report, when officiating the Gombak Division meeting. He got very emotional. He repeated the story of kissing the keris.

Malay kissing keris is defend and preserve Malay traditional culture.

Kissing the keris is a symnbol of bravery and power.

Moreover kissing keris is inherited from the first Umno leader Datuk Onn Jaafar thus passing on to us. You people want me to kiss the keris, I am willing to do it again.

Keris is a symbol of Malay unity. If a leader kisses keris it means he has the ability to lead.

If other races want to display or kiss their traditional weapon like the kungfu sword, we Malays will not oppose. This is because everyone is defending and preserving their traditional culture.

What Tian Chua did is like the Western media publishing Prophet Mohammad’s cartoon.

We have to stop this negative culture of exploiting transparency to insult national leaders.

He will study to see if Tian Chua has committed any offence under the law before they make a police report (…)

If anyone has done a better translation, please do append it in the comment box.



1. susan loone - July 9, 2007

hahaha! except the crime is not done perfectly … so sloppy. even my imaginary cat is able to plot the scene to perfection!

EW: Hahahaha! But your kitty tak bawa kamera ler 😛 Who will bell the cat or will it get away?

2. Zunar menghina Najib - July 9, 2007

[…] sama tinggi dengan mana-mana perdana ini.  Media massa akan segera mendapatkan mana-mana pemuda untuk keluarkan kenyataan membela perdana itu sambil mengancam dan mendesak si pelaku memohon maaf. Skrip biasa mereka adalah menuduh si […]

3. arifabdull - July 9, 2007

i use Google Language Tools to translate.

e.g.: my personal Translation for MKini Chinese edition

EW: Wah… you read Mkini Chinese! Hebat!

4. arifabdull - July 9, 2007

“What Tian Chua did is like the Western media publishing Prophet Mohammad’s cartoon.”

implying that Najib is like prophet? Nabi. at least to me.

EW: I asked two persons to check that line. It is as it was written above. I can’t be responsible for Hisham’s words.

5. oA - July 9, 2007


“” Kissing the keris is a symbol of bravery and power. “”

Bravery and power are judged not by the weapon that is being used, but by the person wielding it. Moron indeed.


This is a SIGH OF RELIEF dpm gotten away – via a court where prosecutor prosecutes for the defendants rather than against em …
no wonder he can breath easy now …


6. Eng - July 9, 2007

Why is Hisham and the rest of UMNO react as such?
What were they doing when 2 MPs (muppet) made fun of women menstrual cycle which insult all Malaysian women? Are Malaysian women not important enough to be represented as compared to Najib?
There were posters on Badawi in Sheikh’s blog, why didn’t they make noise about it?
Anwar talked about Najib’s involvement in Ijok, why didn’t they react?
Will they react the same if TianChua produce a cartoon of the dinner scene? If no, then why do they react as such to a picture which was so badly doctored?

The fact that Atlantuyah may have been introduced to Najib or TianChua made fun of Najib has nothing to do with Malay traditional culture. I think TC would do the same if it were to be Ong Ka Ting!? All these have been used as an excuse for someone to show off his bravery and ability to fart louder than anyone else while followers follow behind the butt, also to show off his loyalty to the No.2.

I don’t see any insult in the photo, as Najib was fully clothed and it was only a normal dinner scene. Why treat it like a 3-some photo??

7. kehem - July 9, 2007

“What Tian Chua did is like the Western media publishing Prophet Mohammad’s cartoon.” Meaning the other two were Aishah and Abu Bakar? And we all know what happened to Aishah and the Prophet

8. monsterball - July 9, 2007

The crime is not a crime.It is a child behaving naughty and have bad taste. Father [Anwar} same character.
Like father…like son.
Keadilan’s representatives have never been so clear. Good ones are all leaving.

EW: Actually the ones leaving are the really bad ones. Will tell u the story behind all that. You must look beyond that, Monty!

9. xpyre - July 9, 2007

Well, what can you do about UMNO people lah? And I’m quite disappointed with the reaction in the blogosphere and at large deriding the photo.

I mean, UMNO peeps just walked right into it, but why did the others? It’s a doctored picture with 3 parties at dinner, eh? Where’s the controversy? They weren’t depicted in a heart-racing “sandwich”, now were they?

Heh. Rumour of scandal reinforced by judgment of picture leading to recrimination of tian chua leaving question unanswered.

Or is the question really now unanswered? LOL I just can’t believe they walked into it!

10. Julian - July 15, 2007

As regards your thoughts on simulacrum, etc, you may be interested in what I wrote regarding the use of Photoshop (or any other image-altering software I suuppose) and blogging:

EW: Cool Julian! You ROCK 🙂

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