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Alibi? (1) July 11, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Southeast Asia.

Didn’t see this news on Malaysiakini, which reported on the inadmissibility of Sirul’s confession. Today, it was also put to the judge that Sirul was on office duty during those crucial dates.


Yikes. According to Mr. Grapevine, three weeks ago, two out of the three will have alibis.

So strike 1, and I have to buy dinner.

Sirul Azhar On Office Duty The Day Altantuya Was Murdered

SHAH ALAM, July 10 (Bernama) — Bukit Aman Special Action Squad (UTK) deputy commander ACP Mastor Mohd Ariff said Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar as on duty at the office on Oct 19 and 20 last year during which Altantuya Shaariibu was murdered.

The 11th prosecution witness in the trial for the Mongolian woman’s murder which entered its 16th day today, also said a UTK personnel assigned to office duty was not supplied with firearm.

Weapon and ammunition would only be issued if the personnel were called for field work, he said when cross-examined by counsel Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin, who represents Sirul Azhar, 35.

Sirul Azhar and Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 30, both from the UTK, are charged with murdering Altantuya, 28, here between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year. Political analyst Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda, 46, is charged with abetting them.

Kamarul Hisham: “They cannot hold weapon unless they receive a specific UTK commander approval.”

Mastor: “Agree.”

Kamarul Hisham: “The weapon is recorded when issued and returned. Are the bullets also recorded?”

Mastor: “Yes.”

On the use of explosives, Mastor said that for training, the team leader would apply for its issue and for the UTK, only one individual was responsible over such training.

“Only DSP M. V. Sri Kumar handles all basic training with explosives and he will make the application for the issue of explosives and anyone under his supervision can make the issue,” he said.

When asked whether Sri Kumar was also responsible over the balance of the material after the exercise, Mastor said: “Yes.”

However, he disagreed when suggested to him that Sri Kumar would collect the balance to be returned to the ordnance store, and said that anyone could do so when ordered by Sri Kumar.



1. anonymous dud - July 11, 2007

why don’t they be straightforward ask they cannot murder people because law says so. Agree. So all 3 will be acquitted because they did not commit murder because law says so and walk out free men.

2. wits0 - July 11, 2007

Didn’t the Mastor fella earlier said that explosives like C4 were allowed to taken home on a “trust” basis(where some amount easily could be secretly retained)? Now he says even bullets (ammunition)are recorded. It sure sounds like a penny wise and pound foolish set of procedure.

3. politikus - July 11, 2007

errr, saying he was based in office does not equate to having actually spent time in office when altantuya disappeared. mastor also said sirul’s allowed to request to take out explosives and weapons should he receive an emergency operation call. nobody asked if sirul did receive such a call or whether was he actually physically in the office.

masih belum ada alibi lagi. hold that dinner!


EW: Danke, Ms Tikus! Jimat wang oh!

4. Libra - July 11, 2007

Alibi means he has to get witnesses to prove that he was in the office at the time he was alleged to have committed the crime. Nay, even before and after the offence was committed.
Policeman are free to move in and out of office when on duty.
The court won’t buy this alibi.

5. kittykat46 - July 11, 2007

He was on duty that day. It may not be a sufficient alibi, unless he can get witnesses who can confirm he was there all the time.

What if the killing was essentially an official duty, something he was ordered to carry out by his chain of command, and he peformed it while on duty ?

One way or another, it smells like there were powerful people in the background, orchestrating the whole show.

6. sam - July 11, 2007

Libra… I was surprised by the court what they bought in some cases involving big guns.

7. wits0 - July 12, 2007

Exactly, being supposedly on duty at any office is not the same as implying that one is there all the time. When all the questioning reveals lame (and apprently accepted)reasons/answers, we the laymen, are supposed not to say the whole trial is flawed?

From the time C4 was revealed to be used by UTC and not the Army alone, no one seemed surprised. When (uncertified, unspecified amount)C4 and detonators was “trusted” to the UTK members to bring home and then a later statement that issued ammo cartridges are actually recorded, no one seems stunned.

8. wits0 - July 12, 2007

How convenient :
“July 11, 2007 20:19 PM
‘I’m Not The Only One Not Following Procedure,’ UTK Personnel Says

SHAH ALAM, July 11 (Bernama) — A woman member of the Special Action Squad (UTK) told the High Court here today of the carelessness of her and her colleagues by not recording the number of bullets and magazines issued to UTK personnel. “I am not the only one not following the procedure but other members also,” said Constable Fatimah Abd Wahap of the weaponry division in Bukit Aman in the trial for the murder of Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu. She was earlier asked to refer to the weapons in and out register from Sept 29 to Nov 2 last year which contained 65 entries but only 16 of them stated the number of bullets and magazines issued. Of the 16, two were entered by her.”

“I dunno, and I forgot”….famous bolehland lines. Even the PM uses the first recently.

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