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Rasis Cemerlang dan Terbilang July 12, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Islam in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Politics, Race Relations.

“Don’t test our patience”

[…] Previously, the Tambak Paya Umno Youth division had put up a similar banner at a hawker centre there to warn others against discussing the May 13, 1969 racial riots.Β 


β€œThe banner was put up as a reminder to the Indians to respect Malays in this village. This is a Malay village, they are showing disrespect by building this temple,” he said […] (photo and news source: Malaysiakini)

My mates in Suaram had once anointed me “penyajak yang paling teruk di dunia” (ok, i confess they used words not fit for posting), so it is only right that I pen these few lines for Umno Youth.

Tajuk: Cukuplah Pemuda Umno
(Insert health warning: You may feel some dizziness and nausea while consuming this..)

Cukuplah, Pemuda Umno.
Kontrak dan projek, semua dah beri pada you.
Keris-keris pun dicium oleh you.
Gadis cun pun nak ikut sama you.

Cukuplah, Pemuda Umno.
PRU-12, banyak kerusi untuk you.
Semua orang pun takut sama you.
Sehingga Johor dikasi pada you.

Buat apa nak ancam orang Hindu pulak?
Orang India dah super sokong you
Samy pun ada komisyen untuk you
Nah …kami anugerahkan title “Rasis Cemerlang & Terbilang” pada you.




1. syafiqsunny - July 12, 2007

kampung i disini wooo

EW: Oi Syafiq! Pegi tanya kat Umno, mengapa nak jadi tension mcm ni?

2. mahendran - July 12, 2007

hehe. one day barney will come and step them all. -_-

pity and sad day.

EW: Go Purple! πŸ˜›

3. kittykat46 - July 12, 2007

Cemerlang , Gemilang, Terbilang
UMNO ekstremis perkauman berfikiran paling sempit.

4. susan loone - July 12, 2007

wooooooooooooooow, sajak yang paling best you……..love you for it. more sajaks pleazzzzzzzzzze πŸ™‚

EW: Kekekekeke….:P

5. arifabdull - July 12, 2007

Eli, bagus sajak u ni. macam masak lemak cili padi yang pedas dan panas.


6. wits0 - July 12, 2007

Why do you think “nation-building” is such a vulgar word?

7. mob1900 - July 12, 2007

wah, AMNO Youth are Nazi Youth incarnated, Waffen SS rebirth!
I’m sure the Jews are watching this Extremist Group closely.

8. wits0 - July 12, 2007

If “nation-building” is possible with Nazi Youths, you can have the cake and eat it too! The fine end of the wedge for anything fascistic and scatological BUT nation-building.

9. shawntan - July 12, 2007

hmm, might have benefited from having more words that ended with “u” instead.. otherwise, cute..

10. ironhide - July 12, 2007

its these extreme people in the majority party which is going to divide us all. this type of banner should not be allowed to be put up. its instigating violence, sowing hatred and causing disunity. now who is responsible and approved its putting up? hello talk about control and racial harmony…what is this?? there are laws to be followed and those who did this must be punished…but its not..and i think it will never be. justice…cry.

11. simon wee - July 12, 2007

As the saying goes if one cries wolf too often, then in the end one wil be eaten up by the wolf. Of course this is a new saying in the context of Malaysia when waving of the kris is becoming the norm whenever…

12. simon wee - July 12, 2007

Further to that, pleae be reminded that the geopolitics in this region has changed from that of May 13, 1969, at a time when the US was busying itself to contain China.

13. tupingera - July 12, 2007

With a sajak like that, u’re my choice for “Sasterawan Negara untuk tahun 2007”.
Usman Awang would be proud of you.

EW: Eeeks… I did say one may experience dizziness-kan?

14. politikus - July 13, 2007

*ketawa kuat-kuat*

aduhai. kalau mereka begitu sabar, Pemuda Umno tak perlu mengingati kita berkali-kali mengenainya betapa kesabaran itu dicabar. jika tak sabar lagi, keluarkanlah keris mereka and wayanglah sikit. ugutan mereka takde gunanya jika tiada apa yang di buat oleh mereka. Pemuda Umno ibarat tin kosong. maaf, tong kosong. banyak bunyi dan buang masa aje.

hidup eli! hidup sajak! πŸ˜›

15. WATTAHACK? - July 13, 2007

maybe next may13th will be between indian youth and umno youth? see who lose patience 1st lar….

16. WATTAHACK? - July 13, 2007

ELI – very good poem! at least its not like Samy’s Honeymoon poem! hahaha

EW: hahaha… only da bes for Pemuda Umno mah!

17. Zig - July 13, 2007

I’m 19 and had been following regularly the craps that had been happening in this country.

Feel damn helpless. Like seeing a bunch of uncivilized budak kampungs.

Sigh… what to do?

18. samet - July 13, 2007
19. The Reporter - July 13, 2007

Hahahaha, that was one….heck of a poem. At least I managed a smile early in the morning πŸ™‚

By the way, don’t stop there. Spread the photo around. Let the country know that everyone’s freedom to religious worship will be affected if one day, the kampung, estate, or taman that they stay in has a Malay majority.
Jangan Cabar Kesabaran Kami!!! I think what they are trying to say is to “piss off”.

20. Top Posts « WordPress.com - July 13, 2007

[…] Rasis Cemerlang dan Terbilang “Don’t test our patience” [image] […] Previously, the Tambak Paya Umno Youth division […] […]

21. RTC - July 13, 2007

luka lama berdarah kembali…hehe

22. sam - July 13, 2007

ex-mat rempit punya kerja ke?

23. K.Shan - July 13, 2007

Setiba senja di kuala terengganu
Bermula pesta rakyat dan hantu
Terkejut, terdengar laungan hidup melayu
Tanda ketibaan Pak lah dan si menantu

Mat rempit, cukung dan semua menunggu
Lambat lah pulak si lembab Samy velu
Pilihanraya telah pun berlalu
Dah tiba masa perompak bersatu

EPF, minyak dan lembu pun disapu
Dikala rakyat dengar Siti berlagu
Berkibar megah bendera UMNO Baru
Parti perompak yang disayangi Melayu

24. bh - July 13, 2007

love u, eli, may be u can write a song Cukuplah , Pemuda Umno!
He he.

25. Billy - July 14, 2007

I used to tell my Malay friends that they were so lucky to have a Prime Minister while we do not have one. The Chinese and Indian leaders that we have and who are supposed to provide us protection and protect our rights have gone on a boot-licking spree on UMNO The non-Malays are at the disadvantage and our patience has been tested no end, falling victims to the religious and racial bigotaries of UMNO. Now this bunch of baboons is telling the Hindu community don’t test their patience. So what if the Hindus continue to maintain the temple. Will they end up being massacred? Samy Vellu being the leader of the Indian community should have gone to Malacca, meet up with the hooligans and tell them, if they want to demolish the temple, it has to be over his dead body; and I am interested to know how these UMNO blokes are going to react. But on the other hand, would Samy do it or is he somewhere in his nice cosy home whistling away in the air and deny that such a problem is existing.

26. WATTAHACK? - July 14, 2007

17. Zig – July 13, 2007
I’m 19 and had been following regularly

Zig study smart get a job overseas and dont come back
take your parents there with you … you can make it no need tongkat!

27. Wei Wun - July 14, 2007

Jangan kamu di sana puli2 kito pemuda umNo di sini lagi! Kito dah cukup GeRaM ni….. cepat! cepat cabut keris anda Hisyam…!

28. Emmanuel - July 16, 2007

There’s a similar banner where I live…wanted to take a photo but got taken down…. “Takkan ada Bangunan MCA di kawasan Melayu -Pemuda UMNO Bahagian XXX”.Supposedly some MCA guys wanted to buy a building and use it for the MCA Lifelong learning campaign (which is a commendable effort).Perhaps education is not on the UMNO Youth blueprint.

So much for BN co-operation.

29. YT - July 16, 2007


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