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Nat Tan: Updates, questions and rant July 14, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.

(Updated: Nat’s colleagues speak up: John Lee’s touching piece here; Bob’s photos of the vigil here, and his chronology here.)

Kinda chronological and long-winded (too tired to edit – expect mega typos everywhere, and a bit of swearing – will edit the latter out *after* Nat is freed), some key questions including the excuse used to take Nat Tan in.

Nat was taken in by 3 police officers in plain clothes, who according to his office, were taking him to Bukit Aman. They were too shocked to even take photos or names of the guys.

Latheefa (Lat), a lawyer told Nat to stay put until she and William Leong, another lawyer arrived. By the time, she got there, Nat could not be found and his phone was unanswered.

Lat picked up Li Tsin and I and got to Bukit Aman around 6-ish. They denied all knowledge of his arrest and said he was not in the building. They even asked, are you sure they were police officers?

By that time, smelling the usual police BS, I’d lost my patience, standing there for an hour. So I had the Suaram office put out our standard urgent alert on this sorts of incommunicado arrests, and had it sent to all international human rights groups including the UN and World Organisation Against Torture. Yap, the Suaram head, had just touched down at KLIA, and he okayed it.

We were told to lodge a police report on possible abduction. We insisted that we lodged it at Bukit Aman, but they said go to IPD Dang Wangi. By that time, Jed (2020freelunch) and Tian Chua arrived.

In the end, two cops came from there, took Li Tsin’s report. Both of us went into the patrol car, with the whirly blue lights, which drove us to Jalan Stadium to lodge another report. They then assigned an officer, Saiful, from IPD Kelana Jaya on the case and told her to GO THERE to give a statement (WTF).

Meanwhile we were bored so we surfed on the police’s computer at the reception area, while gawking at the open network system and reading their files … bodoh. We decided to have dinner instead and return to Bukit Aman for the demo. My handphone and her’s had died by then. In the meantime, Lat had received information that the Investigating Officer is DSP Victor (016 304 4669). When she finally got through to him, we found out he had just gotten off the plane from Sydney (WTF). Victor said, they were investigating under the Penal Code.

Lat then found out another fella from the Cyber-crime Division, Bukit Aman, ACP Tn Mohd Kamaruddin (019 6000 135), was in charge. At 10 pm, we were informed that they were holding him after all, and that he was being investigated under the Officials Secrets Act (WTF).

15 min later, we were told he was at Jalan Dato Onn. The family, Li Tsin and William went ahead while we continued our protest-vigil as we had four people (Sim from Anwar Ibrahim’s office, Tian, Shamsul Iskandar, lawyer and head of KeADILan Youth and Yap from Suaram) inside Bukit Aman trying to squeeze more information, and to let them know – we mean business . Some 30 people came for the vigil, even people who didn’t know Nat! We had a few speeches from Amnesty, Suaram, KeADILan Youth, his friends etc.; candles and banners.

Once everyone was out, we proceeded to Jalan Dato Onn. The parents still didn’t get to see him or go in. About 20 minutes later, we were informed he was brought to IPD Dang Wangi – right where we were, lodging the ‘we fear he’s kidnapped’ report! (WTF WTF!)

So all of us rushed there and crowded the reception room. Nat’s 4th legal counsel, senior rights lawyer Sivarasa Rasiah joined us. Finally, the police station confirmed Nat was brought in at around 10.30 pm. They didn’t allow the lawyers to meet Nat.

We negotiated for the family (and Li Tsin) to take some basics bought by Yap like toothbrush, toothpaste, face towel, soap and a bottle of water (yep, no drinking water inside). Li Tsin brought in a small note from all of us – “we love you, we support you, stay cool”; a big ‘heart’ sign, and my line in bright red ink, “Don’t saya word to the cops, say you will only say in court”.


Then Li Tsin came out asking for the packet of claypot chicken rice as Nat hadn’t eaten since he was arrested! (WTF)

When they came out, Li Tsin said, Nat asked for sandwiches (aiyo!) and he said he was alright.

Nat was informed by the police he has been arrested for investigation over a comment left on one of his blog posts, which put the link pointing to a website which reported on the deputy minister for Internal Security, Johari Bahrum, being involved in fee-for-freedom. (Yep – the same minister exonerated by the ACA on Thursday.)


The police at the station said, Section 420 of the Penal Code. Yep, another change.

We don’t know what will happen to Nat. Tonight he has to sleep at Dang Wangi which is one of the most notorious lockups in this part of town. The police refuses to tell us whether he will be freed on Saturday or he will be remanded up to ten days.

Now the questions:-

1. If the police wanted to know about this alleged commentator, they could have just summoned him for a witness statement. There is no need to barge into his office at 4.30 pm, knowing full well it’s the weekend and courts are closed, and arrest him with his notebook. So why do this?

2. Furthermore, he was handcuffed and taken to his home where the police ‘arrested’ his monitor and CPU. Who on earth confiscates the monitor? (Morons)

3. Why did the police not leave their names with the office when they took Nat? Why was no receipt of the confiscated monitor and CPU left in the house?

4. A police report was apparently lodged at IPD Dang Wangi against Nat. Who lodged this report? I believe it’s someone with connections otherwise the police wouldn’t get off their fat asses, like the way they deal with regular citizen’s police reports. I have a short list of suspects and one of them is a blogger. In any case, I will hunt you down and hand you over to those who specialise in painful things. That’s what you get when you F with one of us.

5. Lastly, this thing about the blog commentator is pathetic. If you are F-king cyber-crime division, you’d know that’s not how you want to find out who the commentator is. It’s F-king stored in the server, not your home CPU or notebook, you moron.

I’m even thinking this has nothing to do with Johari. He and the IGP hate each other. It’s just a pithy excuse to sniff through a blogger’s files, modus operandi, the way they think and use the internet for social and political activism.

Those a-holes up there are evidently very afraid of the internet. So they come get one of us. It means bloggers are doing a bloody fantastic job. So it’s time we make them more s-scared, more worried and more sleepless over what else we will unleash in the coming days.

Man – they ain’t seen nothing yet.

And as for the Royal Malaysian Police (puke) – Thanks once again for proving so evidently that you are incompetent, lazy, unconcerned about the real crimes committed by crooks and corrupt politicians, and absolutely undeserving of the salary raise and any public respect.

See this finger? Here’s another one.

(Sorry – this is the rudest post ever – but I am really and still very very VERY angry. Even unleashed a string of Canto-expletives accidentally in front of Nat’s parents when a Special Branch photographer – see below – took all our photos – yeah instead of catching snatch thieves, robbers, mat rempits etc. Now if only I had a match…..)


Oy ugly – you need SKII la!



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2. kean-jin lim - July 14, 2007

you are indeed very angry.

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4. eng - July 14, 2007

fucking hell.. i was furious reading your post.. not at you Eli but at those in uniform who deserve it.

5. lucia - July 14, 2007

yeah you deserved to be angry. i am too. you are doing good getting directly involved (all the more to get angry!). thanks to all those who were there to support nat.

i guess this is another case of intimidation of bloggers!! the police are big bullies and cowards. not doing their jobs catching crooks out there (and corrupted ministers) but instead ganging up on bloggers!

6. Jeffrey - July 14, 2007

I thought that photographer bit was hilarious. “Haha, we’ve taken all your photos; you’re all NEXT!” That’s so sad.

7. xpyre - July 14, 2007

From Bob’s posting, it looks like you guys have not had much rest over the past few hours. I can only imagine what Nat must be feeling.

Stay strong!!!

8. giko - July 14, 2007

You have the right to get all upset! I too am saddened & upset by such M’sian police actions! Just look at the Altantuya trail where the police even “do” their own kind!

Methink that GE is fast approaching and this is a BN way to disrupt Keadilan & other opposition parties – look at the resignations from Keadilan – won’t be a surprise if some monies are involved!

Wow, that’s 4 exclamation marks in a row… that’s anger indeed!

9. shaun - July 14, 2007

Eli, nice writings… nat’s cousin here by the way.. just crossed my mind.. thought that you might b a good person to write about.. the release of nat…end of a nightmare or begenning of another?

EW: The government is trying hit a few birds with one stone:- 1. Frighten bloggers; 2. Frighten Nat; 3. Find out useful info esp. about his bosses via his computers.

10. WATTAHACK? - July 14, 2007

POLI BODOH – as depicted by Indos on a Cab..

11. Mydeen Aboo Backer - July 14, 2007

Aiyoh, Elizabeth. They take monitor because some times got ghosting effect of past information. And they know the server has the commentator info but the passwords may be in the notebook cache.

12. Ah Bong » Nathaniel Tan taken into custody - July 14, 2007

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13. justice pao - July 14, 2007

The motive for this sort of arrest is clear……….to shut up those poor fellow citizens.
There is no law of the land that permits this sort of conduct from the law enforcement people. It’s ‘bullying’ tactic!!!!

14. Adrian Wong - July 14, 2007

Hello Mydeen,

Your monitor must be REALLY special for the “ghosting” to last for more than a few milliseconds. 😉

15. 4896 » Nathaniel Tan - July 14, 2007

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16. Adrian Wong - July 14, 2007

Hi Liz,

I’ve taken the liberty of posting a large part of your post here – http://forums.techarp.com/showthread.php?p=310110#post310110. I hope it’s okay. Do let me know if you want me to trim it down. I just felt it was too important to just put in a short quote.


EW: No probs. The more people know, the better.

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18. aawilliam - July 15, 2007

This is the first time I see you so angry…….Nat is so lucky to have you as a friend.

EW: grrrrRRRRR!

19. devilsadvocate - July 15, 2007

this is so damn unfair

free NAT now!!!!

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21. lulu - July 18, 2007

a bit ketinggalan on the photo of the sb guy
makbe khir toyol could pass him the name of his beautician/plastic surgeon/bomoh/whatever

EW: Me thinks he likes Village People ….

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23. Lee - July 24, 2007

Pls exercise your rights as Malaysian citizen for the next coming election! I love you, Malaysia.

24. FREE NAT Now! « Malaysiabaru’s Weblog - July 30, 2007

[…] was obvious disarray in the scheme of work to nab Nat, weaving from one law to another. Quote from Elizabeth Wong, a human rights […]

25. chong - December 27, 2007

Freedom of speech , but no freedom after speech,welcome to bolehway.

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