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Nat Tan: Vigil Tonight (Sunday) July 15, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Event, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.

“Free Nat” Petition HERE.

Candlelight Vigil for Nat Tan

Date: 15 July 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Outside IPD Dang Wangi, Jalan Stadium
(Pls bring candles, placards, speeches, songs etc.)

(See sample for vigil newbies above. My kaki’s – the “Geng Gasing Indah” during the Bukit Aman on Fri night. Candles – check; DIY banner – check; Simple Message – check. Glum looks – Optional)



1. I am not Najib - July 15, 2007


2. Muhammad Yunus - July 15, 2007

Won’t be able to make it tonight but all the best to the people at the candlelight vigil and of course Nat.

I’ve made a rap verse for this episode, hope that’ll compensate for my absence. 🙂 You can check it out at http://muhammadyunus.wordpress.com


3. Lagu Suara Rakyat - July 15, 2007

[…] kerana ia adalah milik kita semua dan amat sesuai dinyanyikan sebagai penutup apa saja acara dan pertemuan bercorak kerakyatan. […]

4. arifabdull - July 15, 2007

Dear Eli & all,
The Suara Rakyat Lyric is ready. TQ

5. Lagu Demokrasi | arifabdull - July 16, 2007

[…] HakCipta kerana ia adalah milik kita semua dan amat sesuai dinyanyikan dalam apa saja acara dan pertemuan bercorak […]

6. mob1900 - July 16, 2007

Syabas to Eli & gang for making the candlelight vigil heard even through the corridors where Nat is being held(we can hoped, can we?). Eli is truly the friend you want to have for life! besides organising candlelight vigils of course! Bebaskan Nat!

EW: hehe I hereby announce I’m easily bought over with cakes, coffee and coca-cola 😛

7. rockybru - July 16, 2007

mob, i’ll second that on Eli. She was there when NST sued me, ma.

8. Just call me 幽子~ » 释放 Nat。 - July 16, 2007

[…] 于是,本着博客精神,本着认识老鼠精神,以及本着顺路回家的精神( ),我也去了一趟为 Nat 烛光守夜。 […]

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