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Sunday Vigil for Nat Tan July 15, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

The 2-hour vigil outside the IPD Dang Wangi where Nat is being held, began at 8 pm, and saw more than a hundred people attending! Wow – considering most of us only received the notice just before 3 pm. There were also quite a contingent of media folks who turned up, even though the press alert only went out around 5 pm.

Nat’s sis, blogged live from the site.

My task was to bring the megaphone and take some pics, but ended up an accidental MC :-0 (Anyone with pics on your blogs, please leave your link in the comment box). Very sorry if I fluffed up at anytime – it was my first time doing it lar!

Lots of speeches (in all languages), almost all the speakers were still shocked that Nat, this wonderful mild-mannered guy, could be arrested.

We interpersed the speeches with chants of “Free Nat Now!”, “Bebaskan Nat!”, and beautiful songs and hymns led by Aloysius (I nearly pengsan when I heard him sing – so good and we never knew!) and Nat’s church members. Poet and performance artist Rahmat Haron sang a rousing “Bebaskan Nathaniel Bebaskan” for him.

Nat’s collegues were there in full force. Nik Nazmi, Sim, Hilmi, Shikin, Remy, AliCendawan and Faisal (who did a solo sit-in with candles…? Too deep lar!)

Bloggers who came were NAB/All-Blogs (Rocky, Nuraini, Tony, Zorro, DanseM), Posterboy Mob, Madruid, Arif, Black, JerryWho, Smoothriver, Youzi, Astrogirl etc.

Special thanks to Nat’s family friends and church folks who came along and livened the atmosphere with lots of candles and their wonderful voices, ACTS, writer Brian Yap, writer Oon Yeoh, film-maker Martyn See who just arrived from Singapore, Geng Gasing Indah, Suaram’s Yap, Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall’s Jian Ming, ex-MP James Wong, DAP’s Tony Pua and Chin Tong, DEMA students, Food-not-Bombs chaps, KeADILan’s Youth Wing, William Leong, the party’s Treasurer-General who also brought along his son, Mr. Hee the vice-chief of Selangor and KeADILan Supreme Council members Ang and Mike.

A few media studies lecturers were there too, from New Era College, (Dr) Chin Huat and lawyer Surendran. Nat’s family were there in full force, together with Li Tsin.

Naturally I missed out two-thirds of people present – awfully sorry – was too stressed out, running back and forth trying to keep a programme going for two full hours! I would also like to apologize for not having an opportunity to catch up and chat more. (Am also quite blind at night…)

But thanks so much for coming out on a cool Sunday night in solidarity with Nat and his family. This is by far the best vigil I’d attended outside IPD Dang Wangi! 🙂

If Nat isn’t out on Monday, the vigil will continue – same time, same place.

Cheryl, with her beautiful voice, sang a version of the song below for her big brother.
Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Nat. Hope you heard us loud and clear tonight!




1. Nik Nazmi - July 16, 2007

Hi Eli,

Evil of you to get me to speak immediately when I arrived 😉 But it was good, it was touching to see so many people to turn up for Nat.

Pictures are here: http://www.niknazmi.com/wordpress/?p=514

2. luclai - July 16, 2007

glad to hear that so many people turned up. indeed nat has a strong support!!

3. xpyre - July 16, 2007

it sounded like a wonderful evening, and I’m surprised at the turn out! this is a good sign! 🙂

4. Brian Fong - July 16, 2007

gosh – I missed it. so sorry – i didnt logon becos i wasnt home whole day. hope Nat will be release today!!!

5. rockybru - July 16, 2007

dear Eli,
thanks for organising the vigil for Nat (and for us). you give yr profession (aside from blogging) a real good name. when i kena early this year (the suit with jeff by nst), you were there offering help. unsolicited. Nat’s lucky to have you as a friend. i was lucky you were around!
last night i bumped into black there. his album (cd) will be out next week. i wanna grab one. i’m sure there’s a song that suits Nat in there.

btw, it’s nurainA-lah. and see u for the next one.

6. tupingera - July 16, 2007

The fact that the gathering was muhibah shows that INTELLIGENCE transcends race, religion or creed.
Please hold the vigil every night until they release Nat.

7. Aloysius - July 18, 2007

Eli, this is only the beginning of the ‘real’ struggle. You will pengsan when you see the plans we at PJ Selatan have drawn up. Strategic Election Campaign, Manisfesto and Communications strategies. That’s all folks for now. Blogging will never be the same again..thanks to the stupidity of the persons behind Nat’s arrest.
Nat, Siva, Lat, Bob K and me-we all from PKR PJ Selatan! This episode will motivate us more intensely to work for justice for ALL MALAYSIANS. Thanks to ALL PKR multi-racial members and supporters. Thanks to BLOGGERS-UNITED. Thanks to all Civil Society supporters…We showed how civil we can be..even with the unjust and cruel actions by draconian ‘civil servants’.

EW: You’re a star, Aloysius! From now on, I’m going to make you sing at every event we have 🙂

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