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Still waiting July 17, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.


Ignore the title. I’d blogged from Bukit Perdana earlier on my hp.

Nat is finally free!

Thank you everyone!!! πŸ™‚

Media:- I want to convey special thanks to the Chinese media who ran Nat’s arrest and detention as a major story, some even giving the issue front-page treatment; bloggers who kept up the pressure by writing about it and signing the online petition; and the alternative e-media outlets i.e. Malaysiakini, MerdekaReview, Harakahdaily and KLPos. The issue was hot for 5 full days. thanks to them.

We had waited til 5 pm. Everyone was going nuts. Boredom brings out the creativity in us. I threatened to climb the tree next to the guardhouse and hang banners. The Chan brothers had dastardly ideas for the flag poles. But all’s well!

The revision of Nat’s original remand will still go on tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9 am, Criminal High Court 3. The lawyers are Sivarasa Rasiah and Amer Arshad Hamzah. The Bar Council will be holding a watching brief, as there are serious abuses in the arrest of Nat.

Please send good vibes to these two fabulous lawyers who are doing it pro bono. Not sure how it will turn out – sigh… the judiciary ….


*Someone* tried to talk the family from continuing the revision, (ya … we know who you are). Scared la.

Tough luck. You are so going down for trying to trick, intimidate and detain Nat.
Nat giving his mom a kiss. (I’m leaving the Nat-Politikus smooch scene for another time!)

(earlier) Still waiting. apparently it’s only now the police are taking his statement. Raining out here. (via GPRS)



1. eyeonmalaysia - July 17, 2007

….even heaven shed tears for us all….God please save our country from going to the dogs!

2. Leithaisor - July 17, 2007

Nat walked free at about 5:15pm 17 July 07

3. mob1900 - July 17, 2007

Great effort, especialy from you, woman.
still remembers all those ‘Scout/Girl-Guide’ songs Eli led the crowd to sing on Sunday…

EW: Eeks. Delete memory plz! Never again!

4. valentin10 - July 17, 2007

Very good blog, very rich nice pictures and articles, congratulations !!!

5. Noscere - July 17, 2007

Welcome home Nat and a big Thank you Elizabeth from Nosceres World, your site has been a great source during these troubled times.
(Its Raining here in England as well).

6. Nstman - July 17, 2007

He may be free, but the fight against lies, treachery, bigotry, racisim (no thanks to Umno) goes on. The fight against fascism, Nazism (again no thanks to Umno) continues. Long live the people.

7. WATTAHACK? - July 17, 2007

Still waiting. apparently it’s only now the police are taking his statement.

WOW WTF they did with him so many days? play strip poker?

8. WATTAHACK? - July 17, 2007

on his PC?

9. Adrian Wong - July 18, 2007

Congrats, Nat! πŸ˜€

10. ghostline - July 18, 2007

Great work!

A small victory for civil society, but so much more remains to be done.

Hope to see everyone at the forum on Thursday night.

11. Leithaisor - July 18, 2007

Cheryl Tan wrote this in her latest “back to life? back to reality?” blog entry:

let’s stop this from ever happening again.

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13. Libra - July 18, 2007

Why did the English and Malay dailies play down the arrest? This is bad for the nation.
When influential media does not stand up for truth and justice, there will be more intimidation and abuse of police power.

14. MAHAGURU58 - July 18, 2007

First and foremost dear Eli, congratulations to you on a job well done!

I applaud the way you were there from day one. You are a true blue Malaysian fighter!

Those people at PKR don’t realize what a true gem you are when they missed electing you to be their ‘Ketua Wanita’.

My car suffered a collision with another which just shot out of a junction in Cheras when I was on my way to Nat’s release!

Luckily, the guilty party @ a young Chinese man settled for the repair and replacement of my car’s side panel, signal lights, etc.

Had to see to the repair work the whole day hence my not being there. My comrade in arms, Brother MENJ was there representing us, anyway.

Real glad that Nat’s out but as many of us know, its time to forge a strong union of Bloggers and protect our rights. No more false arrests and victimization of the bloggers who are innocent.

Instead of going after real crooks, our rulers that be seem hell bent on terrorizing citizens who are just voicing out their feelings as permitted by law.

We really need to see to it that this travesty of justice takes place no more.

Just when this nation is about to reach its 50th Merdeka celebrations, there seems to be an unhealthy and devious trend by hidden hands to imprison the conscience and concern of the Malaysian blogging citizens!

What kind of a ‘Merdeka’ does our authorities champion?

Free to scare and intimidate the innocents while acquitting and discharging those who are accused?

I just don’t know what else is going to happen with those who seem to forget that Almighty Allah is going to take them into account if they fail to protect us all from the evil that the irresponsible ones amongst us do?

May those in authority reflect back on what they have done. Ameen.

Viva Bloggers!

EW: So sorry to hear this. I hope you are alright. Yes, I saw Menj ever so briefly. Thanks for the nice words, but I’m just a small piece in a large jigsaw. btw: I ran as Timbalan Ketua Wanita, not the chief πŸ™‚

15. Philip Lau - July 18, 2007

Elizabeth Wong,

Congrats for bringing all the info on Nat Tan to all of us. I bet you they are trying to silence/frighten all of you. This is only the begining, more to come. Please be careful of the defamation law and keep as close to it as possible.

Nat must now plan his strategy for the country’s future.

Good work

EW: Thanks Philip. I’m just a small piece in a very large jigsaw. The lawyers were wonderful, so were the bloggers, family members, his friends and political activists.

16. PandaHeadCurry - July 18, 2007


Amer Hamzah – Lawyer Hard Core Black Metal Ganas!


EW: Amer rocks man! So cool …. πŸ˜›

17. nosceresworld.co.uk » Blog Archive » Nat Tan is FREE! - July 18, 2007

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18. yh - July 18, 2007

hi libra

mainstream media cant say much although some of them may want to. its always at the back of their mind that one call from the ministry, thats all it takes for them to be unemployed. how many will dare to stick their neck out? can you blame them? and thats the reason why they have lost so much credibility. I dont even read any of the articles by the Star’s columnists and have been confining myself to the international, business and sports sections. other national news are mainly propaganda for the government.

19. kittykat46 - July 18, 2007

Thank God he’s free.
Good Stuff Elizabeth.
You are a real Cyber-Warrior now !

EW: hahahaha where got lar. Cyber-frog lar (see my WP avatar). Someone told me yesterday, that due to the all that karaoke session outside the police station, the police decided to release him earlier! Aw-right! πŸ˜›

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21. aawilliam - July 19, 2007

Eli …..you are our hero……X.X.X Do you mind ? X.X.X and ‘hug’ hug”” hug” Mmmmmmm u r so sweet.

22. jerng - July 20, 2007

It’ll be fun watching the pro bono’s pwn ‘the opposition’ in court. πŸ™‚

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