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Petra July 25, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

Saya dimaklumkan bahawa Raja Petra sedang berada di Balai Polis Dang Wangi sejak pagi ini, mengenai laporan polis yang difail oleh bekas Menteri Besar Selangor Mat Taib.

Tindakan polis yang begitu lancar dan cekap membuktikan sikap dan respon yang berat-sebelah kepada pemimpin Umno.

Adakah pihak polis bertindak sebegini apabila pihak lain membuat laporan polis, seperti tentang kes rasuah pemimpin? Ah … soalan retorik sekali lagi.

Sebenarnya, laporan polis terhadap Petra langsung tidak masuk akal. Beliau merupakan seorang dari golongan kerabat yang setia. Dia seorang Muslim yang kuat imamnya, sampai mengeliru segelintir daripada kami, dimana beliau kadang-kala digelar ‘born-again Muslim’.

Apa yang istimewa dalam catatan Petra, selain daripada tulisannya yang bercorak ‘thriller’ politik dan amat berwarna-warni, ialah pendedahan kes-kes rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa, seringkali dilampir dengan bahan bukti yang kukuh.

Tetapi adakah pihak berkuasa bertindak atas pendedahan tersebut? Mengapa kita membiarkan keadaan ini berterusan?

Petra tidak bersalah (bebas Petra!). Orang yang sepatutnya diheret ke balai polis dan ke mahkamah bebas (tangkap mereka!).

Adakah ini adil, ataupun ini keadilan a la Malaysia?


1. howsy - July 25, 2007

Where’s the post?

2. howsy - July 25, 2007

Ooopss, sorry. 😛

3. bamboo river - July 25, 2007

Eli, your posting in Bahasa Malaysia for M bin M to read ah?
Since he don’t understand or read Inglese!
Aiyo, please not again. I had already kept my hurricane lamp in my attic. I am sure RPK will be fine and back to his family for dinner or maybe supper if the cops can’t understand RPK’s statement.

4. kean-jin lim - July 25, 2007

Eli, just curious why this post is in Bahasa Malaysia? should have some reason for this, right 🙂

5. nipahv - July 25, 2007
6. bamboo river - July 25, 2007

nipahv…that is for support to md taib!
Go to http://www.petitiononline.com/FrdmRPK/petition.html.
Check out at Rockybru.blogspot .

7. selaklagi - July 25, 2007

eli, posting dalam bahasa Malaysia, buat selalu – amat membaggakan. saya ni tak tau sangat Bahasa Inggeris, jadi bila eli tulis dalam bahasa, saya suka sangat. senang sikit paham. hehehe..
jangan lupa masuk web saya – http://zulfikarsamsuri.blogspot.com/. ok.. bye

8. jeancumlately - July 25, 2007

Wow, RM12 juta untuk beberapa bulan jadi isteri M bin M…

9. kittykat46 - July 25, 2007

Smart move to post in Bahasa Malaysia, Elizabeth.

It seems the complainer against RPK claims to have a woefully poor command of English – that’s how he got acquitted of trying to smuggle USD $ 1m of cash through Australian customs.

10. WATTAHACK? - July 25, 2007

if only they acted so fast and raided the suspected apartment that the snatch thiefs grab my mobile gone into…. maybe they would recover more stolen goods plus some drugs! but at police station they say system down and ask me to go lain tempat to report!

11. Patrick Xee - July 25, 2007

I HATE READING THE NEWSPAPER NOWADAYS. I only and usually read the business section, entertainment section etc. All except front lines and all that have to do with the Malaysian politics as I have given up hope on our country, our democracy and our politics. Nowadays I only read overseas news as they are more accurate and more liberal. Our country, manage by our government and politics seems sure that they are not going to change for the sake of globalization. They are not only not mature but more importantly not educated enough to run the country in these competitive times of globalization where the fastest and smartest of runners are the winners of this competitive world.

When ever friends or family takes up the newspaper and debates on the frontline that this idiot politicians brings about, it makes me puke, frustrated, lost. How is it possible that superimposing photo’s of politicians a crime. If so, I’m afraid that most of my friends are at fault as we are use to discussing this matter openly as we believe our self to be educated and these photos were just for fun. You can call me an idiot but I know I’m not a criminal if I decide to superimpose some politician’s photos. Actually I need not superimpose any photos as there are ample videos on the internet on our politicians acting stupid and being stupid. My friends and my brother that are in overseas are NEVER coming back to Malaysia as they’ve notice what idiots are running the country and they are sure that this will not change.

Fellow friends, family, brothers of Malaysia, I hope that what I’ve written might bring us all Malaysians together for this difficult times. Times where we are no more colonize by foreigners but a rather new kind of foreigners, our Malaysian politics. It is now very clear, that our politicians including Najib are not fit to run the country. The biggest threat to our country is no more the foreigners that we believe but rather politicians or the government that that are not educated enough or at all to understand the world in terms of economics and change. I know I have so much to give to the country and I’m sure my friends and family will be ale to bring our country to new heights but unfortunately, we are constantly suppressed by our own government.

I’m so irritated about the current news that Najib has stated that the government is all out on bogglers. This is only my second time writing out articles like this as I usually don’t do this. I’m fed up of sitting by the corner and doing nothing. I’M NOT AFRAID OF THE GOVERNMENT ANYMORE!!!! Come catch me or all the bogglers that have done no wrong…Yes….bring Malaysia back to the Stone Age where democracy and freedom of speech does not exist. Great, because I’M SURE I’M DOING THE RIGHT THING as 20 years from now I will have the guts to tell my sons and daughters that I did the right thing and that the Stone Age government of Malaysia only realizes it 20 years later.

Do the right thing for our children and our future generations to come!!

Stop these irrational and ridiculous politicians of ours in exchange for globalization, progress, productivity and a future in the future. (Not Stone Age)

The power is in our hands and not these politicians. We have a choice to choose prosperity and progress. Think carefully and wisely. Thank You.

p.s Could someone pls help post this at front page as i’m new to this and woudnt know how to. Thank You.

12. ivan yang - July 26, 2007

Wonder the australian courts saw our mr. mat taib reading english to our reporters on tv??? And he said he knows nothing about english on the customs declaration form!! Thats the calibre of lying politicians malaysia have. OMG!

13. sofiairdina - July 26, 2007

Times where we are no more colonize by foreigners but a rather new kind of foreigners, our Malaysian politics.

-Patrick Xee

Interesting Patrick and I think you are not alone in thinking that we are actually being governed by “foreigners.” We are indeed in this sad state where we have leaders who are so comfortable up there and became so detached from the reality on the ground. They are worse than the so-called foreigners. Do you think you can understand the difficulty faced by the rakyat due to rising consumer items, toll when you have a home in perth, a new jet to travel with and a yacht to go fishing in? I doubt it. That was why when asked about what should be done about the rising price, their answer is “change your life-style..”

14. Chee Yong - July 26, 2007

elizabeth, sebenarnya hati saya tertanya tanya, adakah kamu ataupun ahli ahli SUARAM yg lain akan bertanding dlm pilihanraya kali ini atas mana mana platform parti pembangkang?

EW: Very sorry for the late reply. Key members of Suaram have always participated during the elections, whether as candidates, campaigners or election monitors. Those who have been candidates include Dr. Kua Kia Soong, Tian Chua, Sivarasa Rasiah, Dr. Nasir Hashim and many others.

This round will be no different and while one can’t confirm who’s running under which banner, because differing selection processes lie in the hands of leaders of political parties (and some are more vigorous than others), you can be rest assured that Suaram will be involved to ensure the election process is free and fair, and that its candidates, in the event that they do win, will perform to uphold human rights and to be with the people always – dulu, sekarang dan selamanya 🙂

15. kittykat46 - July 27, 2007

Mat Tyson has been doing a crash course in English for the last four years…LOL…

16. monsterball - July 29, 2007

I have to read from bamboo river …to confirm it is about M bin M…..the biggest and most corrupted idiotic scoundrel of UMNO…yet made a Senator?
A low class ex-teacher worth hundreds of millions made a Senator?
A man who married and divorced few times…including the Selangor Sultan’s sister…made a Senator?
Caught with smuggling money out of Australia…a Senator?
Why that’s inspirations for any tong sampah malay to become a PM one day.
I thought USA is the land of opportunities ….and an actor have proven can be a President. Here is 10 times better. Hooray for UMNO!!

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