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From Robocop to Transformers? August 1, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Anthropology-urban, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.


Notwithstanding the fact that Jeff deserves everyone’s support for daring to plunge into murky waters of electoral politics (and that alone deserves a separate post later – once his sites are accessible, including his new election blog), I’m not sure if one should be amused or worried with the SG’s pop culture reference.

So here’s a serious note to whoever prepped the boss.

Pop culture is more complicated and trickier than it appears.

Those ‘Transformers’ were aliens from outer-space who came to earth to suck dry its energy source in order to live, not to mention extremely factional:- E.g. Autobots Decepticons Quintessons Maximals Predacons Vehicons Mini-Cons Insecticons.

If Robocop (Penang, 9th General Elections 1995) went all creaky and fell apart, it’s doubtful the reference to Transformers this round will fare any differently.

Thank god we only remembered Megan Fox and her delightful freckles 😛


1. Shawn - August 1, 2007

Ooo.. Megan Fox is HOT!!

2. walski69 - August 1, 2007

Forget Megan Fox (okay, she’s a babe 😉 ) – the biggie here is that the Internet is going to play a crucial role in the next GE (whenever it decides to roll along). Jeff setting up his site is just a teaser of the intensity to come. Perhaps the UMNObots aren’t that clueless after all, and already foresee this (yeah, yeah, Walski’s being kind). Which could explain their gabra-ness about RPK, Nat and the bloggerhood in general.

Many have predicted that online campaigning will play a big role in the upcoming 2008 US Presidential Elections, but if the timing is right, it may just be Malaysia that pioneers the way…

And that, folks, is the bigger picture…

3. Chee Yong - August 1, 2007

Megan Fox………..seems so unreal someone can be so perfect hahahaha. Transformers rocks!Playing the Linkin Park song with Optimus standing there calling other Autobots to join him is a picture perfect scene. I hope in the sequel, Megatron will come back as Megatron rather than Galvatron, and I hope it can turn into a giant gun. BOOM!!

4. johnleemk - August 1, 2007

What th…if you think the most remarkable aspect of Megan Fox is her freckles, I really have to wonder whether we watched the same movie. (Though at least you didn’t say it was her acting…)

5. xpyre - August 1, 2007

“family of transformers” just had me cracking up. Really.. if I ever get past the horrid “Transformers” (the movie) references, I’m left with the image of earnest, electrical transformers stuck in TNB substations. Don’t mind me, an inside joke.. hahaha..

6. kittykat46 - August 1, 2007

Our PM qualifies as an Autobot. He’s on auto-pilot all the time.

7. gserdfd - August 1, 2007

Is the Internet really going to play a crucial role in the next GE? I doubt it, considering the low percentage of voters who are bloggers. The electorate is forced to rely on the mainstream media with all its lies and disinformation.

8. monsterball - August 2, 2007

It’s about Jeff …. advancing to greater heights in life and I like to congratulate him again for his far sightedness and wisdoms. I look forward to see him winning a seat in the general election.

9. Sharizal Shaarani - August 2, 2007

she had freckles? i didn’t see any freckles on those well formed err abs…

10. Nik Nazmi - August 4, 2007

Ahhh… a bunch of Megan Fox admirers.

My wife and a few friends insisted I was delusional when I said Megan Fox was hot!

11. monsterball - August 5, 2007

There Liz..You talk about Megan Fox….which… me… an old man do get excited too…but all forgot it is about Jeff.
Meet Megan fox…may die of heart attack…so sexy and voluptuous. Be holy holy to live peacefully… no excitments…like TDM nowadays…..hahahahahaha
On the other hand….cinematography have many tricks. I have seen real live actors in Los Angeles….totally different from movies..especially women without their one inch thick make ups.
So many male actors are shorties…but wear 6 inch boots to look tall…and boobs of actress are 95% false….not going to describe CHER…famous for all that are false…from toe to bottom…yet …I really love to watch her perform….fantastic showmanship and color original outfits.

12. Emmanuel - August 6, 2007

Ever since I watched the movie…now I mentally envision everything transforming 😛 from the neighbourhood kucing kurap to the MyVi.But my friends thought I was bonkers when I LOLed to myself when i saw a garbage truck drive past us.

13. ASRID - September 23, 2007

Megan Fox covered her frekles but I think thats bad I really love freckles!!!! JAJA

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