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R.I.P. Michelangelo Antonioni August 1, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Art & Visuals, Note2Self, RIP.


Death’s double-whammy this week.

While all film buffs dissected “Blow Up” (1966), not many have seen his banned 1972 documentary (voiced-over by the man himself) of China – “Chung Kuo” during the cultural revolution; an extraordinary exploration of a then closed society.


Torrent of “Chung Kuo” can be downloaded here.

Closing shot of “Blow Up”

The famous single-take closing shot of “The Passenger”



1. xpyre - August 1, 2007

two great masters in the space of a month. this is not a good month for film.

2. V T - August 1, 2007

sigh, why can’t you get chance to write obituaries for the cirrent goblok gomen?

just not fair.

3. monsterball - August 2, 2007

I quote:
‘ Born 1912. A film critic from the 30’s and an assistant director and documentarist from the early 40’s, he made his first feature, ‘Cronaca di un Amore’ in 1950 and found aide following in his native Italy with the languid and fatalistic ‘Le Ameiche[1955}. In the early 60’she featured Monica Vitti in “L’Avventura[1960]. La Notte {1960} and L’Eclisse (1962}— a melancholic trilogy o women which secured his international reputation and marked him as a formidable interpreter of the seemilgly ainless mordern bourgeois world.
Highlights: “LL Grido {1957} “The Red Desert [1964} “Blow -Up”[1966 AND ” The Playroom”{1970
PS: Just quoting….don’t know him actually…but hear he was a great film director.

4. claire the cat - August 4, 2007

wow. saw blow-up 3 years ago i think and was speechless after. 🙂

5. Antonioni « trinketization - January 18, 2009

[…] trinketization rumour-mongering, scribbled exotica, bad theory « Kamata Anthropology lite benchmarking » Antonioni August 1, 2007 Eli Wong has done a great job in acknowledgement of Antonioni’s passing, with some must see clips to boot. See here. […]

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