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No scrubs for Parliament August 3, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Politics, Race Relations, Women.

Friday. Phoo-ey.

First, this scrub tells me we’re puppets of Jews and Americanos. And that we’re nasty coz we wanna take away this scrub’s privileges for mergers and acquisitions.

Get a life. Use your head. And go get a job on your own merit.

Then some scrub of a student group said my girl Gwen has a past record of “indecent dressing and obscenity”, so she can’t sing here.

Get a life. Listen to the music, not follow your other head.

Here’s what’s really indecent. Like how young women are treated like trash by young men. Like inequality and gender discrimination. Like violence against women. Like scrubs bleeding the country. Like scrubs who don’t cook, clean up and bathe the cat. Let’s not even venture into under-performance (and I shall end right there).

No scrubs GE 2007. Vote ’em scrubs out from Parliament.




1. Klaw - August 3, 2007

some MP have a track record for obscenities in parliament. maybe we should get them to stop ‘performing’ in parliament as well? dumb arses…

2. gua bay song - August 3, 2007

Long live Left-Eye-Lopez!

3. WATTAHACK? - August 3, 2007

Well he will have no problem calling with i-JEW

4. Chee Yong - August 3, 2007

May Left Eye rest in peace sob sob.Btw, noticed SUARAM has not updated the page of the link to SUARAM family section. Chang Lih Kang info is still there when he has officially stated that he had left SUARAM in June. Hope someone updates the web.

EW: OK. I’ll certainly pass this note to them. We have several new staff members who are no doubt trying to settle down and be familiar with the workpace. TQ.

5. monsterball - August 4, 2007

yea…monkeys are performing…they will yell…scream and open their big mouths…very cunningly and seldom bite each other…like they always do for 50 years…the never ending show for the villagers…great stuffs. Even CATS end show after 20 years…not the monkeys.
These are Chimpanzees..Khairy and Anwar belong to this group…one screw loose type..said to be our nearest ancestors…but gorillas…like TDM and PM are watching closely and long red nose baboon Najib…looks like a monkey..behave like one…but in actual fact is not the monkey specie…it revolves from a tapir…ant eater….very dangerous animal in disguise of a monkey.
These monkeys do have relations as jewish…british any race like in Malaysia. Religions is but a name. Bananas is their craze…and they transformed themselves to human forms …same…money is like bananas to monkeys… their craze…earned…stolen…to con for them…all okay…as long as money….lots of them…never enough…never satisfied..
They try to distract us down to earth real humans… by picking on each other….putting on a side show…but chimpanzees can forgive and forget and shake hands ..when the loot stolen is shared again by all…no more enemies…then …. smartest of all….the gorallas TDM and PM shake their heads and start thinking new ideas…how to divide and rule again and again.

6. Top Posts « WordPress.com - August 4, 2007

[…] No scrubs for Parliament Friday. Phoo-ey. First, this scrub tells me we’re puppets of Jews and Americanos. And that we’re nasty coz […] […]

7. OMG - August 4, 2007

We have scrubs who tell us what to say and not to say, what to discuss and not to, what to wear and what not to, whether we should put a piece of clothing on our head or not, what we should watch, listen, and even which god to believe in.

Time to give these scrubs a wake up call.

You are right elizabeth, what is really indecent is the way our honourable BN MP conducts themselves, Pak Lah ” I dont Know” or “Its not my job” and how women are being treated by religious authourites.

Time for us to take a stand. Enough is enough. (You hear that Bodoh Bodoh Bodoh Nazri)

8. Not Singapore - August 6, 2007

Elizabeth, wow…i’m with you..and i hope the whole country is too.
When we get to what we want achieve though, can anyone promise something so different it would cause a ripple effect that would eventually de-sensitise the world and create freedom, equality, joy?

I’m like you. But my meditation into these matters..have revealed (to me and me alone) that there is no final right or wrong. just a series of wrong-doings that have caused social injustice. This is what i ultimately see. I hate the way the Chinese believe that they’re better than everyone else spouting their Chinese is the best motto. I hate the way the Malays behave and insidiously call Indians, Keling, and just by that fact Indians are somehow 3rd level citizens. I hate Indians for only beating on other Indians, never letting another Indian go up the ladder.

I just hope you know what you’re really fighting for. This is only one step. But there’s a whole other world of racism and social injustice. And it starts with the Chinese businessman. You know it and i know it.

Don’t tip the scale and destroy one social hub of evil and leave room for another to escalate. Why do the Chinese basically sustain the economy of Malaysia? Because the only people they hire are Chinese. And if you ever walk into any of these Chinese fested rooms. You certainly wont be hearing anyone talking in English or B.M.

you want equality? change yourself first. Change your entire races’ perception. Then go for the big boys.

I apologise if i am being mean to anyone. but common honestly. Who will be the replacements? I really really dont want this to be another Singapore.

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