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Dear Foreign Secretary August 4, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Human Rights, International, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations.

Still very disturbed over all that racist, Jew-baiting and anti-semitism fermenting in Umno Youth.

So I sent that news piece to everyone I could think of who would be concerned – state departments, embassies, journalists, NGOs, anti-racism outfits, academics, and especially to my friends who are Jewish. Better to nip this in the bud than to have bloomin’ brown shirts roaming our streets.

(Coincidentally, one of the Maxims of those brown shirts was “All opposition must be stamped into the ground”. Sounds a lot like Gerak Gempur / Pembangkang Sifar?)

Then I remember – the new Foreign Secretary of the UK, David Miliband, came from the Polish Jewish refugee community who fled from the Holocaust.

His late father was the famous Marxist, Ralph Miliband, whose books I still have on my shelf.

FS Miliband’s office should know what sort of students Oxford’s producing for us back here. I’m beginning to wonder what those Umno Clubs in UK are doing. But you can write whatever you wish.

Email: milibandd@parliament.uk

(Also see Mob’s Retort, esp the tags)



1. kittykat46 - August 4, 2007

Alleging Jewish complicity seems to be a favourite UMNO crutch whenever they need to do some character assassination

2. tupingera - August 4, 2007

People are just envious of the son-in-law. He is intelligent, articulate and good looking. His situation, currently, is not unlike Hang Nadim’s as in the “Hikayat Singapura Di langgar Todak”. People with vested interests just do not take kindly to a smart upstart.

So what if he is corrupted ? He is the son-in-law of the Prime Minister. Wouldn’t you be corrupted if you were the PM’s son-in-law ? Anyway, you need money, lots of money, if you want to ascend the hierarchy in UMNO.

Given the opportunity, he will be a leader of the ” cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang and temberang” calibre.

Mugabe is but a bumbling apprentice compared to this guy. He will turn this country into another Zimbabwe in no time.

3. monsterball - August 4, 2007

When an ex Australian PM call Mahathir ..a mamak….all hell went loose …want… to boycott this or that..until that poor Aussie PM had to apologize to TDM. What a show…what powerful reasons made by our ever expert trouble maker..TDM.
Now Khairy made much much more greater insults to USA and the Jews…forward that to USA government….they will throw it to the dustbin …as they all know our Malaysian UMNO are thrash..dirt and filth..mixed with few clean poor souls.
But if USA choose to disturb Malaysia….that will give them good reasons to do it. Being quiet also mean Malaysia is insignificant…no more important in the political scene.
TDM initiated few ideas how to group all muslim countries to teach USA government .. a lesson. What are the results? NOTHING!!
Just meetings to haVe fun..sex..drink and be merry by most representatives. No one takes Malaysia seriously. That’s the truth.

EW: I believe the word used to describe Mahathir was ‘recalcitrant’, not ‘mamak’.

4. mnjhkh - August 4, 2007

Where did that hooked-nose Malay Jew with bags of money learn all those racial slurs? He’s more anti-Semite than Mahadir Mohd!

5. PandaHeadCurry - August 4, 2007
6. Norma Jean - August 4, 2007

when he was up there you fellas didn’t have the balls to open your mouth. now that the horse has bolted you wanna close the barn door?

7. WATTAHACK? - August 4, 2007

lets hope USA and JEWs get the picture of who this monkey really is… http://wattahack.blogspot.com/2007/08/khitler-movie-making-of-goblok-nation.html

8. Quinn Lai - August 5, 2007

I would suggest sending a complaint to Abraham Foxman at the Anti-Defamation League.

The interesting thing is that your blog and maybe 2-3 that I frequently read are the only ones who mention the anti-Jewish component in KJ’s quote. The others either don’t notice it or have no trouble with it whatsoever. I’m sorry to say that even on Malaysia-Today, a place where the folks push for solidarity among the races and are therefore assumed to be anything but bigots, the ever-present brand of increasingly virulent Malaysian anti-Semitism lurks. One finds the frequent use of terms like “Malay Jew” and Zionist, with its different variations, scattered throughout RPK’s writings, which surprises me.

9. Khairy J: Without A PR Screen, He’s Just A Daft Politician « The Naked Truth - August 5, 2007

[…] are for the Malays? Dear Foreign Secretary Khairy the homosapien Son-in-law: Epitome of […]

10. monsterball - August 5, 2007

yip…I know that Liz…but for a politician…he will not call him a two double headed snake or mamak…..so use
‘recalcitrant’…to get same results from Mahathir…’tak boleh tahan lah” was his words…….and many knew what that smart Aussie ex PM really meant.

11. monsterball - August 5, 2007

Quinn Lai…If you can understand the cunningness and hypocracies of some political bloggers with selfish personal agendas…..that can easily be bought to do certain tasks…then you will understand why some blogs..even the ever truthful..ever righteous MT blog ignore such things you mentioned.
Our political reputations have not much to be proud about…we Malaysian citizens know that. It needs to be corrected by voting them out in coming election.

12. V T - August 6, 2007

If Oxfart graduate has ballocks the size of football, he should have form up an anti semitism club in the U and K there long ago where he wasted our hard earn tax money, learning nothing but bulldung.

Incidently, bulldung, (or cowdung as it is normally known as) is the product of the process “BUNG-SAId”

“Bung-Said”, if stirred, pungent smell will fill the air.

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