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A Tibetan in Beijing August 7, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Human Rights, International, Note2Self, Women.

My friend and fellow traveller, Jess, sent me this link to an amazing blog of a Tibetan activist, Lhadon Tethong.

She has been in Beijing since the start of the August, in a campaign to remind the world, gearing up for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, not to close its eyes and ears to the sufferings of the Tibetans.

Unfortunately, a number of activists were reported to have been arrested today. Hopefully Lhadon’s not one of them, and will continue blogging.

See also Yingsel – the Tibetan antelope and one of the mascots of the Beijing Olympics. Apparently, it defected.



1. monsterball - August 7, 2007

Mongolia crying for justice in Malaysia.Tibetans crying for support to be independent from China. Both are from the mountain range and 100% Buddhists countries. One is a master of wrestling and the other… how to be reborn again….really reborn…not same as “Born Again Christians” Both are old culture countries with world history from these races. Modern dirty politics seems to have creep into their lives. Cannot imagine Tibetans picketing…protesting like that.
In oldern days…few monks will burn themselves alive to prove their points. Just food for thoughts…that maybe being controlled by China is best to control such monkey minds.

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