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Petra’s wife called for police questioning!? August 7, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.

(Updated) Marina’s statement took 90 minutes only, so swift that I missed out by the time I got to KL, thinking it would take several hours.

According to Petra (quoted in Malaysiakini):-

According to Raja Petra, who had accompanied her into the interrogation room, Marina was asked about six to seven questions, pertaining to her involvement with Malaysia Today and whether any other individuals were involved.

“Marina’s reply was the same for every question: As a Muslim wife, she is obligated to follow and not go against her husband’s wishes. Her husband has instructed her not to reply to any questions the police ask.

“As a Muslim wife, she comes under Syariah and not common law. She cannot go against her husband’s wishes. That was her reply to every question,” said Raja Petra, who was seen clutching a Koran when they went into the interrogation room. 

She ending by asking the police what happened to the investigation of Dr. Ng Seng’s piece which sat on the PM’s website and articles which were anti-Christian on the Kelab Maya Umno (Umno web club). LOL.

Three down. Expect more to be hauled up.

So Suaram is holding a “Know Your Rights” workshop for bloggers as well as members of the public this Sunday (12 August) in Kuala Lumpur. There’s a section of Freedom of Expression relating to blogs and bloggers.

Details and registration contact point can be found here.

(Earlier) Just saw this on Malaysia-Today.net. They don’t let up, do they?

Raja Petra Kamarudin’s wife, Marina Lee, has been summoned to the Dang Wangi Police Station, Jalan Stadium, at 11.00am, Wednesday, 8 August 2007, for interrogation related to the investigation under the Sedition Act launched against Raja Petra.

It is not known whether the police are trying to build up a case against Marina as well so that she can be jointly-charged with Raja Petra.



1. yh - August 7, 2007

this is preposterous! pure intimidation to an innocent lady. Is this Islam Hadhari?

2. Muhammad Yunus - August 7, 2007

This is downright absurd. Our country is not PDRM nation!

3. Thenna - August 7, 2007

I don’t know how low can they go after this.Well I suppose this is to satisfy certain quarters…

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5. monsterball - August 7, 2007

Have you ever heard M bin M wife being questioned for all the charges he was questioned previously? Or any of the UMNO man like Zakaria…wife is also being questioned?
I guess Judges have complained murder..raped…robber cases submitted by the police are not water tied….it is now showing for he first time how they are performing best investigation. method. Poor RPK has to be the first to experience the new method…..hahahahahahaha

6. wits0 - August 7, 2007

Has his wife been blogging also? Where’s the blinking connect?!

7. Chee Yong - August 7, 2007

This is taktik kotor. I have never seen something so outright dirty in my life. Another shame.

8. WATTAHACK? - August 7, 2007

they have to justify their pay raise mah else nothing to do or show how….

9. kittykat46 - August 7, 2007

So Polis Raja DiMalaysia are now going after grandmas as well.

It could be a blunt message to bloggers – we can go after your families, too.

Sick, really sick.

10. wits0 - August 8, 2007

Maybe they intend to “turn his wife over”….to listen to his sleep talking, between snores. Yet they never thought of questioning Mrs Bag over Atlantuya.

11. ghostline - August 8, 2007

WOW. I feel that the streets of KL are so much safer now that the police have gotten their act together and gone after really dangerous people like RPK’s wife.

Hey Mr. IGP, while you’re at it you might want to go after Najib’s wife too? dat one scary lady.

12. oA - August 8, 2007


Another master piece by dpm useless father’s policies of hallucinative and delusional modes.

Going after the innocent.

Like father like son.

Dumb and dumber.


13. wits0 - August 8, 2007

Kittykat: “Sick, really sick.”

Inspired by Norkor’s Kim Jong Il, by the looks of it. But then again, no need, ingenious indigenousness! Local contents come first.

14. monsterball - August 8, 2007

That will sure get RPK fuming mad!!
Watch out his new post on police matters.
He will tear them apart.
witsO….hahahahahaha Poor kittykat. “Every single word you say, every move you make, I ‘ll be watching you”…inspired by Sting….hahahaha

15. monsterball - August 8, 2007

There he did it!! In is latest ‘Corridor Of Power” RPK is bringing out all his old stories on the police and sure to date us with new ones.
This man is truly brave. He should join DAP. Can DAP afford him?

16. whispering9 - August 8, 2007

If they continue along this line of intimidation, they will incense even the pacifists. Nothing is more sexy or tyrannical than to prevent RPK from writing and ‘questioning’ the mother of his children. Nitwits…the lot of them.

17. ivan yang - August 8, 2007

This reminds me of a school prefect from my school behaving like a Bully all the time and when the exam results were announced…. he did badly… hohoho!

18. hasilox - August 8, 2007

For crimes to thrive we need such poo-lice.
That is ultimate boleh!

19. bamboo river - August 8, 2007

Hey, Eli, regarding to the above subject, there was on susieQ in MT inciting you to be called for interogation by the PDRM.
What’s the story ah ?
Looks like she is not happy with what you are doing ?
Hi ya……..what she so like that one?

EW: She thinks she’s MaggieQ? 😛

20. monsterball - August 8, 2007

You mean Maggie Mee?
And that was coined by using that sexy model… Maggie Loo’s name in the early 70’s.

21. wits0 - August 8, 2007

I think EW meant for ‘Maggie’, Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady in this case. 🙂

EW: Er. I meant MaggieQ – in “Die Hard 4”.

Actually the chap is my New Jersey stalker (Thanks to M-Today tracker), who goes by the name of Raja (found prolifically on Susan Loone’s), PolisKorporal etc. and recently here Norma Jean. And also thanks to me frens, they even managed to pinpoint to where Raja emails from. I really hope he’s getting paid for doing all these, otherwise waste la.

22. wits0 - August 8, 2007

An analogy for investigating Marina Lee by the PDRM:

One day Mullah Nasruddin lost his ring down in the basement of his house, where it was very dark. There being no chance of his finding it in that darkness, he went out on the street and started looking for it there. Somebody passing by stopped and enquire:
– What are you looking for, Mullah Nasruddin ? Have you lost something?
– Yes, I’ve lost my ring down in the basement.
– But Mullah Nasruddin , why don’t you look for it down in the basement where you have lost it? asked the man in surprise.
– Don’t be silly, man! How do you expect me to find anything in that darkness
The caveat to that above being that there was also no ring to start with.

23. wits0 - August 8, 2007

Right EW, thanks to you for fixing the first and most important nail to that vile personality’s “game”.

Some-holier-than-thou decided that I was wrong to hentam that one. I also happily gave them a good piece of my mind at Susan’s , hahahahaa!

24. monsterball - August 9, 2007

witsO….That’s why I am leaving Susan’s blog for awhile…until she can identify them….as right now….if I hantam there…another wise guy will teach her how to control commentators….and she cannot solve copycats.
Sheih found the solution.
I feel my usefulness to her … have somewhat ended.. Now she is so popular…I hate to be the hindrance towards her success.
How Liz can identify Raja and Susan cannot ….beats me…but I salute Liz’s sharp pair of eyes.

25. bamboo river - August 9, 2007

Witso, no wonder the comment profile of that susieQ in MT sounds familiar as to that raja in Susan’s blog.
Well, TQ for your info. Now I will have my maggi mee soup .

26. wits0 - August 9, 2007

Monty:”How Liz can identify Raja and Susan cannot ….beats me…but I salute Liz’s sharp pair of eyes.”
There was just one, Monty, perhaps more than that of a simple changeling.

Actually that mischief making person was viewed with suspicion earlier but maybe Susan wanted to give him more rope so that he’ll hang himself with it. That was just before, I think, EW caught him making threat under the handle of “ACP”. At that time his conceit may have led him not bothering to mask his IP address but later at Susan he always did so. And he seems to be more frantically imitating others as one mocks him for that.

My suspicion of his integrity and soundness first arose because when he was giving out those litanies about the law in the manner he did. One cannot but conclude that the selected usage of it wrt Atlantunya’s trail suggest that it was flawed. Yet when a layman like yours truly suggested that the trail is flawed, he had to ask why. Perhaps this was out of arrogance(Silverwollf, remember, mention that detectable element of arrogance too). But both you and Silverwolf acknowledged his knowledge of the law openly and that could’ve encouraged him on to attempt to win other’s confidence. First step of a dissimulator with a sinister ulterior motive. Deceit and conceit involved, it seems. Malefic person – at the bottom line.

27. monsterball - August 10, 2007

witsO……you forgot I chased silverwolf away…..who was another outsider up to no good.

28. whispering9 - August 10, 2007

I tend to subscribe to the fact that personalities exist only as avatars in cyber world. Unlike the real world, we can be forewarned by body languages and facial expressions…with occasional gossips and intuitions. We sometimes need multiple avatar handles to express our feeling broadly. The avatar Raja who later became Rajah was only giving his ‘legal’ comments which were enlightening to many commentators. Of course, this avatar was visibly agitated with another commentator and assumed a stalking role as Hajar. Has this avatar transmuted into M-Q and so forth…imho we should deal with avatars as different individuals instead of a singular person with multiple split personalities unless his/her intention treads on a destructive psychopathic behavior.

29. wits0 - August 10, 2007

Whatever, Whispering9, the events that have unfolded here in EW’s blog suggests that motive and intention are important considerations even in Cyberspace. There’s enough evidence of mischief. As for the person’s “erudition”, remember the very old saying, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”.

30. kittykat46 - August 10, 2007

Maggie Q – hot stuff. My teenage nephew has her pictures plastered on his bedroom wall , in various levels of dressing….mostly very little.

31. monsterball - August 10, 2007

I am just wondering if one sees a tall hooked nose man carrying a small box with a serious face at Bukit Bintang …will onlookers run for cover?
I don’t think so.
But if same senario is seen in London or in New York cities ….what do you think?
If you say possible on-lookers may run for cover…why?
PS: The box is a small birthday cake he bought for his little daughter….walking home with both hands holding it flat top.

32. Bob Dylan fan - August 11, 2007

This blog is put out here by Elizabeth to remind Malaysians of their constitutional rights and in doing so welcome their comments. The space should not be used to settle personal scores with anyone – nor to gripe. Please respect that.

Now on the issue of RPK’s wife being quizzed by PDRM, she did the right thing. About this rap song by Namewee covered in another thread… I don’t find anything offensive in the lyrics unless you call showing the middle finger at whoever, is inappropriate and therefore offensive. Hardly.

It is made in the tradition of Bob Dylan who wrote songs about racial sufferings and threat of nuclear apocalypse in the 60s. This was followed by Rock music. Traces of rock music’s rebellion, disobedience and disrespect are copied in the music of today in the form of rap and heavy metal.

I like Namewee’s rendition of the Negara Ku the first time I heard it. Perhaps he should have relied just on his choice of music which is rap music to put his message out there – but without the use of the national anthem. But hey! Who can say this guy is not a good businessman?

Any move to nominate him for the Grammy?

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