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Local YouTube sensation August 8, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Note2Self.

Way, way, way before Negarakuku was made, Namewee was already famous for “Muar Chinese”, which had garnered 600,000 views back in April.

Now with the latest hysterics, the musician has had death threats issued by Malaysians on YouTube pages, even for this earlier song.

Well done, BN.



1. Muhammad Yunus - August 8, 2007

There’s nothing really offensive about his recent work and (probably) this one, but what the heck was running in his mind when he decided to use the national anthem?

I guess sensitivity doesn’t blend well with creativity for some.

2. Shawn - August 8, 2007

Our government should have just let the whole thing go and it would’ve been forgotten overnight. By beating the big stick around, they’re just drawing attention and helping his popularity.

3. anak malaysia - August 8, 2007

in truly asia everything is sensitive.

4. Muhammad Yunus - August 8, 2007

Sensitivity is an essential ingredient in a tolerant community. Sensitivity to people’s pride, religion and country.

5. twotablet - August 8, 2007

Yeah…let it go, it will be like water under the bridge…it comes and it is gone.

6. OMG - August 8, 2007

sensitivity is such a nice word.

Was kerismuddin and gang sensitive when he unsheath his keris and threathen the other races?

Was Bocor Bung and one eyed jasin sensitive when he ridiculed women?

Was the religious authourities sensitive when they labelled a girl najis?

Was an imam sensitive when he called for chastity belts for women?

Was the police sensitive when they enforced tudung for everyone?

Yes sir, sensitive is a very nice word.

7. walski69 - August 8, 2007

Sensitivity has become a card blance excuse to suppress, and this is one case in point. The trouble is that we, the common people, are supposed to be sensitive to every little thing… on the other hand, those who wield power march to the beat of a totally different drummer…

And that, my friends, is the saddest part about the Malaysia we live in…

8. oA - August 9, 2007


Ahhhh … desperado is in the air …

BN’s desperation is obvious.
Playing with racial and religious sentiments as always when election is near.
A party that doesn’t know how else to bring its people of multi racial and religious compositions together!!!

What use is this party when all they do is beyond the right and fair mind of people in general?
Not much.

Another distinctive reflection of the useless policies spawned by the useless dpm’s father!!!


9. Dont sue, Negarakuku video | arifabdull - August 9, 2007

[…] Local YouTube sensation – Elizabeth Wong […]

10. monsterball - August 9, 2007

“Sensitive issue. Don’t touch it” …the famous words of UMNO’s words for decades.
Yet blasting others and appearing as an “All Saints Party” seems to be played over and over again with such thick skin faces.
Look at TDM still blasting and teaching America. Can such a famous trouble maker and corrupted reputation do it? Sure can…as long as UMNO member.
Again…..who to blame? THE VOTERS…so why complaint?
Perhaps all complaining here realize the wrongs and did their part to vote against them. Then …not enough realizations in Malaysia.
The BN great work to play race and religion is still working.
It will be corrected if all BN parties are grouped into one by UMNO.
So easy to be united and become Malaysians.

11. Nstman - August 9, 2007

I love the song. Well done, brudder, show these Barisan idiots what you are made of.

12. Patriotic1994 - August 9, 2007

All, I don’t know how you look at him and how our government look at him. I think this Namewee is very creative and in fact, very valuable. Too bad he is born in Malaysia. Well, good that he born in Malaysia, because he learned the culture here and grew up here, and that make him unique. His skills worth millions in US. He can really do something to be R&B star! Malaysia is just not ready for him.

Brain drain? Yes, he is one of the example. We have lost a great artist.

BTW, we don’t just lost him. Also he co-producer who make these clips. May be more other people we don’t know.

The government should realize the message beneath in the movies. It isn’t anti-government. It merely showing the facts of our Malaysian culture, from the perspective of him, with some despair, and hopes. If our government could use his talent to make patriotic movies for the country, I believe it will be very stunning and attract the youngster to love the country more. Punishing him only get things worst.

13. jeancumlately - August 9, 2007

Err…anybody care to translate?

14. monsterball - August 9, 2007

jean….That’s one flew over the cocoo nest talking.

15. Muhammad Yunus - August 9, 2007

How the hell did someone come to the conclusion that I thought that whatever UMNO or BN did in the recent past was sensitive?

Just because some amateur politician were acting in an insensitive manner, does it warrant us to do the same thing? Does it then mean we should and could stoop as low as these fellow front-benchers?

Sensitivity maybe abused to suppress certain expressions – i agree. This is perhaps due to the myriad value systems that defines sensitivity. But wouldn’t one agree that the use of the national anthem of his/her own country in this manner is a bit overboard?

Would it be justified, if a fan burned the national flag as a form of expression to protest against the nation’s football team performance?

16. Muhammad Yunus - August 9, 2007

One more thing…did I mention before that monsterball’s comments are downright silly and prejudice.

This twerp thinks that everytime someone writes something contradictory to the majority of blogger’s mainstream ideas are conclusively a BN or UMNO lackey. And besides, this is not about UMNO. Why the hell does everything have to revolve around UMNO? We can’t even have a decent discussion or debate when people start nit-picking and carping like this.

17. jeancumlately - August 9, 2007

It sure is one way to get noticed, to get famous and may be get a good record deal. We have seen stunts by people before including the rich and famous…

Paris hilton did a video just like pam and tommy lee
Britney did the oops… no panties
Janet jackson did the wardrobe malfunction
Sinead O’connor tore pope’s picture on david letterman’s

well, as a mass com student, this guy do learn how to get famous through the shortest route. Do something outlandish, cause a stir, touch a few nerves.

I do agree with Mohammad Yunos. I am not excatly a fan of umno but I am not amused with this guy either.

18. K.Shan - August 9, 2007

Taken from MToday. The transcript of Negarakuku. Another entry to the Malaysian Book of Record and the only Chinese song that attracted the interest of the most number of non Chinese here and elsewhere.Some might have even learned some Hokkien words along the way. Malaysia Boleh.

Literal translation by NICOLE FOO

Intro credits:
2007 Visit Malaysia Year Theme Song
I Love My Country

(Repeat) Check it out, yo, yo, yo.

(Repeat) Negaraku, Negarakuku.

I love my country, only when you have a country you have a home
Only with a home then there will be me, standing here with you
Loudly singing, don’t be afraid
Even though I curse all the time
My song, is just like the durian
Tough and spiky, only
To see if you dare to open it, to look at the truth inside
It can be very stinky, it can be very fragrant
It only depends on what kind of nostrils you have.

Our police is called Mata
Because they have very shiny eyes
Once it’s New Year, they will be very hard working
Holding pens but they will rarely write you a receipt
Because they are thirsty, they need to drink tea
Also kopi-O, want to add sugar?
If they add sugar, their mouths will sweetly smile at you
When you are leaving
They will even go “Tata.”

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju.

This phenomenon, doesn’t need any improvements
Neither does it need strengthening, the police and the people work together
A cup of coffee keeps our relationship temperate
I so very suka
At least I won’t go home and receive a saman (fine or ticket)
My dad would sure be pissed
I would also kiong kan (swear word in Cantonese for “get raped”), with no car to drive
What to do, this time so very kao lat (an expression, something like aiyo)
With no car, how do I go out and play?
With no car, how do I wage “wild war”? (I don’t know what it means but I assume it has something to do with a girl)
With no car, how do I go and watch ah kua? (transvestites)
This country, I like it very much.

5 in the morning
There’s even a morning call to wake me up
Sometimes a few of them will sing together
When you listen to it, it’s like a love duet
The voice ululates like an R&B song
Even though sometimes they sing until it’s out of tune
Even though sometimes they even sing until their voices break
Some sound like cockerels, but they wake up earlier than them
This way we can know the time to get ready for class and for work
Don’t blame, the government only takes cares of the natives
Don’t blame, we don’t receive equal care
Only this way we can prove that we Chinese are not afraid of hard work
Only this way we can train ourselves to find a solution during hard times
Don’t feel weird about their standards
Because this only shows that we are smart (or capable)
Children who are not spoilt will not be dependant
Because you see some children are still not weaned off breast-feeding.

Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta.

People who hide in government departments are even better (even more capable)
They can do everything so slowly
Even when people are queuing, are cursing stinky lelai (what’s that?)
They’re chill and unfazed
Sometimes they even bring out their kuih
They eat their nyonya kuih
More people will continue queuing up
Even when you curse stinky lelai it doesn’t matter
Because the guard at the side is dreaming
And he won’t scold you one lah.

They wrap up their heads; walk slowly and cross the road slowly
When you pass in the car you even have to let them pass first
The most important thing is to live happily; the most important thing is to live comfortably
Don’t be like the Chinese
Busy the whole day, very tough
We really cannot NOT admire this spirit”
Because this is their attitude in life.

(Attitude, attitude)

I’ve been saying good things in this song
I believe those of you who are pissed at me will like this now
The world is peaceful, and full of hope
No one is hurt, there aren’t any riots
You’re so classy, you’re so elegant
Your shit is fragrant, and you don’t curse
You guys are the most high class, every day it’s just romancing

Listening to Guang Liang Pin Guan (this local Chinese artiste)
But he already ran to Taiwan
Private school students graduate
It’s so very tough to get admitted into local universities
Actually we don’t have to get pissed about this issue
Actually this is the a very noble plan by the government
They want us to explore the world, to find new opportunities for ourselves
To learn things and come back and repay the country
This is plan is so great, I can’t quibble about it
All over the world you can see Malaysia’s children
They’re like refugees, so very shiok (expression for orgasm or high)

2007, Malaysia’s having Visit Malaysia Year
The Chinese culture is brought out and paraded
The government doesn’t even care about private school students
The certificate is thrown into the longkang (ditch), just like me

Graduated and went to Taiwan
Learned about things, and got ready to come back to repay my country
I stood on the streets of Taipei with my guitar
But my mouth still sings.

Rahmat Bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita Selamat bertakhta.

19. OMG - August 9, 2007

This is not just about UMNO. Its about racists supremacists bigots that are running this country propogating their racist agenda, and sadly, because they control what is being thought, read, written, these ideas are gaining much popularity.

Its about what is wrong in this country, and the government (UMNO) which plays a major part in this country is responsible for this.

I just wish some segment of the population would just stop making call for sensitivity to their cause while never being concerned or sensitive to others. Those that needed to be sent for sensitivity training include the religious authourities in this country who think they have god given rights to harrass and humiliate others.

20. Patriotic1994 - August 9, 2007

OK, I tried to translate.


i am not hip-hop kaki
but i want to borrow
the power of hip-hop
to let you understand my feeling
i am not a [very good singer]
but i want to let you know
my turbo is also quite powerful
so, i want you to stand here
willing to sit down
finish listening my rap song

i from Muar
live in Wetex, into the small road in front
in there got a lot of Hai-Nam auntie
but no kopi shop
this place is not very big
it is a small village
from main road to sixth small road
then go to Jalan Khalidi
outsider came to Muar feel a bit funny
because Muar language
very powerful very strong
very creative and mix with a lot of things

this place consists of 3 races
also Mangkali
also foreign workers from all over the world
all come and stay here
around this area has many factories
especially during Sunday
these foreign workers will all come to the city
go up stair to look for hookers
go buy pirate VCD
otherwise hugging each other
do dirty stuffs
you can hear a lot of sounds
many different kind of languages
some of them even looks like
a bit geli
but the most unique thing
is the Muar Dialect
because when Muar people talk
it is very powerful

Muar Dialect I feel very proud
you don’t like
i ask you to see my middle finger
i don’t like to act gentle, i think i look cool
because what come out my mouth, is
Muar Dialect

Muar Dialect I feel very proud
you don’t like
i ask you to see my middle finger
i don’t like to act gentle, i think i look cool
because what come out my mouth, is
Muar Dialect

lifestyle here is very simple
when free go to drink kopi
or go to Tanjung to feed monkey
also can fish at Muar Bridge
Muar has very few taxi
but has a lot of auntie
they carry baby
and feed them milk
i bring you to disco
there are this little small small things
when you swallow
i guarantee you to shack until midnight
next morning can still go directly to eat dim sim
and still can go Tanjung
learn tai-chi with old folks

language has no world standard, only localized
i don’t believe
you must be very understand this theory
otherwise why go to KL
learn others dialect
then think that you are really cool
we must be proud of ourselves
we must do the honest thing
we should not be afraid of our culture
has no meaning
teochew friend kewtew
fookkien fried prawn mee
that’s our style
our meaning [standard, uniqueness]
say it loud
this is Muar Dialect

Muar Dialect I feel very proud
you don’t like
i ask you to see my middle finger
i don’t like to act gentle, i think i look cool
because what come out my mouth, is
Muar Dialect

Muar Dialect I feel very proud
you don’t like
i ask you to see my middle finger
i don’t like to act gentle, i think i look cool
because what come out my mouth, is
Muar Dialect

if you come to this place
don’t be surprised
because you will see a lot of [Proton] Wira
driving around
this isn’t no creativity
just because Wira is cheap
want to change car
it is easier to sell off
this is our real life
this is our reason
and in fact this is our way of showing love to our country
don’t simply doubt
don’t hide here and there
listen carefully
i meant YOU

at night after 11pm
there is amazing scene
you can see a lot of gays
stand at road side doing beng kiss to you
they wrote sexily
because they want to do your business
but some of them has legs so rough that
can quality for penalty kick
they have big boob
and also eggs
some of their dicks can still stand
if you stop the car they will talk price with you
if you don’t want
they even laugh at you for no gut
call me Cina Babi
they are the real “pantat mangkok kuih koci” [ soft soft one ]
this small place is built up by Chinese
if you think you are good
don’t everyday only know how to make teh tarik
if u want me to say you are good
then go Parit Bakar make furniture lah

Muar Dialect I feel very proud
you don’t like
i ask you to see my middle finger
i don’t like to act gentle, i think i look cool
because what come out my mouth, is
Muar Dialect

Muar Dialect I feel very proud
you don’t like
i ask you to see my middle finger
i don’t like to act gentle, i think i look cool
because what come out my mouth, is
Muar Dialect

Muar Dialect I feel very proud
you don’t like
i ask you to see my middle finger
i don’t like to act gentle, i think i look cool
because what come out my mouth, is
Muar Dialect

Muar Dialect I feel very proud
you don’t like
i ask you to see my middle finger
i don’t like to act gentle, i think i look cool
because what come out my mouth, is
Muar Dialect

Muar Dialect Yo Yo… stop stop

21. anak malaysia - August 9, 2007

in bolehland small issue they will make it very very big and big issues to biasa lah..!what a bunch of losers..
as i can recall few years ago when the indonesian factory workers burn the malaysia flags.what actions did the gomen take?ah..close one eye lah.., kah kee lang..!!

22. oA - August 9, 2007


Who doesn’t know umno was the one spawning all craps know to citizen in this country?

This guy is just speaking his mind as it is – first hand experience.

He is not the root cause but the consequences of crappy generational policies inspired by umno.

The intention runs deeper, only time will tell.


23. bamboo river - August 10, 2007

He ate too much betel nut .
Silly chap!

24. hasilox - August 10, 2007

If he was acting nut, I don’t think he deserves so much publicity. A private citizen without any political affiliation acting nut, I won’t be losing any sleep.

What if he says he was singing “negaraku cool”?

25. uncleah - August 10, 2007

Why is everyone arguing about sensitivity, the government, Barisan, Umno, lashing out at anyone and anything?

This guy did nothing but to sing. You get all sort of crap on the internet these days with the open source and endless information. If you don’t like to watch something sensitive, then don’t watch it. They just put it there. They did not force us to watch it. Same goes with blogs.

Stop using this to lash out at anyone and anything and stop saying that it is sensitive. I can write a blog about SM and it is sensitive but no one force you to come and read it.

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