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Namewee’s family ordeal August 11, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations, Southeast Asia.

One of the Chinese newspapers (can’t recall which paper as I’d returned them), in its evening edition reported on the ordeal that the father of Wee Meng Chee (aka Namewee) in the hands of the police.

Wee’s dad, was asked to go to the police station where he was grilled for one and a half hours by the Special Branch.

During that time, Wee’s father was ‘advised’ (though, in a police station, it could sound more like an instruction) to tell Wee to apologise. In writing. All languages.

Question is, why did the police haul in the dad?

Is it because their bosses couldn’t work out how to charge him, so they decided to go for the family?

What crime did his family members commit?

Is it because they realized Chinese students and their parents rolled-all-over-the-floor- laughing when some Ministers said that Wee could have been on *government scholarship* in *Taiwan*?

Is it because the government ‘lost face’?

Or is it because Wee said, he’d apologise — if only the government would give him reasons to?

(Updated: Wee’s quote from Malaysiakini.com)

If they (the government) want me to apologise, they have to show me what I’ve done wrong and it must be proved through proper laws.

I won’t apologise to the powers that be, I will only apologise if the law says I’m wrong. I will not regret because my intentions (for making the video) are good

Earlier this week, the wife of webmaster Raja Petra was summoned to the police station in Kuala Lumpur to give a statement. Petra was called in two weeks ago.

Marina too spent 90 minutes there and she is neither a webmaster nor a blogger.

Operasi Dendam?

Maybe this is why serious crime is sky-rocketing. Everyone’s too busy making their political masters happy.


1. bamboo river - August 11, 2007

“Question is ,why did the police haul in the dad?”
Simple ! According to the law (who’s law) ….You are responsible to what your kids’ had done .
Must do something lah.
But seriously…if this namewee had ‘really’ offended the national anthem, then he should be held responsible. No his family. Period.

2. monsterball - August 11, 2007

hey…. Wee Meng Chee is not a kid. He is 23 years old or more?
Father said he will stand by his son.
Perhaps police have no ideas how to solve current crimes…so keep busy to do others things….to look busy too. Quite a common trick done by workers that are useless and unproductive in commercial sectors.

3. oA - August 11, 2007


Rapping was popularized by some African Americans as a mean to tell stories of INJUSTICES AND DISCRIMINATIONS they encountered throughout their lives. Believe it or not rapping was and is still a very popular way rather than just speaking through certain personalities, of sending messages across to whomever is concerned.

Can he make the difference, since he has awaken some heads?

He is pretty creative in this “matter” and hope he is capable of stretching the limit.


4. Smithie - August 11, 2007

I just watched Namewee’s video for the umpteenth time, with subtitles and without, to figure out what the fuss is about. My Mandarin is spotty at best so it took me a while. Jeez Louise. What does all this have to do with his family? I can just imagine what his parents thought when they first found out about the video. If they’re anything like mine, they’d be mortified and then terrified. Not because of what Namewee said specifically or whether you agree or not but because to speak of such things, being products of their generation, is strictly verboten.

It being Friday night (I’m in the US with a 12 hour time difference) and having no social life despite living in NYC, I searched youtube.com for the top 100 videos with the term “Malaysia”. I have a massive headache now. Interspersed between videos of Malaysia’s devastating football losses (to Uzbekhistan??), tourism promos (quite nice), and interviews with Il Divo (they’re hot) were videos of protests/riots, gangsterism, human trafficking, human rights violations, Al-Jazeera features on Malaysian current affairs (and not in a positive way), as well as the Islamic call to arms (some of the comments are disturbing – the video, in a few parts, is alarming). Whatever your shtick is, you’ll be entertained for a few hours.

5. hasilox - August 11, 2007

F@cking great!
So, 2050 vision is about turning msia into pre-civilization era!
What is next? Killing of an entire clan if someone make mistake?

6. MrArmchairCritic - August 11, 2007

Oh that’s a fantastic idea!

Reminds me of how certain crimes in Chinese dynasties were punishable by complete eradication of the family, every last woman, child and distant relative.

The family is responsible for what one person does. Yes. We should execute the extended family of every murderer too.

7. whispering9 - August 11, 2007

Is there something wrong with me…because I like the rap. I think it is rather funny and ingenuous. Perhaps it went off tangent because one ‘Chinese’ politician condemned it in public, thus, implying it was distasteful to the many who may not understand mandarin. Remember that advertisement where a dishevelled man was running away from a ‘victim’ in the snatch thief incident…giving a wrong impression which was revealed at the end of the reel because he was actually the hero? Same scenario here I guessed. Nonetheless, I would apologise in all major languages if some feelings are hurt…isn’t there a advice of this sort in the lyric…hahaha.

8. kean-jin lim - August 11, 2007

Eli, that news was reported in Sin Chew Daily

黃父被傳召問話 受促轉告明志網上道歉
update:2007-08-10 20:52:49 MYT






到台灣深造仍帶國旗 黃明志:我還很愛國






EW: TQ! I think I read it last night either in Guang Ming or Chung Guo Pau

9. Crab - August 11, 2007

Well everyone is not understanding his situation & frustation. What does the lyrics of Negaraku say? Has the government of the day been examplary? Let the govenrment of the day categorically deny what has been depicted in the video is wrong. Why make it an issue if it is not true.

Has he added words into the Negaraku Lyrics? NO. Malaysia is his homeland also. From what I’ve seen he is just depicting the current situation of the country.

What about those who had sold out the country & making themselves rich at the expense of the rakyat! Then they say that they are patriotic. Why not go after them.

The whole issue is loss of face at international level. Therefore they must this uy pay for it.

What’s the difference between this & the scene where the keris was waved & inciting for social unrest.

10. anak malaysia - August 11, 2007

the police in Malaysia is a tool of political suppression rather than law enforcement.

11. Negarakuku Singer Speaks Up! « t.he. r.e.b.e.l w.i.t.h.i.n u.s - August 11, 2007

[…] <”Namewee’s Family Ordeal”> […]

12. yh - August 11, 2007

this is a pure abuse of power by the police. what has the father gotta do with that. Is this a POLICE STATE? Is there no RULE OF LAW?. Why dont the cops go after their own kind who are in complicity with the triads in flesh trade in Penang. This is reported in MSNBC and Malaysiakini. I am sure that this brings more shame to the country than the video! Where are the “venerable” ministers in condemning these cops who broke the law?

13. monsterball - August 11, 2007

To sum up…police and judges do have selective conclusions…instead of applying fair and just decisions.
They are not thinking like professionals….same as so many school teachers.
Blame it on the system…the mastermind…the teacher…not the judge or police doing it.

14. hgderw - August 11, 2007

Lucky Wee Meng Chee is not on govt scholarship nor is he a Datuk/Tan Sri. Because if he is, the scholarship would had been withdrawn and the title taken back. But I still think when he comes back to this country, he would be hauled off to court to answer for his “unpatriotism” (To be patriotic, you must support the NEP, the islamic hadhari state, the pivotal race concept and the rest of the bullshit…)

15. Patriotic1994 - August 12, 2007

It is very common technique by the losers to go to the father when they cannot fight the son! I relate this experience in my business dealing with a loser who did not manage to negotiate deal with me, went to complain to my mentor and tried to ask my mentor to convince me dropping price! Also, when this loser cannot find reason to justify keeping low salary to one of his staff, he went to the staff’s father and complain about how bad is his son working in his company!

For a mature person, Namewee shall not bend to his father’s request. He is mature enough to make his own decision and it is very sure that he can make a good decision, because behind him has nearly one millions supporters worldwide, many even older than his father and more experience.

Oh, sometimes such loser also call upon the Father (God) as his “witness”. So beware of this kind of loser. They are the one so screw up because of their incapability to compete. They may be okay to survive in Malaysia, but not outside Malaysia.

16. KHỦNG LONG IT - August 12, 2007

[…] Namewee’s family ordeal One of the Chinese newspapers (can’t recall which paper as I’d returned them), in its evening edition […] […]

17. Top English WP Blogs « KHỦNG LONG IT - August 12, 2007

[…] Namewee’s family ordeal One of the Chinese newspapers (can’t recall which paper as I’d returned them), in its evening edition […] […]

18. Shawn - August 12, 2007

“When they come, they’ll come at what you love.” — Michael to Vincent Corleone (The Godfather III).

19. Top Posts « WordPress.com - August 12, 2007

[…] Namewee’s family ordeal One of the Chinese newspapers (can’t recall which paper as I’d returned them), in its evening edition […] […]

20. ivan yang - August 12, 2007

If u have read about China during the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards during the Mao era, u will be able to see the similarities in the manner things are done. Looks like we are moving into that form of regime….. very sad to all these!

21. none - August 12, 2007

What’s interesting to note is that the mainstream media have yet to offer a translation of the song in question. Maybe because they think publishing it is tantamount to sedition? But then, it becomes something of a farce because how then can readers judge for themselves the truth behind the allegations of treason of certain parties who are in an uproar over the song. As a reader who is Mandarin illiterate, I won’t know unless someone translates for me.

For other non-Mandarin speaking readers, I came across a Malay translation of the song. Sorry, I can’t post up the direct link to it since the website displays it in a pop-up window. Can someone verify whether this is a reasonable accurate translation of the song in question?


Saya cintai negaraku
Ada negara baru ada keluarga
Ada keluarga baru ada saya
Berdiri di sini nyanyi lagu untuk mu
Kau jangan takut
Walau setiap kali aku bercakap kasar
Lagu aku macam durian yang keras berduri
Cuma tengok berani tak kau membuka
Lihat apa yang sebenar di dalamnya
Ia boleh berbau busuk ataupun berbau wangi
Cuma tengok kau ada apa macam punya lubang hidung

Polis kita dipanggil Mata
Kerana mata mereka sungguh tajam
Menjelang tahun baru mereka sangat rajin bekerja
Pegang pen tapi jarang tulis saman
Kerana mereka dahaga perlu minum teh dan juga kopi O
Nak tambah gula tak
Kalau tambah gula mulutnya manis dan akan senyum padamu
Bila kau nak pergi dia juga akan Tata (ucap selamat tinggal) padamu
Gejala ini tak perlu ubah
Tak perlu diperbaiki jua
Polis dan rakat bekerjasama
Secawan kopi jadi hubungan kita tak menjadi tawar (longgar)
Aku sangat suka
Sekurang-kurangnya takkan terima saman bila balik rumah
Bapaku tentu akan “Tulan” (marah)
Saya tentu “Kiam Kan” (kena marah)
Tiada kereta bagi aku bawa
Macam mana
Kali ini teruklah
Tiada kereta macam mana aku keluar bersuka ria
Tiada kereta macam mana aku berasmara di luar
Tiada kereta macam mana aku pergi tengok pondan

Negara ini aku sangat suka
Lima pagi ada morning call panggil aku bangun
Kadang kala beberapa buah nyanyi bersama-sama
Bila dengar bagaikan nyanyi lagu cinta
Suara berputar-putar macam nyanyi R&B
Kadang kala mereka nyanyi sampai suara lari (dari pitching)
Kadang kala mereka nyanyi sampai suara serak
Ada yang suara macam ayam jantan
Tapi bangun lebih awal daripada ayam jantan
Macam ini kami baru tahu tiba masa untuk belajar dan bekerja
Jangan salah kerajaan hanya menjaga bumiputera
Jangan salah kerajaan kita tidak dilayan dengan saksama
Ini baru dapat buktikan kita orang Cina tak takut hidup menderita
Ini baru dapat melatih kita cari jalan keluar dari dilema
Jangan rasa standard mereka ganjil sangat
Kerana sebaliknya dapat tunjuk kita hebat sangat
Anak yang tak dimanjakan baru takkan bergantung kepada orang lain
Jika tidak kenapa kau masih dapat lihat ada orang yang belum putus susu

Mereka yang sembunyi di jabatan kerajaan lebih hebat
Mereka buat apa-apa pun lambat sangat
Biarpun sampai orang yang tunggu berbaris maki “Cau Lelai”
Mood mereka masih relaks sahaja
Kadang kala ambil kuih keluar
Dia makan kuihnya
Kau terus berbaris sahaja
Biarpun kau maki “Cau Lelai” pun tak apa
Kerana pegawal sedang mimpi di sebelah
Dia takkan marah kau punya

Mereka bungkus kepala
Jalan perlahan-lahan melintas jalan
Kalau kau berlalu mesti beri laluan
Yang penting hidup dengan gembira
Yang penting hidup dengan selesa
Jangan macam orang Cina
Sibuk sepanjang masa
Begitu susah payah
Semangat macam ini mesti kita sanjungi
Kerana inilah sikap hidup mereka

Lagu ini aku hanya cakap yang baik-baik sahaja
Aku percaya kau yang Tulan (benci) aku sekarang mestilah suka
Dunia sungguh aman
Penuh dengan harapan
Tiada orang cedera
Tiada huru-hara
Kau sungguh suci
Kau sungguh anggun
Tahi berbau wangi
Tak maki-maki kasar
Kau paling berkelas tinggi
Tiap-tiap hari romantik
Dengar lagu Guang Liang Pin Guan
Tapi mereka pun dah pergi ke Taiwan

Pelajar Sekolah Menengah Persendirian Cina yang tamat pelajaran
Sungguh susah nak masuk universiti tempatan
Tapi kita tak perlu rasa “Tulan” (benci)
Kerana ini rancangan kerajaan yang gagah
Ia mau kita pergi ke sana sini
Keluar negeri cari harapan sendiri
Lalu menimba ilmu dan membalas negara ini
Rancangan ini begitu sempurna
Di merata-rata dunia dapat jumpa anak-anak Malaysia
Macam lari daripada mala petaka
Sungguh syoknya

2007 Tahun Lawat Malaysia
Semua budaya Cina dibawa keluar untuk publisiti
Sekolah Menengah Persendirian Cina kerajaan sedikit pun tak mau peduli
Sijil dibuang ke dalam longkang
Macamlah aku tamat persekolahan menengah pergi ke Taiwan
Menimba ilmu sedia pulang membalas negara
Berdiri di tepi jalan Taipei aku bermain gitar
Tapi mulut aku tetap bernyanyi

(I found this translation by following the links from http://www.merdekareview.com/news.php?n=4689)

22. ghostline - August 13, 2007

Let’s see… institutionalised racism… check; police corruption… check; civil service corruption and inefficiency… check; government hubris and self-delusion… check.

yup, that’s a pretty accurate translation all right. Now… *which* of the above ISN’T true in Malaysia?

23. yakub - August 13, 2007

Namewee made fun of Muslim Women with the tudung and Azan call for prayers. Nuff said. How would other races with other religions feel, if there sacrosanct temples or sarees or cheongsams were sang in a demeaning way like that. Dont be stupid lah. If Namewee is as smart as he raps, he shouldnt step in this country anymore as he is a just a racist.

24. SAM - August 14, 2007

Why has this issue become a big fuss when people are telling the fact in a creative way. the national anthem is sung , i myself considered it as a very good voice, without any alteration. just that it is mixed with some rap elements in between.

I find it more embarassed when our beloved MP mention about the bocor theory in Parliment. Come on, we must be more open minded. He is just telling the truth using a medium that will strike everyone attention. It would not draw so much eyes if not because he chose our national anthem as the medium. In a business world, he know how to market his PRODUCT or IDEA. You are smart in certain way

25. Some citizen - August 14, 2007

I find all this as a farce.
1.) If M’sia as a soverign state should be more tolerant with racial slurs being made via entertainment, a citizen should be able to point out his views.
2.) Not only is talking about the state a wrong thing, but I recalled a case once in the early 1990s about a singer who was sent to jail due to asking of 1 question, “who is the prime minister?” One can only wonder what happens if that person who asked the question be a senior official of another country, will he be not allowed into the country? Or will he be framed for illiegal possesion of drugs?
3.) To be a successful country, is to accept the fact that some events are making the society go down the tube and aim to fix it but never, i mean NEVER just pretend that it did not happen and just move on with life. This sort of mind set is the recipe for disaster

26. cris chang - August 15, 2007

We hear this on & off everyday, kedai kopi, pasar ikan & so on. So whats the fuzz over this, just because the kid was a little too INNOVATIVE & know how to use mass communication. Doesn’t mean he is subjected to conviction or rather penalize. Citizens has the right to blah out rubbish just to fulfill their anger or whatsoever. He is just a kid who wants some attention & hopefully excel in entertaiment industry. It may be offensive, but i would say a lot of famous quote started off with something very drastic & offensive just catch your attention.

27. Satria - August 15, 2007

Namewee is just a racist. He should be thrown out of the country. He should thank the malays for giving him the chance to live in Tanah Melayu. He should be brainwashed so that he could respect the social contract and country history.No other country in the world give as much freedom and opportunity to the minorities except Malaysia.

28. ghostline - August 16, 2007

yo satria, whatever they’re paying you, it ain’t enough to justify being a lapdog, man.

And if you really want to play the revisionist history card:
Anthropologically speaking, the native tribes like the Orang Asli and Penan have more claim to being the true original people of the land than any other ethnic group, and they are marginalised as hell. We are all settlers here. So, you really don’t want to go there.

Here’s some free advice: BEFORE you try to engage in intellectual debate, it pays to actually read some *real* news in the *real* world (‘Sandiwara Mingguan UMNO’ does not qualify). And lose them racist goggles while you’re at it. When your mind has opened up a crack, come back and maybe we’ll talk, ok?

29. Diao1987 - August 16, 2007

Good REMIX!!! What he say was right. M’sia goverment very slow in doing job. Many KOPI O

30. MALAYsian - August 17, 2007

Namewee is a total racist and a bigot. How dare he insinuate that the Chinese work hard while the Malays are damn lazy, do nothing and just leech off the Government? It is precisely this Malay attitude that defines Malaysia. How dare he question that? If it weren’t for the Malays, the Chinese and Indians will not have a country to live in. It’s called MALAYsia. Not CHINESEsia or INDIANsia. Remember that. The country belongs to the MALAYs. Who cares if you Chinese and Indians contribute more to the economy? This is a MALAY country and you all do well to remember that.

How dare he insult the Azan? Without the Azan, how would he know when to wake up? Islam and the Azan is doing you a favor and you mock it?!? So what if Malays walk slow slow? They are doing you a favor, helping you to relax more! Why you walk fast fast? Huh?

MALAYsia is a great country for ethnic minorities. If not, all your families would have been killed off long ago. It is only because MALAYs are so patient that you all have been allowed to stay in the country, so we can leech off you. If you are smart, you will leave the country and never come back. MALAYs want MALAYsia for MALAYs.

31. jeffrey - August 20, 2007

Malaysia government has got nothing much to do than making a big fuss out of a “rap song”, this young man is speaking out his feeling of his own country in a creative way , it is used by the political party and religious extremist as a way to get some cheap shots among Malay.

Don’t worry, young man, you have the right to freedom of expression as claimed by this government to the world, you are not doing anything like murder or terrorism , do not let them take your rights away even though they resort to police intimidation of your father.Shame on them.

Remember you have many supporters among “you tube” community.
We are proud of you.

32. fida - August 20, 2007

its ok if namewee wants to express his feeling towards gov or else, event some malays also are not satisfied with gov because of rasuah..mega projects that bring nothing to this country.but i think he shouldn’t touch about religious ex: bungkus tudung, morning call like ayam jantan ( my understand is azan). its hurt all muslims in this country..i’m sure if other country’s muslim find out, they also hurt too.
why namewee have to touch that point??and why must muslim? why he doesn’t touch hindu?
majority people in this country are muslim and he should respect that as we muslim respect other religious.

33. Rey - August 21, 2007

Malaysia celebrates a half-century of racist stupidity. All anyone in this demented country ever cares about is whether or not someone’s stupid “sensitivities” have been offended. “Sensitive” is the only operative word in Malaysian political discourse — oh, yes, and “certain”, as in “certain races.”

The country is a fifty year old nine year old. Sad.

34. The WiseGuy - September 1, 2007

Not really, Malaya is 50 years old. Malaysia is 44 years old. Malaysia is created as a partnership between Malaysia, Singapore, Sarawak, and Sabah on 16 September 1963.

West Malaysians need visa to go to East Malaysia, which contributes large revenue in petroleum, timber, natural gas, minerals, etc. Yet, the roads are many times worse than West Malaysia. 80% of East Malaysians are Christians…not Muslims.

35. jason - September 12, 2007

Malaysia P.M like to claim in UN and to the west, Malaysia is a free n democratic country, but a non-Malay citizen “rap song’ is more than enough to cause such a big cry within his B.N, they want to use (ISA) sedition act to silent him, even threatening his father with arrest, what kind of freedom and liberty the P.M is talking about?

Is Malaysia practice a different version of “Democracy and political freedom”?

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