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“The Japanese Occupation of Malaya: Discoveries and Misconceptions” August 14, 2007

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Lecture invitation:

“The Japanese Occupation of Malaya: Discoveries and Misconceptions”

The Working Committee In Commemoration Of The Malaysian Fellowmen Sacrificed During The Japanese Occupation is organizing a history talk to commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the conclusion of the Second World War.

The talk of “The Japanese Occupation of Malaya: Discoveries and Misconceptions” will be given by Dr. Paul H. Kratoska, the Managing Director of National University of Singapore Press.

Dr Paul H. Kratoska has taught at the Ateneo de Manila University, Universiti Sains Malaysia and the National University of Singapore. He is the author of a number of World War II related books. One such book is “The Japanese Occupation of Malaya, 1941-1945”, a social & economic history, published in 1998.

Common questions such as, were the Japanese after the natural resources when they invaded Malaya? Which was the local ethnic group that suffered the most – the Malays, the Chinese, the Eurasians or the Indians? On what terms? Was it on property loss, population reduction or what? What was this Straits Dollars $50million extortionate donation?

As a scholar, Kratoska emphasizes all the answers should be based on the facts & figures, to be demonstrated rather than assumed. What were the limitations he faced during his research? Let’s find out a better answer on the night, as opinion changes over times in view information availability, where the classified becomes de-classified.
There will also be a book launch of a second re-printed book in Mandarin (first published in 1947) “the World War II and the Oversea Chinese”, by a local history research fellow, Mr. Lee Yip Lim on the same day at 7:30pm.

The talk will be held on this coming Wednesday, 15/8/07, at 8:00pm at The Auditorium of The KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (No.1, Jln Maharajalela, 50150, KL). It is open for all with free admission.

For further inquiry, kindly contact Ms. Ng at 03-2274 6645.


1. monsterball - August 14, 2007

The problem with such talks…the real real truths… known by others are very old and cannot be bothered to speak out anymore.
So the Japanese speaker/speakers can say anything….but the fact lies…was Japanese soldiers were very cruel and ruthless. They uses very cruel methods to torture others…all invented by themselves. They love to rape women…so much so…..many sacrifices themselves to be prostitutes….yet thousands upon thousands of all Malaysians were raped. They want virgins…young girls.
Few are corrupted and the fortunate rich were somewhat protected.
Japan have apologize for years. Have you heard Germany apologize..or even USA? They were at wars unfairly….but they do not do so much cruel things like the Japanese…especially tortures and raping.
Shorties they were at that time….feeling inferior inside….but putting out are rediculous backward superiority complexes to make everyone respect or be frightened of them.
They were animals warriors.
Chin Peng will love to attend this meeting …if invited. All oppositions are not there…how fair can such a talk be?
Talk as much as we want….the truths will never be revealed.

2. kittykat46 - August 15, 2007

Paul Kratoska is a respected academic who has written a number of well-researched books on the sociol-economic history of wartime Asia under Japanese occupation.
He focuses on society and the economy , which has not been very well researched before, because most of the WWII history you can read focuses on the war itself.

Of course, everyone who lived through the period has his or her own story to tell, but relatively few researchers have attempted to piece together solid research in this area.
Unfortunately , the talk wasn’t well publicised, can’t make it lah, too bad… 😦

3. monsterball - August 15, 2007

I hope the so call researchers visited right places to research under non political parties to do their researchings.
Respected or not….we also have so many welknown academics talking about May13th incidents in the past…yet the truth written in a book by Dr.Kua was banned. WHY?
Like I said…from the horse mouths who have suffered are the best..with their photos..full name and details and each like an interview. Have one hundred so calls interviews from all races and from all parts of “Malaya”…have you ever seen researchers do like so…to prove the conclusions is not based on his/her thoughts…but let readers do the conclusions themselves.

4. wits0 - August 15, 2007

You got the facts wrong, Monty, Japan made many so-called “apologies” which wasn’t well received because they were half-hearted.

Germany made a notable apology via its post war Chancellor Willy Brandt, in 1970, on bended knees apolofise for Germany. This was well-received. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/analysis/6589277.stm

Gerhard Schroder also subsequently.

5. monsterball - August 15, 2007

Conclude as you wish witsO.
I am not here to prove I am right or wrong…but again as a living proof of what I saw and experienced ……young as I was..but I can still vividly remember the events and stories I hear from so many horses mouth.
How old are you witsO?

6. kittykat46 - August 16, 2007

Dr.Kua’s May 13 book has NOT been banned. Easily purchased in bookshops at this moment.

7. monsterball - August 16, 2007

kittykat…It was banned for awhile and UMNO knew that will be a bad decision for coming election…so no choice release it.
The issue is …why was it banned for few weeks?

EW: It was never banned. Not even for a day.

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