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Last stand August 17, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Environment, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations.

One’s often told that the “People are the Bosses”.

Two years ago, TNB proposed to construct a high tension power transmission line which would cut across several residential areas in Rawang, including the Rawang New Village and Lim Kim Sai Village. Some of the villagers have lived here before Independence.

Initially, there was a small transmission cable (33kW) erected there. TNB of that time said it would only be temporary and would be removed. That was 50 years ago. In 2005, TNB said they would upgrade to 275kW.

Residents there formed an Action Committee against High Tension Transmission Cable and proposed an alternative route which would go through agricultural land and forests, not residential areas. TNB rejected their proposal, with no reasons provided.

The irony can’t be missed. Lim Kim Sai was a giant in MCA and one of the villages was named in his honour. MCA represents the state constituency whereas their Parliament rep is Chan Kong Choy, the Transport Minister, who is currently in a very deep hole, over the Bukit Gantang bus tragedy and the mega-scandal in a place called the Port Klang Free Zone.

The residents of Rawang New Village received a notice of eviction from TNB under Section 13 of the Electricity Supply Act 1990 to seize their land for the construction of the power line.

Section 13 of the Power Supply Act reads:

13. Maintenance, repair and upgrading of installation.
Whenever it is necessary so to do for the purpose of maintaining, repairing or upgrading any licensed installation or any part thereof, …
equipment have been erected,…and may, in the course thereof, fell or lop trees, remove vegetation and do all other things necessary to the said purpose causing as little damage as possible and paying full compensation in accordance with section 16 to all persons interested for any damage that may be caused…

Section 13 is not meant for major installation. For that, TNB needs to use Section 11:

11. Power to enter on land for purpose of construction.
(1) Subject to as hereinafter provided, whenever it is necessary so to do for the purpose of installing any system of distribution of electricity under this Act, a licensee may lay, place or carry on, under or over any land, other than State land, such as post and other equipment as may be necessary or proper for the purposes of the licensed installation,… paying full compensation…for disturbance, damage or disability that may be caused…

However, there are provisions of consultation and notification as specified:

(2) Before entering on any land… the licensee shall give a notice stating as fully and accurately as possible the nature and extent of the acts intended to be done. The notice…shall specify a date upon which the State Authority shall inquire into any objection that may have been as hereinafter provided.

(3) The aforesaid notice shall be given—
(a) in the case of alienated land, to the owner or occupier,
(b) in the case of reserved land, to the officer or any other person in charge…

Subsection 4, 6 and 7 outlines the right of the residents to be consulted, to object and to appeal. Perhaps this is why TNB isn’t using Section 11, but going through the easy backdoor of Section 13.

We have been informed that TNB bulldozers and the police, are ready to move in tomorrow.

“Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka ke-50”

Try telling that to these good folks of Rawang.
(Maybe Petronas could make the above story into one of its tv commercials?)


1. kittykat46 - August 17, 2007

Its clear to me the spirit of Section 13 refers to routine maintenance and minor upgrades to equipment.
For full-scale new construction Section 11should apply.
Simply giving the residents of the New Village an eviction notice is an injustice.
Kutu Chan is going to be much help…he’s got big headaches right now, like how to spin the RM 4.3 billion fiasco in Port Klang and the out of control express bus industry.

2. arifabdull - August 17, 2007

i cant access to my blog just after my latest posting of ‘Bila pemimpin jahat itu nak minta maaf?’ appears in Malaysiakini.

juz curious and hope its might juz a prob at de server. i try contact my server provider but no answer 😦

3. bumblebee - August 17, 2007

we have all the laws in this country, but are the big shots following them>?ot there are special provisions under the law for those big shots or government linked companies…pei-sharing they call it. or are the political parties in power have the power to override the LAW…?then why do we need any Law? we need to be nice to the power in-be and no trouble for u…sigh, we need a hero.. bloggers in the right sense are actually truly malaysian heroes…go on!bravo!

4. bumblebee - August 17, 2007

people are NOT bosses…politician are…thats the sad truth in this country. ya, long time never heard about ‘lawatan sambil belajar’ to foreign countries by our local councillors…and their families…ya, Elizabeth, update us regularly.:) keep it up! and people out there, here is a message for u,: if our rights are impinged on, there is a need to make some noise and not just accept everything even though we are stampeded upon. ”tak apa” attitude has to be discarded…young malaysians do go back and telll this to your parents and grandparents…lets together make Malaysia better by eliminating extremism, corruption and sub-freedom of speech. let not the voice of minority with elements of violence and hatred and extremism be the voice that represent us…we are NOT like them..

5. arifabdull - August 17, 2007

juz get in touch with my server ppl from CyberJaya and they’ve confirmed the server is going to upgrade… never let me know in prior… poor services:(

6. monsterball - August 18, 2007

Looks like simIiar to General Custer’s ‘last stand”…NO HOPE.
How smart they are…these MCA/Gerakan guys…knowing Rawang is a foregone place to win the seat from opposition.
They do take calculated risks to their advantages.

7. yh - August 18, 2007

rule of law? even GLCs now follow the path of the governing political parties. to hell with law, we are the law!

8. monsterball - August 19, 2007

Sorry to interrupt Liz.
Susan has achieved one million hits few hours ago.
I think she is also the first lady blogger to achieve that.

9. Kinsan - June 20, 2008

Hi there
Thanks for doing a great job serving the rakyats. We really appreciaet having MPs from PR upholding our interest and standing up for us.

I don’t have much to comment abt this topic. In fact, i’m looking for a place where i can share my views with you on environment.

I’m a lecturer in college i teach Communication students. As part of their coursework, i asked my students to propose a research project. To cut the long story short, a student of mine proposed a project relating to environmental awareness through documentaries like The Inconvenient Truth & 11th Hour.

I’ve no qualms that the awareness level will be hiked up thorugh movies/docu like these. In fact,i can testify to this. I showed my students the former movie, and they were definitely more concerned and aware of global warming by now.

My suggestion is that maybe you could propose to have free screenings of these movies in public dewans/schools. I don’t know what’s FINAS stand on these movies, but world environment is not a political or cultural issue. it’s a humanity issue. I do hope you’d consider this. Thanks.

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