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Isham Rais, “A sign the Malaysian project has failed” August 21, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Event, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations.

In Johor yesterday, Umno Youth Chief, Hisham Hussein insisted Namewee would not escape legal action even after his apology.

‘‘Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO tegas dengan pendirian bahawa kalau sudah melanggar undang-undang, ia tetap salah dan sama ada dia memohon maaf atau tidak, ia bukan satu isu.” (Utusan Malaysia)

Deputy minister for Internal Security, Johori Baharum said the Attorney-General would decide what kind of action will be taken and added that he agreed one needs to be firm because, “It is an insult to us and the country.” (Utusan Malaysia)

In contrast, below are snippets from the KeADILan forum last night on Namewee, held in packed auditorium in Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. (For an easier viewing experience, press the ‘play’ button to start, then ‘pause’ for it to download fully before resuming to ‘play’.)

Hisham Rais:- “This is a sign the Malaysian project has failed…”

Khalid Jaafar:-“…Kita harus membangunkan semula mimpi … impian… We will not be judged by the colour of our skin but the content of our character”

Amir Sari: – “Ini menunjukkan beliau mencinta dan menghargai Malaysia…”

There’s extensive coverage in a number of the Chinese papers; here’s one in English by Malaysiakini.



1. hasilox - August 21, 2007

Pemuda umno? If the same words came from an ordinary man/woman in the street, it would make more sense and deserves commendation. From them is like a naked man demanding others not to wear skimpy clothes.

They need to watch their own words and actions before talking about value, law or moral. Get it?!

2. yh - August 22, 2007

Tis keris waving minister has no moral ground to even talk about laws. His seditious and inflammatory remarks are many times more dangerous than the Namewee video. Dis kerisahmudin is not even questioned by the Police just because he is a UMNO Minister and that there are different set of laws for this political party called UMNO.
Imagine someone outside of UMNO did what he did in the UMNO assembly, thsi person will be hounded till he goes to jail. His/her family will also be hounded.
Thats law and order under this PM for you. Talking about fairness. I want to puke.

3. wits0 - August 22, 2007

“It is an insult to us and the country.”

We know the people who did that and it’s not Namwee.

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