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No more news on Namewee August 21, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics, Race Relations.

Malaysiakini reports the directive by the Internal Security Ministry to the mainstream media to stop publishing reports related to the ‘Negarakuku’ controversy, unless it comes from the prime minister and his deputy.

The Publications Control and Al-Quran Texts Unit senior officer Che Din Yusof was quoted as saying,

“Yes, the directive was issued today …What more is there for the papers to write? Enough is enough.” (Source)

Deja vu, anyone? Whatever happened to fair comment or the right of reply of the accused?

(BTW: The Minister for Internal Security is … the PM)


1. hasilox - August 21, 2007

eli, why do you post news from myanmar? 😉

EW: Ooooh. Now I geddit! Har har har!

2. gua bay song - August 21, 2007

Praise the Lord for Che Din! The Negarakuku issue was starting to play like a broken record.

Now let’s look for another issue to argue about!

3. madmonk - August 21, 2007

Typical bureaucrat. Who gave the directive to him? Did the Prime Minister of the DPM instructed? Or is it a decision he made himself?

Who is he to dictate and assume that (quote): “it will raise tensions, do you know that?” (unquote)

My answer is, “Che what?? Din Yusof, No, no, I don’t know there is tension? Who is feeling the tension, Malaysians or the government politicians?” What tensions? I still pass kampungs and patronise my favorite nasi lemak stall. I talk to my Malay friends and we drink teh tarik together. And even talk about the Negarakuku. What tension, Mr Bureaucrat?

I think banning the media to print on it is really stupid. It made us really undertand the issue and makes us think how stupid this government is. It makes us ponder on the double standards of a political party. So what, people will still talk and discuss among themselves. Does this mean that “only” the media can create tension? Does it mean, Che Din Yusof, you think you can shut our mouths? Why only the PM or the DPM can talk about it? Are they smarter than the 26 million Malaysians? What type of rationale is the Internal Security is pursuing. I give up. No wonder stupidity is not a pre-requisite of politics and politicians. Looks like the bureaucrats are equally suffering from this syndrome. God help us!!

4. monsterball - August 21, 2007

Like Tunku Razaleigh said many times…….Malays mindset must change.
The narrow mindedness is sickening. The arrogant attitudes are a pain in the arse for voters. The selective punishments to Malaysians are clear and downright unfair. The art to twist and turn like snakes and monkies are so clear…yet with onion faces will keep doing that.
Wee will not be punished. Do that…they will get plenty of demonstrations from the Chinese. they know it…yet keep talking cock.
The song can be taken into so many intepretations…why must it be what Hussein is concluding? That man is a real monkey.

5. Archangel of Resistance - August 21, 2007

History records that fascism completely fell in 1945, closing the chapter of the Second World War. However, I suspect the foul Fascist Specter didn’t get disolved as any Good-versus-Evil story should end, but instead that dark mist roamed around and finally possessed a certain political party found in 1946, and continues to exert its influence evil until today.

My countrymen, be brave, break yourself free from the shackle and fetter of Fascism.

6. marvinlee - August 21, 2007

Why they make this issue a bloated-up story anyway? After so many tricks here and there, now issuing a STOP note? Didn’t they ever thought there’s no such need to start it at all in the first place?

7. oA - August 21, 2007


The issue back fired on them.



8. ghostline - August 22, 2007

Hello EW,

Hope you don’t mind my posting an alert here:
My Zap-A-Thug 2000 security system caught a cyberthug planting a ’seditious’ comment on my blog here:

I’ve hung him/her/it out to dry, but considering that mine is a relatively new and obscure blog, this is a clear sign that the cyberthugs have been unleashed.

So, to all the civil society bloggers out there, stay alert and keep up the good fight. STAY ALERT!

9. wits0 - August 22, 2007

The Cyberthugs are out but they’ve also overestimated themselves. It’s not like in the bad old days of the Sang Kancil Forum where they can simply mail bomb…not so easy with Blogs.

10. monsterball - August 22, 2007

The grandfather and father are great patriots and well loved. Out come the black sheep of the family. Talk like TDM….twist to fan fire.His hypocritical smile is also like TDM…Now Youth chief..giving way to Khairy…so he needs to get into the limelight as much as possible..to impress UMNO kingpins…he is ultra Malay…some like that way still.
Lets see how he fair in gen. election….when Wee is actually free and easy. l think majority UMNO kingpins are against this type of dirty politics….outdated. He has poor IQ….time and time shown…only his big mouth.

11. Top Posts « WordPress.com - August 22, 2007

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12. OMG - August 22, 2007

Could this be Islam Hadhari?
You label everything sensitive, only two learned scholars can comment, the rest of the unlearned rakyat will just have to swallow what this two pour down their throats without a peep, and bigger issues get swept under the carpet?

13. wits0 - August 22, 2007

This explains much, OMG, about the abject state…
The retired CJ was against the English Common Laws:

14. yh - August 22, 2007

PM and DPM has monopoly over the information space. gosh, is this a Fascist State supported by law and media enforcement agencies.
Now do you still want me to believe one sided news from the mainstream media? Answer is obvious, isnt it?

15. mushroom ali - August 22, 2007

“Wee will not be punished. Do that…they will get plenty of demonstrations from the Chinese.” – Monsterball

Ingin sekali saya tengok demonstrasi sebegitu. Kali terakhir saya lihat…hmm…bila ya…hmm…tak pernah pula.

16. wits0 - August 22, 2007

Interesting take, Archangel of Resistance, it’s also about greed and Neatherthal ignorance of history that defeats any education that fails to enlighten. When focussed solely on unity as a means to seize all power, it becomes subsequently, a return to the old vomit. The worth of unity turns full circle.

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18. Lrong - August 23, 2007

Am continually amazed at the behaviors and actions of these people… will a sense of civility ever grace the Msian landscape, I wonder…

19. Wee Meng Chee: Sorry, But The Public Apology Is A Lie « The Naked Truth - August 24, 2007

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20. jeff - September 14, 2007

When you silent the messenger, you take away the freedom of expression n speech of the citizens, it is what this directive about. Who dare to claim this umno-putra regime is stupid and backward looking?

21. jeff - December 3, 2007

With the arrival of blog sites and internet rechnology, lies and truth can get spread alot faster and wider in the world now, it is always look at as a threat to authoritarian regime since vast majority of their crimes can be published for the world to see, and hard to control.
A pragmatic government should never try to stiffle it , let alone regulate it with excessive regulation.

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