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Industrial Relations Act August 27, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Economy, Huh?!, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Southeast Asia.

Members of the Malaysian Trade Union Congress had gathered at Parliament this morning to hand in a letter of protest against the amendments to the Industrial Relations Act, scheduled to be first bill debated today.

However, the police prevented them from entering this public building.

One of the secretaries of the Back-Benchers Club came out to inform the unionists that the Supply Bill (Additional) will be debated instead and will take a few days. When I was told of this, I said, this can’t be. The Supply Bill is only at first reading.

“Come back on Wednesday, Thursday…” the secretary said, and proceeded to take their letter.

Come noon, guess which bill was first up for debate?

“Industrial Relations (Amendment) Bill 2007”

You make your own conclusions what sort of government MPs and staffers we have, who won’t even blink when treating the ‘rakyat’ in this manner.


1. yh - August 27, 2007

everything starts from the head. if the head is a rotten liar, this wil spread like a malignant disease to all parts of the body.

2. cuddlyfamily - August 27, 2007

that’s just disgraceful..

and typical.. They really don’t care about the rakyat lah..

“The government should be afraid of the people not people should be afraid of the govt”

3. OMG! - August 27, 2007

Will we let this go on for another 50 years?
Should we? The darkest day will be the day when religious laws will be imposed on Malaysians. We have seen how fair and just religious laws can be. Numerous cases have been highlighted, where human rights take a back seat against “god’s law”.
Against human understanding, against compassion, against all sense of what is right and what is wrong, yet we cannot question, no avenues for justice.
Wake up Malaysians. What this government is doing, greatly affects each and every one of you, your children and grand children.
Just one man can change Malaysia overnight to an Islamic state.
Wake up to the danger.
Vote for change.
Just one man can proclaim Malaysia an I

4. ivan yang - August 28, 2007

And he rear goats, and plant herbs and he is PM! OMG!

5. Paulo - August 29, 2007

Hi Eli, i’m Paulo from Porto, please email me

6. monsterball - August 29, 2007

Concerning protest on justices to the government…all can dream it is an easy task to do.
They are afraid to talk human rights…as they are greedy and corrupted…no way behaving like humans with dignities.

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