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The Limits of Nostalgia August 27, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Columns, Current Affairs, History, Malaysia, Writings.

A new online magazine, Bolehland.com, premiered a fortnight ago, featuring 12 columnists under 40. They include Brian Yap (who has a column in NST and soon to be a film-star); Fahmi Fadzil (actor); Li Tsin (Malaysiakini journalist); John Lee (frightfully bright 17-year old who’s been writing on politics and current affairs for the past 2 years); Nat Tan (editor of ‘Mahathir vs. Badawi’ – a book still on the top 10 bestseller list); and many others.

My piece came out last Monday.

Around this time of the year, we gorge ourselves, willingly or otherwise, at the buffet table of unlimited servings of sepia images and faded texts; this year with a little more pomp and frenzy, partly spearheaded by officialdom to put out a good show and partly fueled by the government’s recent reaffirmation that Malaysia is an Islamic state.

While there is ample critique of the government’s use and abuse of ‘history’, not much has been said or written on contradictory reactions, bordering talismanic and involving equally solemn rituals of:- (1) whipping out the Federal Constitution (original) (2) reciting the Rukun Negara; (3) bringing forth the spectre of the ‘Social Contract’ (original) and (4) invoking the spirit of the (original) Merdeka Declaration.

Con’t reading here



1. johnleemk - August 27, 2007

Link to us/me in your blogroll la. :p

EW: Sabar, saudara. Net connection mind-numbingly slow here…

2. wits0 - August 27, 2007

Yes, EW, there’s a limit to the nostalgia….but when the unremitting slow boiling is being felt, a previous sunburn is a less tormenting state.

3. Archangel of Resistance - August 27, 2007

“How do we celebrate Merdeka?”

“No, I won’t…”

“What?! U mean u’re not going to celebrate it.”

“Hmmm…cuz my country is not born yet.”

4. monsterball - August 29, 2007

Make up our minds to celebrate UMNO’s great success..to divide and rule…play race and religion politics or our real Freedom on Merdeka Day.

5. monsterball - August 29, 2007

Majority Malaysians will not celebrate the 50th Merdeka Day…as there is really nothing much to celebrate.
By celebrating…it is indirectly saying UMNO is doing a good job.
Prices of all essentials are shooting rocket high every month…and people are getting poorer and poorer.
Previously…some 30 years ago and back….Malaysians do feel there are hopes and are patient …so all celebrate.
These 26 years….people are getting more and more logical and sensible to realize false hopes and false dreams planted by UMNO year after year are simply empty words.
So Day of Independence…all Malaysians will cheerish in their hearts…but to outwardly celebrate with all those giant UMNO companies marching…it is not the Merdeka …one is celebrating…it is UMNO great success and millions have awakened and will not let those two mix together….so not to celebrate is a silent protest to UMNO. Hope they hear it loud and clear….as vehicles normally seen with flags are clearly no more.

6. Mahendran - August 30, 2007

OMG.. bolehland? hahahah :p
kekeke.. damn~
gud luck!

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