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Who hijacked Merdeka? August 31, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Event, History, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Southeast Asia.

An unfactored immobility saw my switching on the telly close to midnight only to view what was the start of the BN General Elections Campaign 2007.

From here on, kiddies will learn that only Umno, MCA and MIC were part of the independence struggle. Repeat a lie enough times and they will swallow. Then again, they’ve been shoving this rubbish of a propaganda for decades now, only this time, we get the visual effects, not to mention:-

a. The Prime Minister’s Son-in-Law aka Tok-Mat-Rempit being given the ‘honours’ to lower the Union Jack and to hoist the national flag. One can tell, he really practised for hours on end;

b. Pirdaus Ismail aka Encik-Bad-Temper-SoreLoser-So-I-Kick-the-Ballot-Box-at-Permatang-Pauh having the honours to read the doa;

c. A Prime Minister who opened his mouth (and here’s an opportune moment to insert a Buffy quip:- “..[Y]our mouth is open and sound is coming from it. This is never good.”).

Boys of the 4th Floor, did you or did you not give this poor man a prepared text?

I nearly hurled my sandwich at the telly, only to be stopped, by good sense, that the spread of foie gras had travelled a long way dodging the French customs to my kitchen.

So the next best thing is to give ’em hell at the coming GE.

Merdeka (kali 7)!


1. wits0 - August 31, 2007

Avoids a lot of physiological and psychological upsets by not watching the offensive local TV. πŸ˜‰

2. Theodwyn - August 31, 2007


I just touched down to Malaysia today after a year away and I’m wondering if there are any copies of May 13 left and how to get one? Thanks!!!!

EW: You should be able to get it at MPH.

3. bayi - August 31, 2007

I escaped by not watching the TV. πŸ™‚

4. LeithaisoR - August 31, 2007

Jonathan Kent of the BBC has some interesting lines in his “Asia’s melting pot marks 50 years” item, including the role of Chin Peng in winning Independence for Malaya. Go look see at:

5. wattahack - August 31, 2007

I escaped by heading south to spend Merdeka with sarong party gals …. hehehehe!!!

EW: I hope you kept your sarong on … πŸ˜›

6. ghostline - September 1, 2007

That would have been a total waste of a perfectly good sandwich. πŸ™‚

Tunku Abdul Rahman must be turning in his grave at the hijacking of the 50th Merdeka by hypocrites and false patriots, and allowing that racist, manipulative and uncouth lowlife thug SIL to raise the flag is to dishonour it. His foul presence alone sullies the flag, let alone allowing him to raise it.

7. jeancumlately - September 1, 2007

I staged a silent protest. And like wits0, I did it to avoid any hangover as a direct result of watching an orgy by faked patriots to advance their quest for free treasures and unlimited power at the expense of citizens who were made to believe they are merdeka.

…the news that KJ is going to get the honor of lowering the union jack and so on is sufficient for me not to celebrate merdeka.

8. bobjots : redux - September 1, 2007

50 Years Of Independence .. And We Get This?

A news report by Malaysiakini exposes another attempt to drive the wedge deeper into the rift of the fragile inter-ethnic and inter-religious ties in Malaysia. Things like these continue to happen and continue to be believed despite the flag waving…

9. arifabdull - September 1, 2007

saya lihat persiapan Merdeka di sekitar KL pada malam 29/8, ketika menghadiri Forum Merdeka Dalam Darurat di KLSCAH.

Merdeka eve, saya bukan saja tak ada selera tengok tv dan percikan bunga api…
atas alasan demam, saya tidur panjang pada pukul 9 malam 30/8 dan bangun hanya pada pagi 31/8 sebab nak pergi kerja.

~Malaysia Temberang~
~Merdeka Temberang~

10. kittykat46 - September 1, 2007

Yes, Eli, I thought the Dataran Merdeka 31st eve celebrations had deteriorated to a crass and degrading pre-election political rally.
All those UMNO, MCA and MIC flags around, yucky.

11. monsterball - September 2, 2007

Lets sock it to them in the gen. election.
How low will they go…again using public funds to promote their parties..not the spirit of Merdeka at all.
It is the sign of UMNO getting desperate.
Adios UMNO….pack up your bags. Some better plan migrations…or simply disappear…change your names and face.
51st Merdeka will be the 1st of all good things to come.
Arn’t we all sick of the charades.

12. Libra - September 2, 2007

I have never switched on the TV for almost a year so I am quite fortunate not to watch UMNO’s pornography.
Education, Religion, National Day, Judiciary, Civil Service, Election Commission, PDRM – all being used as political tools for UMNO’s survival.
Nepotism has descended so low as to allow SIL to hoist the flag.

13. johnleemk - September 2, 2007

Um, guys, recall that this was a reenactment of the events of 31st August 1957. As Eli said, there ought to be limits to our nostalgia – if any of you read the front page of the Merdeka edition of the Straits Times, reprinted with the 31st August 2007 issue of the NST, you would realise that the same shit went down in Tunku’s time – only thing was that he didn’t have a son-in-law to raise the flag.

14. mindafreak - September 2, 2007

i personally think that the celebration was indeed too much. seeing the s-i-l on telly putting up the flag makes my stomach hurl…. even the look on tun mahathir’s face at the merdeka parade in dataran merdeka shows how annoyed he is to be there ( well to me, he looks annoyed)

eli have you seen some kind of political anwar bashing video on rtm? where they show he’s dancing at some party in his tux.

15. Jonah - September 3, 2007

“Repeat a lie enough times and they will swallow. Then again, they’ve been shoving this rubbish of a propaganda for decades now, ….”

Well, apparently lies don’t work anymore:



16. madmonk - September 3, 2007

I have stopped watching government brain-washing channels TV1, 2, 3, 7 and 9 for almost 2 years. I find bliss avoiding their hypocritical propaganda and I also stopped watching the sleepy man mumbling his words. I didn’t buy any mainstrean newspapers the day after the Merdeka celebrations. I heard every participant were paid some allowances to take part in the parade. Patriotism is indeed not cheap.


17. Beh Sai Kong - September 3, 2007

The thing is that taxpayers’ money was used to promote BN during the so-called Merdeka events. Surely there must be some laws against this. The PM must explain this. How can he and his cabinet now claim that they are promising and promoting national unity?

18. michael sun - September 3, 2007

I did something better on Merdeka Eve. I went for a prayer meeting in church and I prayed for God to protect us from these overzealous racist UMNOputras and their merry men(and women) in BN.

I heard it was boriiiiiinnnngggg. Badawi gave a 45 min uninspiring speech. When the MC announced the names of our PMs, the loudest applause was for TDM and Tunku. Badawi was greeted with a polite applause.

Time for a regime change.

19. Pakshah - September 3, 2007

I was watching a vcd on my computer. My wife and kids watched the show,without any prejudice,bless them.They enjoyed the action.

20. wits0 - September 3, 2007

I haven’t watched local or TV or patronised the local papers, except for the Sun for over a decade and don’t feel any loss. How I wish the Astro encoder isn’t rigged to attempt to force you to see the local TV on loading!

21. theiLocanoblogger - September 3, 2007

hello. i support the struggle for malaysia’s liberation. i’m a citizen here in the philippines and n human rights advocate. keep on blogging! ^_^

22. kasi naik - September 4, 2007

i accompanied my son to watch the live telecast thru TV ( he likes to see the fire work ) – we waited,waited , and this old man is so loh soh that nite – until 1am and the moment he finished talkin – all
the tv stations live telecast stop immediately – wow -so efficient !
pity my son -cant got a chance to see the fire work display on tv.
Btw , while watching the show, the commentor said that acara naik
bendera Malaysia akan disempurnakan oleh wakil dari UMNO , MCA
dan MIC . But i can only see SIL and where is the MCA and MIC
guy ?? may be sedut kendut behind?

23. Fahmi - September 4, 2007

Aku pergi menziarah Shamsiah Fakeh (veteran PKMM & AWAS) di hospital HUKM pada hari merdeka untuk tunjuk pada dia dokumentari filem ‘Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka’ yang baru aku siapkan.

Sesiapa kalau ada masa pergilah melawat dia di hospital HUKM, wad medical 2, tingkat 6, katil no. 10. Walaupun dia sudah tak boleh bersuara disebabkan masalah pernafasan, dia masih boleh tersenyum bila kita bercerita dengan dia.

24. shiver - September 4, 2007

they destroyed the merdeka stadium to make everything looked like 1957. there is nothing worse than that, that is traitors to the country. destroying a 45000 seater stadium to a 30000 seater. and who got the project to do that?

malaysia merdeka? all a bunch of propaganda by BN.

in our hearts and minds, we are still under the stranglehold of BN

get rid of BN, quick and fast!

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